Cam Care–Confidence

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How to Care for Your Confidence when Working in the Cam Industry. The First in a 'Cam Care' Series

Cam Care–Confidence

Confidence is a massive part of the cam industry for so many models in one way or another. Sometimes it can make or break your confidence depending on how your shift went, the trick is to try not to be so reliant on it to fuel your confidence in the first place. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel great, but simply to not allow it to be knocked down easily, or be so dependent on your experience that day.

There is nothing quite like your first long session or busy shift where you've made three digits, and it ends with a ding, and it truly is an adrenaline rush feeling that comes over you. Your confidence has sky rocketed, the parts of you that you may have previously seen as a flaw whether emotionally or physically has now made you money and it feels incredibly empowering. However, when it all goes quiet, you're waiting around for customers. When they arrive they just leave straight away, you keep putting your prices down, you haven't made any money, and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon then this sky-rocketed confidence can come crashing back down. Remind yourself that this is a part of the job, and it will pick back up again, this is not something personal to you or your progress.

Come and Go's

When customers come into a session and leave almost immediately it can be a knock on models' confidence and self esteem, but there are a few important things to remember here:

  1. Set Up–Always make sure your set up is nice, ensure your cam video isn't lagging (internet connection), make sure you have good lighting, your audio is on (if you can), and of course, you look happy.
  2. Personal Lives–All sorts of things can happen in customer's personal lives to make them leave the session whether their wife has just walked in, someones knocked on the door, their at work or my personal favourite... "I'm on a train and the signal keeps cutting out."
  3. Type–This is the one that knocks the confidence, fear that you're not somebody's ideal, but you have to remember how silly this really is. Everyone has a "type," and if the adult industry has taught me anything it's that there truly is a demand for every "type," whether you're black, white, blonde, brunette, small, large. Once a customer told me that my boobs weren't small enough before leaving the session, so to any ladies who think they can't cam because their boobs are too small, think again.

As an agency manager I can assure you now that these quick "Come and Go" sessions happen to all of us, please remember that next time it happens to you.

Waiting Around

Another thing about the job that happens to all of us, that's right, even the most popular models have to wait around for customers from time to time. It's not necessarily because nobody wants to cam with you, there are many factors, which can affect the business of traffic online in general whether its just before payday, it's the middle of the day, it's dinner time, it's really sunny outside, football is on. The possibilities that aren't actually anything to do with you are endless.


Whether you haven't got as far as you thought you would have, or you haven't logged in for a while and just don't know how to get back into the swing of it, feeling like you haven't progressed enough with cam is normal. Often we set unrealistic goals for ourselves, and have high expectations. Focus on creating a cam routine and small goals that work for you. I'll talk more about how you can do this below. It's important to remember not to try and do more than you actually have the time for, or you'll end up with low confidence again anyway, start small and get bigger as you go.

Skill Level

This industry can be an over-whelming one, there's a lot going on and there's a lot you can do, whether that's catering to specific kinks you've never even heard of, offering more content, learning graphic design, directing, filming, and editing clips, and more. It really is one of those industries where the ladder can go up and up forever, there's always more you can do. However always making sure you're comfortable and confident with what you're doing is more important, as well professional, than being able to do lots of things averagely. Stop telling yourself you haven't got enough skills or even quality skills for the industry, and start taking action to change it.

Building Confidence Tips

Body Image

A lot of people particularly women struggle with body image at some point in their lives and sometimes the pressures can feel stronger if a big component of your job is how you look. Its important to remember what I've already mentioned about the wide range of audience for the various "types" of girls in the industry, never compare yourself physically in a negative light with other cam models, only allow yourself to be positively and professionally inspired by other models.


Talking to other sex workers is one of the best pieces of advice I can give, especially if you keep your work life private in your personal life, but more importantly you want to have other people in the industry to talk to; people you can share funny work stories with as well as the not so funny ones, people who understand the high's and low's, people who can listen and share with you.

Self Love

I know its incredibly cliche but its also incredibly true especially in this circumstance, as I always say customers choose you for their sessions because of you and the connection you give them, whether that's your friendship, your excitement, your advice, your humour, your energy, your honesty, or something else, or maybe even a combination of all of these things.

What is it they say about relationships? Nobody can love you until you love yourself, well this can be relevant in the cam industry too. Love yourself, both mentally and physically, and the rest will follow.


Keeping consistent with your work will not only improve your customer productivity online, but really does help you to stay focused, confident, and helps keep any negative feelings towards progress at bay.


Set yourself small goals, these can be daily, weekly and monthly. Aim to earn a certain amount every day or aim to get two clips uploaded this week, fulfilling these goals and literally ticking them off the list really encourages confidence in your progress and in your work in general.

Self Care

Care for yourself before and after sessions, there's so many ways you can do this, and its all about what suits you, maybe its the process of doing your make up before and having a long bath afterwards, maybe its yoga; its about doing something that cares for you and your cam routine. Dancing and singing can really help warm your voice and body up before sessions, as well as bring you into your alter-ego cam model.

If you don't feel inspired by any of this and don't enjoy working in the cam industry, then maybe it just isn't for you, but if that's not the case the majority of the time then a lot of the time you've just got to bite the bullet and keep going. Stay motivated, be inspired and reach your goals. You can do this!

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