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Camping Trip

Threesome in the woods

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 4 years ago 16 min read

Noah and Jules were six days into their camping trip and starting to get bored. They spent the last couple days hiking, canoeing on the lake and cooking their meals by fire. Though they both loved camping and the great outdoors, they were both getting flustered and needed something new to do.

Then they found exactly what they were looking for.

Noah was heading down to the lake for a morning swim when he saw a young woman sitting on the surrounding grass, staring out into the water. She must have been traveling alone because in the few minutes Noah watched her, no one joined her and there was only one large backpack beside her. She was a small girl, shorter and thinner than Jules, with her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Just as Noah was about to approach her and make conversation, she stood up, removed all her clothing, and jumped into the lake. Noah couldn’t help but stare from his hiding spot as he watched this insanely hot naked girl walk from the shore into the cool water.

Noah watched her swim around on her own for another couple minutes before heading back to camp and waking up Jules.

“What?” Jules asked him, still feeling groggy from being woken up.

“I think I have found something for us to do this evening,” Noah informed her.


Walking down to the lake, Jules and Noah approached it quietly as they watched out for the mystery girl. They found her out of the water, dressing herself, having finished her swim. She pulled her shorts up her legs and Jules couldn’t help biting her lip as she stared at her perky tits covered by a white sports bra. She still must have been cilly from the lake water because Noah and Jules could clearly see her hardened nipples even through the bra.

Coming out of the bush, Noah and Jules smiled. “Good morning,” Noah called out.

The girl looked towards them, smiling. “Good morning.” Standing up straight, she watched as Noah and Jules walked closer to her. “I didn’t think I would see anyone around her.”

“Us either,” Jules said. “We are camped out in the trees. Been here for almost a week and you’re the first person we’ve seen.”

“Same,’ she told them. “I’ve been hiking in the mountains for two weeks on my own. Barely seen anyone”

“Well it’s nice to see a face,” Noah said, smiling. “I’m Noah and this is Jules.”

“Erin,” she responds back. “Nice to meet you.”

“We were about to cook up some breakfast,” Noah said, “would you like to join us?”

Looking down at the watch on her wrist, Erin said, “I’m actually trying to get up the mountain before noon, but I will be coming back down. Are you going to be staying in the area?”

“We are,” Jules responded. “You’re welcome to lunch or dinner, or whenever you get back.”

Erin smiled. “Thank you so much. That would be great. It’ll be awesome to have a little bit of human interaction again.”

Collecting her backpack, Erin tossed it onto her back. “Well I better head if I want to be back on time. I will catch up with you guys later.”

The group said their good-byes and Noah and Jules watched as she turned and began her journey up the mountain.

“If human interaction is what she wants,” Noah said, slyly, “then human interaction is what she is going to get.”


The day went by slowly with the anticipation of Erin’s return. It wasn’t until around five in the evening that Noah and Jules heard footsteps through the trees coming towards their campsite.

“Hey,” a smiling Erin said, approaching the camp.

Jules smiled as she watched the girl walking up to them. “Welcome back!”

“You two still don’t mind if I join you?” she asked.

“”Not at all,” Noah said. “I’m just starting the fire now and then we can roast some smokies.”

“Sounds great,” Erin said, smiling, removing her backpack off herself and leaning it against a nearby tree.

Jules offered her a chair in front of the almost started fire as well as a beer from a cooler. Erin sat down in the chair and opened the can of beer, taking a large gulp from it.

“How was your hike?” Jules asked her, taking the chair beside her.

Erin smiled. “Amazing. I was worried I wouldn’t get up the mountain on time to get good natural lighting, but I made it just on time.”

“Lighting?” Noah said, inquiring. “Were you taking pictures at the top?”

Erin nodded. “I was, I’m a photographer.”

“Nice,” Noah responded. “Do you do mostly landscapes?”

“Mostly, but I’m actually working on a book right now,” Erin responded.

“That’s so cool,” Jules responded. “What kind of book? Is it about the plants or mountains?”

Both Jules and Noah noticed the colour growing in Erin’s cheeks. “Not quite,” she told them. Looking up at them, she saw the pure curiosity in their faces so she continued. “I take photos of myself with different surroundings and backdrops,” she paused for a long moment before continuing, “while I’m naked.”

Jules and Noah’s eyes widened in shock as Erin spoke.

“Wait, hold on,” Jules said, “you go to the middle of nowhere, by yourself and take naked photos of yourself?”

Erin nodded. “This is my forest edition. I’ve done one shoot in the desert, one in a cornfield, next year I am scheduled to do some photos in the ocean.”

