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by Danielle Mosley 2 months ago in erotic · updated 2 months ago

A love story. Part 1

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My name is Diane. I'm the eldest of six children. My parents are Mary Catherin and Augustine Smith. I'm of Scottish and Dutch ancestry. My life recently has been very difficult. See, my marriage has been arranged with a man that I hate. A man I could never love. His name is Nathaniel Adams. He is the man my mother and father have chosen to become my husband. I feel angry. I don't want to marry him. My heart is set on one man. His name is Caesar.

Caesar is of English and Irish ancestry. He is a rich man. Not only that but the reason my parents do not approve is because of his lifestyle. See, Caesar is a pirate. But he has been the love of my life since I was of the age of nineteen. We were together for two years. Those two years were the most erotic, sensual, and amazing time of my life. I ran away with him. I wanted to start a life with him.

I remember the moments we had like it was yesterday. I remember the moments we had laying on his deck after making love under the stars and watching the northern lights. I remember how we use to just stand on the deck, him holding me from behind, kissing me on the neck and telling me how beautiful I was. I remember all the night we would lay drenched in sweat after having the hottest sex anyone could ever have.

I remember the way he tasted when I kissed him, the way he would caress me, the way we would just make love in the most affectionate and passionate way anyone ever could. I remembered it all. God! I missed him!

My parents found me with him one evening. They were very angry because when they found me I admitted that I was no longer a virgin. They were infuriated. They demanded that I return home with them. Caesar knew he had no choice. He kissed me and told me he will always wait for me.

Today was a new day but it was no easier than before. We were having breakfast with Nathaniel. I sat at the table looking at my food. It was the same as always. Eggs, Sausage, and bacon with grits. I drank my glass of orange juice but as usual I couldn't eat my meal. I asked my parents if I could be excused and go for a walk. They said that I could but to not take no more than an hour.

I walked along the waterside on the way back from my walk on the river where my parents lived. I looked up and saw a black ship approaching. The ship docked and anchored. I looked up at the top deck and thought I would swoon. It was Caesar on the top deck. My heart started to beat so fast I thought it would stop. I stared at the ship until I could no longer see him. "Yeah! Run!" I laughed out loud. I turned around to see Caesar standing just feet before me. He glanced down at me. My heart just raced through my chest. I felt the same feelings I've felt before. "H..H..Hello?" I said.

He raised his glance from me to the sunrise. I felt a stab of sadness by how he was treating me. He seemed more distant. More cold. My eyes swelled up into tears and I tried to blink them away. He noticed. "O Diane. Honey, what's the matter?" he asked. I looked into his eyes. "I feel so angry. My parents have arranged m marriage with someone else. But all I can think about is you. I don't know what to do. I can't take anymore." I said to him.

He stepped closer to me and pulled me into his arms. I laid my head on his chest and just took a deep breath to calm down. He pulled me closer. I loved the feeling of being in his arms once more. "Meet me here tomorrow after sunset and I will take you out of here."




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