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Cream Covered High Heels

His Secret Fetish

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Stan was a married man who had a lot of things that were held secret from his wife of ten years. He kept them hidden for so long that she never knew that one of those secrets was his high heel fetish. He was super happy to know that his wife loves to shop for shoes and heels.

The good news for him was that he and his wife worked different shifts with work. He is a paramedic who works nights and his wife was an administrator at the local college. So she worked during the day which gave Stan free time with his fetish.

This one particular day, Stan didn’t work the night before and slept with his wife all night. He even got up in the morning and had coffee with her before she left for work. It was a beautiful morning outside. He loves his wife so much that he tries to cater to her every chance he gets.

Well, he made breakfast for her while she was getting ready for work. After she ate, he walked her out to the car and gave her a big kiss before she got inside the car. He leaned down and stuck his head inside the car and told his wife that he loved her very much and for her to have a good day. This made her smile as she reciprocated that she loved him too.

He stood there as she started up the car and began backing out of the driveway. He waved to her as she pulled down the road on her way to work. Stan then turned around and walked back into the house and finished his coffee knowing that he had the rest of the day to play with his fetish of high heels.

He did a little cleaning around the house and pulled out meat to thaw for dinner and even washed up the dishes that sat in the sink. He grabbed some cleaners, went to clean the bathroom, made up the bed and straightened things up, but by now, he could hear those high heels calling for him.

He put the cleaning stuff away and went back into the bedroom. He walked over to the closet and opened the door to see the pairs of shoes that lined one wall of the walk-in closet. He was in his playground now and very much wanted to play. He sat down on the carpeted floor next to all the shoes and unzipped his pants.

He leaned over and smelled all the shoes and how the aroma sent him into heaven. He grabbed his favorite pair which was her black heels with a pearl line up the side. They were so beautiful. He picked them up and put them to his nose smelling them and then a quiet little moan came from his lips.

He rubbed one of those shoes against his cheek and then caressed it with his face. He kissed and licked the toe of the shoe and then he looked down and noticed his bulging penis in his pants. He rubbed on it making it more erect before pulling it out of his pants and rubbing one of those heels against it.

With the shoe in hand, he wrapped his hand around his penis and stroked it feeling the silkiness of the shoe against the head of his penis. He was becoming so turned on that he began grabbing different high heels and rubbing them against his penis and watching it throb.

He stuck one of those heels under his testicles while rubbing another heel against his penis and then kissing and licking it. He sat and watched his pre-juice come to the top of his rounded mushroom head the more excited he had gotten.

He was in a trance with those high heels and played for a while using them as sex toys and even took the initiative to use one of her favorite heels as a butt plug while he played. He had taken his pants off and pulled every one of her high heels off the shelf and piled them up. He got on his knees and pushed one of those heels inside his anus and left it there while moaning. While on all fours, he stuffed his face directly into the pile of shoes smelling and licking them.

His penis hanging from his body, but still erect as he placed his hand around it masturbating to those high heels. It was a site to see as he stood there on all fours with a heel hanging outside of his anus, his face inside a pile of shoes, and masturbating his penis.

He was so aroused by those shoes that he moaned and pivoted his hips like he was humping that pile of shoes. His hand quickly and then slowly masturbating his penis until he ejaculated all over a few of his wife’s shoes. It was an intense orgasm until he pulled his face out of that pile of shoes and saw his wife of ten years standing there with her mouth wide open in disgust.

He looked at her and knew that he had been caught. She had forgotten an important file on her desk and came home to retrieve it when she heard noises coming from her bedroom and thought that her husband was cheating on her with another woman and she finds him with her shoes.

He reaches back, pulls the one from his anus and drops it to the floor and then she notices his sticky cream all over her shoes underneath him. She is disgusted by the site. Instead of saying anything, she just grabs her file, walks out of the house and goes back to work. He tried following her but she wouldn’t stop. Now she knows about his high heel fetish that is a secret no more.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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