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Corey and His Little Problem

Small Penis Humiliation

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Everyone always wondered where Corey went after work because he always came to work feeling fresh and with a positive attitude. He even had some extra energy about him. He was very polite and submissive to almost everyone. The girls understood him and how he was, but the guys thought of him as a woman in a man’s body.

He worked with these people for years, but they always wondered what he did after work because he never attended any of the company events and when it was time to clock out for the day, he quickly gathered his things and flew out the door in a hurry. It was almost as if he was worried about being late somewhere else.

Some of the guys decided to follow him one day as he left from work. They followed him getting into his car and travel across town where he pulled up in front of a nice rich-looking house. They pulled over and parked a few houses back up the street so that they wouldn’t be seen.

They watched as Corey got out of his car and rushed up inside the house. That’s when they got out of their car and walked up to the side of the house hoping to see what was going on inside. When they found a window, they looked inside without being seen and what they saw was a bit weird to them.

Corey was standing in front of a woman who was dressed in a leather outfit while he stood there naked hiding his penis from her. They tried to hear what was going on while watching. They soon heard her yelling at him telling him how pathetic his penis was to her making Corey drop his head in shame.

She demanded he not hide his penis from her, and Corey then removed his hands from his penis exposing himself to her. She leaned over looking at his penis through a magnifying glass and asking why he is even still alive with a penis so small?

The mysterious woman took a pair of tweezers and grabbed his penis with them and began laughing at it while telling him he is worthless with such a small penis and that he could not pleasure even the smallest of women with it.

The only thing that the guys heard Corey say was, “Yes, ma’am.” It was almost funny to them, but they saw how cruel this woman was and almost felt sympathy for Corey to have someone humiliate him because of the size of his penis.

She kept making remark after remark about how small and useless his penis was before making him masturbate it in front of her. Corey began masturbating his penis in front of the woman and then she told him to repeat it over and over how small his penis is.

Corey stood there and masturbated his small penis while reciting that his penis was so small that it couldn’t pleasure anyone. How could anyone have an orgasm to that, but the guys kept watching. The woman walked around Corey while he masturbated and reciting his phrase before she began slapping a leather strap across his bare butt.

While she strapped him, she told him to not stop what he was doing and so Corey did what he was told while his butt was becoming red from her leather strap. That wasn’t all she did to him. She called for someone in the other room and out walked two gorgeous girls in leather as well.

They walked over to Corey and began pointing at his small penis while laughing at it. They too began making remarks about how pathetic his penis was while he kept masturbating for them. He agreed with them that his tiny penis was pathetic and useless.

The guys then heard Corey ask permission to ejaculate from the woman. She told him not yet and that she will let him know when he can. She walked over to Corey and grabbed his testicles squeezing them to make his penis not want to ejaculate yet. She continued to hold them while he masturbated.

They heard her tell Corey that he will be punished if he ejaculates before having permission to which Corey agreed. He continued to masturbate while telling the other women how small and pathetically useless his small penis was and they made fun of him.

Corey began begging and pleading with the woman for permission to have his orgasm and she listened to him beg. He begged for about ten minutes before she finally allowed him to have an orgasm releasing his testicles from her grip. She also warned him to not let a drop hit her floor.

Corey told her thank you and placed his other hand under his penis to catch his man juice. It only took about a minute before he began ejaculating in his hand. The women made fun of him because his man juice just dribbled from his small penis.

The guys could not figure it out why Corey would come to a woman who humiliates him? They kept watching with sympathy in their hearts for Corey. The other women walked over to him and used a magnifying glass to look at his penis and the little bit of man juice he produced. It was something else for them to make fun of about him.

Once Corey was finished and not a drop fell from his hand, he was allowed to go wash his hands and clean up his mess. The guys quickly went back to their car and left so that they wouldn’t be seen. Corey washed his hands and then stood in front this woman and listened to her instructions.

She demanded that he not masturbate his tiny penis except when in front of her. Corey agreed, thanked the woman for her time, and asked if he could leave. She gave him permission to leave and be back the next day. Corey said yes and then said his goodbyes to the women as he walked out the front door, got back into his car, and headed home. Corey is infatuated with his small penis humiliation and looks forward to it every day.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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