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Cheating Husbands: My Stepdaughter's Confession - Part 1

Cheating Spouse | Erotica | Age-Gap

By Skylar QuinnPublished 12 days ago 6 min read
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Tammy's mother and I had been together four years before I caught her with the pool boy. At first, I was livid. How dare she cheat on me. But then I decided to get even. This just meant I was free to fuck anyone I wanted. And there was a sweet piece of ass that I wanted.

Yep, Tammy.

Every weekend she came home from college and flaunted her tight little ass around my house. She and her mother moved into my estate early into the relationship. My wife was in this for the money; I was in it for the easy lay. But now, I had my sights set on the cute twenty-year-old who refused to wear enough clothes around me.

I knew she wanted it; I could tell by the way she was constantly rubbing herself all over my belongings. When Tammy walks into the house tonight, things would be different.

They would be what I wanted them to be…


"Honey, can you go get ready? We are going to be late for the show tonight?" My wife was pestering me about wearing a suit that I didn't want to put on.

"I told you earlier I am not feeling up to going tonight. You go without me, Mona."

"We already paid for the table; our friends are expecting us." She was giving me a headache.

I let out my frustration with an audible sigh that she heard, "Do you want me getting sick right there on the table? No, just go, take a girlfriend if you want. Have fun, but I am staying home."

"Then I should stay home to take care of you."

Mona was going to ruin my plans, "No, please, I will be fine. Tammy will be home so that she can get me food. Just go, I insist, and have fun."

"Fine, but I am really not happy about this."

"Call Darleen. She would love to go." I walked over to my wife and hugged her. "Please have fun for me?" I kissed the side of her head. "Please."

She wrapped her arms around me and smiled, "Okay, fine. I can't argue with you. I'll call her. You know we will get home late then; this doesn't end until midnight."

That's exactly what I was hoping for. "I know, honey. I promise it will be an early night for me."

I watched my wife walk out of the bedroom, and I could hear her on the phone with someone. I assumed she called Darleen. Things were falling into place, and I knew that Tammy would be home within the hour.


My wife had just left, and I saw her car leaving down the long driveway. She would hit the highway in a few minutes, and then it would be safe to venture out of my bedroom and execute my plan. Tammy was in her room; I could hear her on the phone in her room. She was making plans for tomorrow with some boy.

I would see to those plans changing.

The hallway between the two bedrooms was short. I took a few quick steps before knocking on the wall and walking into her room.

"Tammy," I said as I looked around her room.

"Yeah?" She was lying on her bed, her long legs outstretched. One hand holding the phone, the other playing aimlessly with her golden hair. My dick moved a little, looking at her long legs.

"I hear you're making dinner tonight." My back leaned against the wall, staring her down.

"Hey, I need to call you back; my stepdad is in here." Tammy hung up the phone and stared back at me.

"Dinner, you, me, yes?"

"Sounds like you're asking me out, Dad." She shot me a smirk.

"Don't start that daddy nonsense. You don't want to start something you can't finish." My arms were crossed over my chest, but I was relaxed. I knew she could see my semi-erect cock if she lowered her eyes.

"Oh? And what do you think I won't be able to finish?" Her look told me she knew exactly what I was referring to.

"Uh-huh, please go cook us dinner." I started to move when I looked at her and noticed her legs moving further apart. Her short skirt was riding up her thighs. "Tammy …"

"Yes, Daddy?" She smirked at me, her hand teasing at the hem of her skirt. "Mommy's away …"

"This is your last warning; don't start something you can't finish. Young lady …"

She pulled the hem of her skirt up, and the other hand slipped onto her panties, rubbing the outside of her pussy. "I see your erection; I've seen how you look at me."

"I've seen how you look at me too." My hands moved from their crossed position; one went to my dick and adjusted it. The throbbing sensation was starting to ache. I wanted inside her.

"Are you going to punish me if I say I'm not cooking for you tonight?"

I grinned, ear to ear, "Yes, stepdaughter, I have the perfect punishment for you." I marched across the room and to the side of her bed, inches from her.

"Unzip me, Tammy."

She looked up at me, eyes wide.

"I said be careful what you start, that you can finish it. Now, Daddy said, unzip me."

She twisted her body and was now sitting in front of me; her legs dangled off the bed on either side of my legs. Her hands went to my pants, and when I heard the zipper dropping, my cock got even harder.

"Good girl, now, reach in there and grab your dinner."

Her soft, warm hand wrapped around my dick, pulling it out of my pants. I moaned at her touch.

"God," she murmured.

"No, Daddy." I put my hand on her head and ran my fingers through her hair. "Now, open up and be a good girl."

She did as instructed. I watched as her tongue snaked out, licking my head. Her tongue circled the underpart of my tip, and when she slowly moved her mouth down along the shaft, I almost came right then. Her mother hadn't sucked my dick since the honeymoon. It felt so good. My balls clenched as I felt the orgasm growing.

"Good girl, fuck. Tammy, you better swallow all of my cum."

She held onto my dick like a vacuum suction was clinging to me for dear life. I felt her tongue circling my shaft. Her head moved up and down, her saliva dripping from my cock. I took my hand, fisted her hair and held her in place. My cock was pressed against the back of her throat when I felt the explosion.

I could visualize the cum shooting out. Next time, I would explode all over her. Her throat massaged the tip of my dick as she took every last drop of me inside her.

When she released my dick, there was a faint popping noise as it fell out of her mouth. She smiled up at me, and I caressed her cheek.

"Come on, let's go get dinner."


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Skylar Quinn

Hey there, you book-loving reader! My name is Skylar, and I can’t wait for us to get to know one another. I have been an active author for over 14 years and I love Erotica! I am an Apple & Amazon best selling author.

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