Noah had completely abandoned the task of starting the fire, he was so interested in Erin’s story. He also couldn’t help but envision this girl, who he had seen naked this morning at the lake, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and trees. As he imagined it, he felt himself getting hard under his shorts and he shifted his weight in an attempt to hide it from the girls.

“That is so cool,” Jules said, to Erin. “So what, you just strip down and take pictures of yourself in all these places?”

Erin giggled quietly. “I suppose. I find where I want to pose, then I set up my camera, which that alone takes forever. Then I undress and take photos of myself,” she explained. “I use a gadget that allows me to move my camera automatically without actually having to get up myself to adjust it, and then I keep a clicker in my hand to take the pictures.”

No one spoke for a moment. Jules and Noah were just staring at Erin as she spoke about her photos. Looking between the both of them, Erin giggled. “Would you like to see some of the pictures I took today?”

Instantaneously, Jules and Noah replied. “Yes!”

Standing up, Erin went over the tree her backpack was resting on. Unzipping it, she dug through, and pulled out a large camera bag. Bringing it back over to her seat, she took a Canon digital camera out of the bag. Turning the camera on, she began scrolling through photos, then handed it over to Jules. “Please be kind,” she told them. “I haven’t had access to a computer in over two weeks so I haven’t been able to edit anything yet.”

Noah had gotten up from his spot by the fire pit and kneeled beside Jules. Together, the two of them stared down at the tiny screen of Erin’s digital camera.

Erin had a small, sexy body and the pictures were amazing. Most of them, she was covering her pussy or her nipples with either her hands, or the angle she held her body. Jules felt herself getting wet and Noah was getting hard as they scrolled through the photos. It was such a tease, seeing Erin’s body almost entirely naked but not actually any of the really good parts.

“Wow,” Jules said, after a few minutes of looking at the camera. “These are incredible.”

Erin smiled. “Thank you.”

“Also,” Noah said, once again, attempting to hide his hard on. “You are fucking sexy.”

“Oh,” Erin blushed. “Thanks Noah.”

“I mean,” he continued. “I would totally buy this book, as well as the other ones you’ve done.”

“Well, I’m glad you like them,” she said.

“The only thing is,” Noah said, “these are all very PG-13. Where is the rated R version?”

Erin laughed. “Yeah, they wouldn’t be able to sell my books in regular book stores if that were the case. I already had a hell of a time trying to sell my first book when the most you see is my ass and a little side-boob.”

“Well that’s hardly fair,” Noah said. “This is art.”

Erin just giggled, continuing to sip her beer.

“How do you do it?” Jules asked Erin.

“Do what?”

“Just get completely naked in the middle of nowhere? Aren’t you nervous about being seen?”

Erin shrugged. “I mean I take these photos with the intent of publishing them, so it’s really not a huge deal if someone does see me. But it’s also why I go to the middle of nowhere, and on my own to do it,” she explained.

“I don’t know if I could do that,” Jules said. “I don’t know if I’m that brave.”

Erin scoffed. “It’s easy.” Putting down her beer, Erin stood up. “Come here.”

Standing up as well, Jules approached Erin. Standing in front of each other, Erin began unzipping Jules’ sweater. “You are super sexy,” Erin told her. “I bet you have an amazing body under here.”

Erin pulled the zipper all the way down, opening Jules’ sweater up. With it opened, Jules slipped it off her shoulders and stood in front of Erin in a olive green tank top.

“See,” Erin said, smiling and looking at Jules’ body, “I was right. You are so hot.”

“Thanks,” Jules said. “So are you.” Grasping the hem of Erin’s sweater, Jules pulled it up and over Erin’s head. Underneath, Erin was wearing a thin white tank top as well as the sports bra they had seen her in earlier that morning. Running her hands up and down Erin’s bare arms, Jules felt goose bumps forming on her skin. When Erin didn’t pull away from Jules’ touch, Jules leaned in and softly pressed her lips to Erin’s.

Kissing her back, Erin pressed her body into Jules’ and held tight onto her waist, holding them together. Just as Erin felt Jules’ tongue inside her mouth, the two of them heard the shutter of a camera go off. Pulling away from each other, they looked towards Noah, kneeling on the ground and snapping pictures of the two of them.

“Please,” he said, “continue. This will be for my personal R-Rated collection.”

Giggling, the two girls turned back to each other and continued making out. They didn’t stop this time even as they heard Noah close up to them, taking pictures of their hands on each other’s bodies and their tongues interlocking.

Grabbing Erin’s tank top, Jules pulled it up and over Erin’s head, leaving her in a sports bra.

“Those damn pictures were such a fucking tease,” she whispered in Erin's ear. “Let me see your titties.”

