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By SharikaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

The elevator doors opened, and my colleagues and I shuffled out. It’s game time. We are the CEO's of one of the hottest magazines in New York called The Blazing Phoenix, where we write about anything and everything that would be considered off limits. We highlight underground up and coming artist, the latest must haves and all things exotic and at the back of our spreads we list the newest restaurants in all the urban hubs whose recipes are considered beyond mouth watering.

My name is Luther but here, I’m nicknamed Lux, because I like my luxuries in life. Nice cars, condos, expensive vacations etc. What can I say, I live well. At the end of the hall I paused, raked my hands through my hair and swung the door open.

Fuck I hate group interviews. Was all I could think to myself as I exhaled deeply, leaning back in my chair loosening my tie. This was the third set this week, and to make it even worse my company swears by this method of herding in fresh off the stage university graduates and the job hoppers that can’t make up their minds.

Painful. This shit is worse than the “one night stand goodbyes” well for me anyway. I would get riddled with anxiety preparing myself for fake pleasantries and small talk to women I wasn’t planning on seeing ever, just because it stresses me out to see them cry. I just don’t think I’ll ever be the settle down type. There was only one woman who could make my world spin by just breathing and had a love that sparkled through her eyes. She was my everything and she died when I was 9.

I did a quick scan of the room and could tell today was going to be another day of repetitive questions that could be easily found on our website. I leaned forward, pressed the button in front of me and buzzed my assistant Jackie, who answered first ring.

Mr. Lux, what can I do for you? Jackie said in her usual sultry voice.

A coffee please Jackie.

Up in five Sir, Jackie replied.

Jackie was exotic and fit; she had the voice of an angel and heart of a lion. She was fucking deadly and I knew this because I signed off on all her checks, so I knew exactly how much the company pays for her to make us look good. She waked in the room and every male interviewee stopped talking and their mouths hung open like there were just given a knockout punch by a heavy weight fighter.

Sir, Jackie said leaning in to rest down my coffee. Fuck, she had a rack and if it wasn’t for that huge shinny wedding ring on her finger, I’d make up a thousand reasons to fuck her daily. But even I have a code. I can be a pig but I’m not a bastard. My father taught me to treat women respect and within that lesson he would highlight that the married ones were ALWAYS off limits.

Thank you, Jackie, I said exhaling loudly. Trying hard to stay professional in my head and my pants.

Right as she started to walk away, I remembered I was supposed to be introducing her to this group of hopefuls as Jackie was the one who did the rejections calls. Watching the way the dress she was wearing hugged her hips, I instantly knew why.

Jackie, I said waving for her to come back.

My apologies I said waving to the crowd to get everyone’s attention.

I got everyone looking at me except one. I began my speech unfazed by her lack of acknowledgement or so I thought.

Welcome to Blazing Phoenix I continued. My name is Lux, and this is my assistant Jackie. Jackie did an elegant bow in her red bottom stilettos. The women in the back looked like a student. She had fiery red hair slicked back into a bun. She wore glasses with sleek sexy frames. She looked curvy and petite. She was studying cards she held in her hands. I rambled on unable to take my eyes off her. I watched her play with her pen on her pouty pink lips. She was making me uncomfortable, and no one challenged me like that. Time to return the favour. I cleared my throat and made her the center of everyone’s attention.

Lady in the far back, am I boring you? I asked as sweetly as I could while grinding my teeth. May I ask your name?

Everyone’s head turned to look at her and her cheeks started to turn a bright red. Her eyes locked with mine and smirk formed across her lips.

Your not boring me, she said in a matter of fact way. I’ve just done my research so I already know Miss Jackie is your assistant. She is also the daughter of the second largest bank owner in New York City. She works 9-5 everyday, so I’m guessing your going to tell us all the inquiries about our interview will be answered between those hours and by the lovely Jackie herself. as for yourself Mr. Lux well you own…I believe it’s 80 percent of the company, but in order for that to work you have to play good cop bad cop, so your the one who shows up to the interviews to whine out the herd. And oh my name is Scarlette by way. Hopefully that was worth stopping your introduction.

Her reply was definitely a turn on, educated, defiant and outspoken. She was hired and didn’t even know it yet. The only question in my mind was what position did I truly want her in…


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I love writing, creating something out of nothing, the world is a canvas. Musically anything goes. I was the girl in high school in the corner with ear buds and notepad. Now I’m the women who dances to her own drum barefoot on shore.

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