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Bookstore Sex

Jake finds the perfect strangers to fulfill his ultimate sexual fantasy in an erotic bookstore.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 7 min read

It was the middle of the night. Jake was tossing and turning. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get to sleep. He knew what the problem was…he was horny as hell. All that he could think about were the sounds that had come from his neighbors apartment several nights ago that had kept him "up." Though he had thoroughly enjoyed the aural stimulation, he desperately wanted something more. It had been a few weeks since him and his girlfriend had broken up. However, he wasn’t interested in a relationship. However, most of the women that he had pursued wanted just that, and Jake wasn’t good at lying. Yet, he was shy when it came to being forthright about sex. He didn’t want to look like he was trying to give a chick a hard time.

As the saying goes, nice guys often finish last, and Jake was no exception to this rule. Jake had tried phone sex on party lines, strip clubs, and chat rooms. He knew that none of that was going to cut it tonight. He needed something more.

He had been to adult bookstores and knew the crowds well enough. Mainly crusty old men who no one in their right mind would let near them. There weren't usually any women. If there were, they always came in with a husband/boyfriend, or in groups. They never ventured towards the back rooms, and if they did, they got the hell out of there before anybody would stand a chance.

There were also some younger guys (around Jake’s age). Although, Jake didn’t consider himself homosexual, he did have to admit that some of the guys were not bad looking. Aside from his own, he really didn’t make a practice of looking at other dicks, so he was kind of curious.

"Perhaps it is time to find out" Jake thought, while getting out of bed and slipping on some jeans. No need for underwear. He always liked the way that the rough denim rubbed against him. He looked down at his watch and saw that it was 2:30 AM. "This is nuts…the pickings will probably be slim," the voice in his head told him. He decided to ignore it. He put on his t-shirt and boots, then threw on his leather jacket. "Oh, won’t you just be a doll for those old perverts," the voice said. "Fuck you!" Jake said aloud to seemingly no one. He was on a mission to share an orgasm with another person.

The nearest adult bookstore was about half an hour away. Jake had been to it several times. All the while, his stomach was flipping and flopping like crazy. To say he was nervous was an understatement to say the least. Finally, he got there. For a Wednesday night, the parking lot had a healthy amount of cars. Jake got out of his and walked up the stairs to the door. He entered the lobby, where he was carded. He showed the clerk his ID. "Good enough," said the clerk as he buzzed him through.

Browsing the Book Store

Jake began to walk around all of the usual places: The amateur section, the new releases, the bargain bins etc. He figured that one could spend days just combing through all of these things. As he browsed, he took in the crowd. Either old or middle-aged men. So far, nothing that peaked his interest. Then he decided to go the video arcade.

Feeling tensed, he looked around. Ah, this is where the crusty old men play. He felt like he was a new inmate in prison. He ventured upstairs, which was exceptionally dark. Very creepy. Someone could engage in some dangerous play here and no one would be the wiser. Here he saw several more old men, crustier than the ones downstairs (if that was possible), just standing against the wall, staring. Not talking to anyone, Jake walked by as fast as he could. When he got to the other side, he went down a different set of stairs. This would take him to the room with vending machines and then to the hallway with private rooms that had locking doors and couches.

Jake stopped in the break room. He figured he would get a pack of smokes and just watch who came in. This room had the advantage of being in view of the main doorway. He looked down at his watch. It was quarter to four and so far he had gotten nowhere. He was beginning to think he should have listened to the voice in his head and stayed home.

At that moment, the door opened. In walked a somewhat tall, attractive platinum blonde woman. Following her was a short, solidly-built Hispanic male. "Okay, so they are shopping and will leave," Jake thought to himself. They did walk around on the main floor. After a while they went up to the counter with a video. "To buy, rent, or preview?" asked the clerk. Much to Jake’s amazement they said, "Preview."

"If nothing else," Jake thought, "I’ll preview a movie in the next room and listen through the wall."

The couple went down the hall toward Jake. They opened the door to their room and closed it. Jake did not hear the lock. "Okay," he thought. "Wait a little while. Then open the door and go in." Sure, each room had a do not knock or enter sign on it, but Jake figured rules were meant to be broken. In under five minutes, a group of men gathered in the hall way around the private room. They must have seen the couple on the main floor.

Jake worked up all of the courage he had. He went right up to the door. He could hear the other men murmuring. It meant nothing to him. He grabbed the gold latch and pressed. The door opened. Quickly, Jake went in and shut the door behind him. The blonde had her shirt and bra off and was sucking her man’s dick. She didn’t even look up. "Get the fuck out," the man said calmly. The woman looked up from her duties and said, "yeah, get the fuck out." Jake, politely asked, "Can’t I just stay a while?"

"No," said the man. "Leave." Not wanting to cause a stir, Jake left. The men outside asked him if he got lucky. He said that he didn’t. A black man grabbed Jake by the arm and said, "Come with me."

"Why did you leave?" The black man asked.

"They didn’t want any part of me, and I don’t force myself on anyone," Jake said.

"Shit, ain’t got nothing to do with force," Jake’s new friend said. "They come in here from time to time. They're always like this. They get fucked up, they're just not fucked up enough yet.”

Try Harder

"Now look, you're horny as hell. I can see it in your eyes. You found what you came here for. Since none of the rest of us have seen you here, we figured we'd let you try first. That offer still stands, but you have to try harder than that."

"What do I do?" asked Jake.

"Look," the man said, "They're not gonna stop to lock the door. Wait about 10 more minutes. By then, they will be fucked up enough. Go back in and offer to give them $20. If they take it, lock the door. But I have know what to tell the rest. Are you gonna do it or not?"

"I’ll do it," Jake said. "Thanks for the advice."

Jake walked around a bit. The black man went back to the group and they all spread out throughout the store. Ten minutes later Jake was back. Again, he turned the handle. The door opened and in he walked. This time the man was eating his woman out. She was lightly moaning. She saw Jake. "We told you to leave," she said.

"Yeah," said her occupied friend between licks.

"How about if I give you $20?" asked Jake. They both giggled.

"Lay it on the table," said the man. Jake put the money on the table by the couch and locked the door.

"Hey, wanna see something?" the guy asked as Jake was undressing.

"Sure," said Jake.

"Go over and sit beside her," said her boyfriend with a cocky smirk.

"Hold her leg up as high as you can." Jake did as he was told. "Now watch this." He began fingering his woman quickly and furiously. In a short amount of time the woman was moaning loudly and began squirting. Not merely squirting. More like raining. "I make her do it in under a minute," the obviously proud boyfriend bragged. "I can make any woman do this in under a minute! Keep holding her leg up." Jake did. Next thing he knew, the woman’s boyfriend got up and began fucking her. She moaned and thrashed under Jake’s hold. In the meantime she reached over and started jerking Jake off.

"Nice size," She purred. Jake shot a hard load at the same time that she came. She scooped up the cum in her fingers and licked them clean. "Okay, now let's switch," she said.

"Lay on the couch," the boyfriend said to Jake. Again, Jake did as he was told. The blond laid on top of Jake and kissed him. Then she let out a moan. Her man was now fucking her from behind. She continued to moan and kiss Jake. Jake was rubbing her breasts and nipples. In no time at all he got hard again. The blonde slid up and Jake’s cock entered her sopping pussy. Her man’s dick was in her ass. They began to move at a good pace that only got faster, until they were all screaming in orgasmic delight.

They all got dressed and left. No names were given. No numbers exchanged. Just a good time. On the way back home, Jake thought, "Whoever said fantasies can’t become reality?"


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