Erin raised her arms up and didn’t fight as Jules pulled the sports bra off, tossing it to the ground where her tank top laid. Jules massaged Erin’s perky tits while Noah took more pictures.

“Look at these hard nipples,” Jules said to Noah as she rubbed her thumbs over them, making them harder. “Do you like them, babe?” she asked him.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he told her, snapping a photo of Erin’s hardening nipples.

“I bet they taste good too,” Jules said, staring into Erin’s eager eyes.

Leaning into her, Jules playfully bit Erin’s lip then worked her way down Erin’s body, running her tongue down her jaw, neck and collar bone, finally reaching her peaked nipples.

Jules teased Erin, flicking her wet tongue over her nipple. Erin bit her lip and moaned as each sensation coursed through her body.

Noah clicked away at the shutter, zooming in and out of Jules’ tongue as it flicked and circled around Erin’s nipple, and then on Erin’s face as she cried out in pleasure.

Jules noticed Noah rubbing himself through his shorts and grinned. Looking up at Erin, she said, “How would you like some hard cock for your book?”

Erin looked towards Noah’s crotch, seeing the hard bulge through the loose shorts he was wearing. She smiled down at Jules in agreement.

Standing up, Jules took Erin’s hand and led her towards the 5-person tent her and Noah had set up, Noah following closely behind.

Unzipping the tent, the three of them crawled in, Noah zipping it back up behind them. Once they were sealed in, both girls pushed Noah down on the air mattress and began pulling off his shorts and boxers. His 9 inch cock sprang free and Erin instantly went down on it, wrapping her lips around the thick member.

“Oh God,” Noah moaned as he felt her mouth moving up and down on him.

“You like that?” Jules said, rubbing Erin’s head. Erin attempted to nod without taking her mouth off of Noah. “Good,” Jules smiled. “Suck my man’s cock.”

As Erin continued on Noah, Jules watched her as she stripped out of her own top and bra, leaving both girls topless. She then bent down and took one of Noah’s balls in her mouth and began sucking it alongside Erin. “Oh fuck!” Noah groaned loudly as the two mouths worked on his cock. Noah had a hand on each one of the girls heads, encouraging them as they both sucked him off.

Erin sucked his cock like she was trying to suck up a thick milkshake from a straw, then she shoved the whole in her mouth to the point where he was touching the back of her throat. She tried not to gag as Noah held her head down with his entire 9 inches in her mouth.

“Take all of my cock,” he told her. He held her head for a few more seconds before letting her go. Her head came up and off his member, salvia dripping down it. Letting go of his balls, Jules began licking up and down his hard length. After taking a moment to herself, Erin joined Jules in licking his cock. Noah watched as the two tongues ran up and down his cock. At one point, their tongues touched and they began kissing each other for a minute before going back to Noah’s waiting erection.

“Fuck, you two are hot,” he told them.

Jules smiled at him. “Do you want to fuck me, baby?”

“Hell yeah,” he responded.

The two girls sat up on their knees, allowing Noah a second to also sit up as well. Noah leaned towards each of them and kissed them passionately, starting with Erin and then going to Jules. He cupped each one of their tits in his hand as he went back and forth between the two girls.

Pushing Erin down onto the air mattress, Jules grabbed for the shorts she was wearing and began pulling them down Erin’s legs. Erin propped herself up on her elbows as Jules undressed her further. Pulling off Erin’s thong, Jules grinned and rubbed the almost bare pussy. There was just a tiny bit of blonde fuzz on her.

“For someone who has been out in the woods for two weeks, you sure know how to maintain your pussy,” she told her.

Erin giggled, then closed her eyes as Jules bent her head down and began licking Erin’s already wet snatch. Spreading her pussy lips apart, Jules went from licking Erin’s clit to sucking on it to running her entire tongue up her pussy. Erin gasped with each small delicate touch of Jules’ tongue, and moaned loudly with every long drawn out lick on her cunt.

As Jules stuck her tongue in and out of Erin, Noah went for Jules’ ass which was high in the air and pulled her shorts down her legs. He stared at her exposed pussy which was already dripping with her juices then leaned in and licked it up. Jules gasped at the unexpected sensation. After he licked her clean, Noah sat back up on his knees and started teasing her entrance with the tip of his member for a moment then stuck his cock inside her. Erin and Jules moaned together as they were fucked simultaneously.

Noah ran his hand along Jules’ ass as he thrusted in and out of her cunt, and watched Erin’s face as she writhed in pleasure from Jules fucking her with her mouth.

“Jesus!” Erin cried out, throwing her head back against the pillows.

