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Can Vibrators Cause UTIs?

Can You Get a UTI From a Vibrator?

By DingfooPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Can you get a UTI from a vibrator? It's not a simple yes or no; it's more about how you handle it.

UTIs after some intimate moments are quite common among vulva-owners. The short distance between the vagina and urethral opening makes us prone to these infections.

But is your vibrator the main culprit? If you clean it well and follow good hygiene practices, chances are low.

Can Vibrators Cause UTIs?

Let's break it down: just using a vibrator won't automatically give you a UTI.

However, a vibrator, like any sex toy, can transfer UTI-causing bacteria if it's unclean or has been in contact with contaminated surfaces.

UTIs can result from bacteria in fecal matter reaching the urethra, and vibrators, whether it's a clit vibrator or a g-spot vibrator, might get close to your urethra. So, be cautious; an unclean vibrator could introduce bacteria to your urethra.

But fret not! Good personal hygiene and proper vibrator cleaning can keep UTIs at bay, letting you enjoy your buzzy buddies worry-free.

Materials Matter!

The material of your vibrator can influence the risk of UTIs.

Stick to sex toys made from non-porous materials, but confirm material details from the brand or manufacturer.

Porous materials like PVC, jelly, TPE, rubber, and SuperSkin have microscopic holes that trap bacteria. Cleaning porous toys might not eliminate bacteria, increasing the risk of infections like UTIs. So, it's wise to avoid them.

Opt for sex toys made from non-porous materials like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, or steel; they have a closed surface that doesn't harbor germs after cleaning.

Preventing UTIs From Your Sex Toys

Protect yourself from UTIs and extend your sex toys' lifespan with these tips!

Choose Non-Porous Vibrators

Pick a vibrator made from non-porous materials, usually silicone or ABS plastic. If your toy is porous or you want extra safety, use a condom to cover it, preventing bacteria from entering pores and making cleaning easier.

Clean Your Vibrator Thoroughly

Properly clean your vibrator after every use, and ideally, before each use too!

If it's waterproof, lather it with mild, unscented soap and water, rinse, and dry. For non-waterproof toys, wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap, or use a toy cleaning wipe. Boiling or dishwashing is an option for silicone, glass, or metal toys without electrical parts.

Avoid Dual Use

Since fecal matter is a major UTI cause, never use a vibrator both vaginally and anally without cleaning it first!

“Don't put it in the b-hole and then the v-hole, or you'll get a sore pee-hole!” It's a bit gross, but it helps you remember!

If you crave stimulation in both areas, pair your vibrator with a vibrating butt plug or even a triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator!

Store Your Vibrator Hygienically

Store your vibrator properly between uses to prevent it from picking up dirt and germs. Many come with storage bags, or you can use the original packaging or find an alternative.

Pee After Vibrating

You've probably heard about peeing after sex to prevent UTIs; it might work for vibrator use too. While evidence is mixed, many recommend peeing after intercourse to flush the urinary tract. If you're cleaning your vibrator in the bathroom, why not take the opportunity to pee?

Symptoms of a UTI

Despite efforts, occasional UTIs happen. Recognize symptoms like:

  • Pain or burning when peeing
  • Frequent urge to pee
  • Feeling the need to pee despite an empty bladder
  • Bloody urine
  • Pressure or cramps in the groin or lower abdomen

Contact a physician if you experience UTI symptoms; antibiotics usually treat the infection.

Using a Vibrator with a UTI

A UTI dampens libido, but using a clean, non-porous vibrator might be better than penetrative sex during a UTI. It reduces the risk of introducing new bacteria and avoids painful areas.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but when in doubt, err on the side of caution and take a break from self-pleasure.

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