“You like that baby,” Jules asked her. Erin nodded in response and Jules smiled. “You taste so fucking good. I bet your cum with taste even better,” she said as she shoved two fingers inside of Erin’s cunt.

"Oh, baby," Jules said as she moved her fingers in and out of Erin. "You are tight. I can barely fit my skinny fingers in you."

“Fuck!” Erin cried out as she felt Jules’ fingers moving in and out of her.

Jules lapped up Erin’s juices as they began flowing out of her as she was finger fucked. Noah went harder and harder inside Jules as he watched his sexy girlfriend eating out another woman.

As Erin screamed in pleasure as she got closer and closer to an orgasim, Noah smacked Jules’ bare ass. “Make her cum,” he ordered Jules.

Jules obliged, twisting her fingers inside of Erin’s snatch and licking at her pussy and clit.

“Fuck!” Erin screamed. “I’m going to cum! I’m almost there!”

“Scream baby,” Noah groaned out as he continued pushing himself inside Jules. “No one can hear you out here.”

Erin’s back arched up off the air mattress as she came all over Jules’ mouth and face. Jules continued to lick at her softly as she came down slowly.

Erin looked towards Jules, who crawled towards her and planted her lips on Erin’s. Erin could taste her own juices on Jules’ lips and it made her so hot.

Noah quivered in place as he stared at the two girls making out. He could see Erin’s cum all over both their faces, passing between their mouths as they kissed, and he felt his body shaking as the sight of it got him rock hard.

Pulling away slightly, Jules smiled at Erin. “Have you ever been eaten out by another girl?” she asked her.

Erin shook her head, smiling. “No, never.”

Bending down, Jules kissed her neck. “How was it?”

Craning her head to the side, Erin moaned. “Amazing!”

Moving back up to her face, Jules kissed Erin again. Erin head her head against hers as their tongues played together.

“How would you like to fuck my boyfriend?’ Jules asked her.

Erin smiled, looking up at Noah. “Really? I’d love too.”

Jules looked at her boyfriend. "You'll love her baby," she told him. "Her cunt is so fucking tight."

Noah smiled like a kid on Christmas morning, imagining how it was going to feel having his cock inside Erin.

Rearranging themselves in the tent, Noah laid down on the mattress for Erin to ride his cock, while Jules sat on his face. Slowly, the two girls climbed on top of him. Noah stuck out his tongue as Jules’ pussy got closer and closer to his face. She lowered herself right onto his face, feeling his tongue inside her as he held onto her legs by his head.

Taking his hard cock in her hand, Erin climbed on top and then slowly lowered herself down onto it, throwing her head back and moaning as each inch of him went inside her. Noah groaned feeling her tight pussy around him. It was almost like she was a virgin, it was so tight.

“How does it feel?” Jules asked Erin.

“Huge!” Erin exclaimed as Noah’s cock went further inside of her.

Jules just watched Erin as her body adjusted to the size of Noah’s cock, moaning slightly as she felt Noah’s mouth on her cunt.

As soon as Erin was comfortable, she began working herself up and down on Noah’s large cock. “Oh God,” she cried out as she felt it with every moment she made. “Fuck this feels good.”

Reaching towards Jules, Erin wrapped her hand around Jules neck and pulled their faces together so they were kissing again. Jules bounced herself lightly up and down on Noah’s tongue as she pinched one of Erin’s hard nipples.

The three of them fucked each other so hard. Erin riding Noah's cock as hard as she could, Noah working his tongue in and out of Jules’ pussy, and Jules and Erin on top, making out and touching each other.

Pulling away, Erin gasped loudly. “I’m going to fucking cum again,” she announced.

Climbing off of Noah’s face. Jules got behind Erin and started rubbing her pussy lips as her body began writhing.

“Don’t stop,” she instructed Erin. “I want you to milk my man dry with your tight pussy.”

Erin squealed and cried out as she rode Noah hard, screaming as Jules rubbed her pussy with her right hand, and squeezed her nipple with her left hand.

“Oh fuck!” Noah cried out. “You feel so good. You’re so fucking tight! I’m going to cum so hard!”

Erin fucked Noah for a few more moments before the two of them screamed out as they both came hard. Noah’s head rested back in the pillow as he felt himself emptying out in Erin’s cunt.

Erin held herself on him as she slowly came down from her orgasm. When she finally pulled herself up and off of Noah’s cock, Jules was there, ready to hold her. She stared down between Erin's legs and watched as Noah's seed dripped down her leg.

As Erin breathed in and out, Jules kissed her brow. “How was that? Ever done that before?”

Erin smiled. “Nope, never.”


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