Betray - Part 2.


Betray - Part 2.


"Party tonight at my brothers, be ready in one hour! Don't make me hurt you bitch; you know I will."

That was the text message I woke up to this afternoon, the bright light from the phone and the annoying loud chime waking me from my sleep.

Yes, I slept all day and only just woke up.

I should be embarrassed about that, but I'm honestly not if anything I'm now a proud owner of twelve hours of sleep and matching bed hair.

Yay me.

New Year's Eve parties are never fun; I can't be the only one who thinks that.

Everyone hypes them up so much, New Year, New Me, everyone proclaims, flooding their social media accounts with new resolutions for the year, but we all know how many of those resolutions any of those people really achieve.

My New Year's motto is a lot less complicated.

New year, same old boring Lake, just the way I like it.

Glancing back down at my phone, I have approximately twenty minutes before hurricane Aspen arrives.

Groaning to myself as I begrudgingly drag myself up and out of bed, time to make myself look presentable.

Ten minutes later, freshly showered, I sit back on my bed, once again staring off into space.

I'll be the first to admit going to a New Year's Eve party tonight wasn't at the top of my list of fun things to do to end this shitty year, but hey I guess it's a better alternative than once again sleeping my way into the new year.

A sudden booming knock coming from my door startles me, my hand flying to my chest needing to catch my breath.

Before I get a chance to utter a word allowing permission to enter my bedroom, the door bursts open, a flustered, very petite brunette storms in.

She never was known to be subtle or quiet with her entrances.

One thing I'm always wondering about Aspen though, how does she cause that much noise and near destruction with her tiny frame, it makes no sense. I don't understand, I probably never will.

"You don't look ready; why aren't you ready?" She teases, her hands fixed on her hips in her best hard stance.

"That's because I'm not going, I just changed my mind," I retort.

I knew the second those words flew out of my stupid mouth; it was the wrong thing to say.

Aspen marches over to my side of the bedroom with determination, her hands grasping for my hairbrush lying on the dresser as she passes it, her glare never leaving me.

"Sit!" she demands, her hands forcing me down into the chair sitting vacant and ready in front of the mirror.

I didn't have the energy to fight her on this;

I was always going to go to the party; I just knew if I challenged her, she might do me the favor of doing my hair and make up for me, my plan was working.

"Fine," I huff, pretending to be annoyed by her persistence.

I look back at myself in the mirror, moving my gaze back up to Aspen, confused by the look on her face.

"What's that look for?" I question, not trusting the slight smirk on her scheming face; she giggles in response before taking out the hair tie holding my day-old messy bun in place.

Maybe I should've washed my hair in the shower too.

Oh well, too late now.

"I know you trust me, so stop asking questions." She says.

I guess I have no choice in the matter then, whatever Aspen wants to do with my hair tonight, she is doing without my protests.

I slump back into the chair, letting my eyes flutter closed, enjoying the feel of someone playing with my hair.

Any girl, hell even guys can agree with me on this one, the best thing in the world is to have someone brushing or playing with your hair. It is probably the most relaxing sensation I've ever experienced.

That is until she tugs a little too hard, forcing my eyes to open and stare up at her.

"Okay, you're very aggressive tonight Aspen, am I going to have to report you to the authorities?" she rolls her eyes giggling at me.

"I just wanted your attention, we have so many things to discuss before we go!" she exclaims, barely containing herself and the huge smile I know she is fighting from showing.

"Oh, do we? and what things do we have to discuss?" I know what she wants to discuss, well more like who she wants to talk about. I shoot her a condescending smile and fold my arms over my chest.

"Well, obviously, you know who is going to be at this party tonight, right?"

"Yes Aspen, I know exactly who is going tonight, I think his name might start with R and end is yan?"

Before she can reply with her most sarcastic response, I'm sure she was brewing up, my bedroom door once against bursts open and in walks Lexi, looking as hot as ever.

Without greeting us, she does her best model pose and her perfected slow-motion turn, showing off her outfit of choice for tonight.

Aspen and I both watch her in appreciation as Lexi twirls and twirls showing us her practiced VS strut with an enthusiastic smirk.

Out of the three of us, Lexi was the only girly girl in the group.

Aspen and I both always reach for jeans and baggy t-shirts as our go-to outfits in our day to day wardrobe.

Lexi is blessed with curves in abundance.

Lucky bitch.

Looking over her outfit, she is wearing her favorite black suspender mini skirt with a white turtle neck underneath, showcasing her cleavage.

Her go-to black Dr. Martens boots on her feet, she looked like she was ready to hit the catwalk.

Her jet-black hair wasn't long anymore since she recently cut it off to shoulder length, but this new length flatter's her features, the soft curls hanging around her face.

If Lexi weren't one of my best friends, I'd probably lunge at her with rage and jealousy fueling me, but as her friend, I am obliged to bury those jealous feelings down, down as far as they can go so, they never see the light.

"You look hot!" Aspen squeals, running over to Lexi dragging her into a big bear hug. I chuckle watching my best friends with a heartfelt smile, I am so lucky to call those two crazy bitches my best friends.

Aspen is the opposite of Lexi; she has a slender body, her long straight hair a dark brunette falling onto the faded Pink Floyd t-shirt she is wearing, which is at least two sizes too big for her, tucked in at the front showing off her toned, long legs in her frayed denim cut-offs.

They both look over at me, Lexi's face now matching Aspens when she came in my room not ten minutes ago.

"Lake." she groans out, her head tilting to the left assessing my current appearance, she didn't bother to hide her disappointment, "I'm not ready yet, yeah, yeah, I know.

"What do you think we were doing before you burst into here?" I state, and with that Aspen makes her way back over to me her attention back on the task.

"Lex, go find Lake something to wear, she needs to look hot! You never know who she might meet tonight." Aspen says, in her overly joyous tone, I look up to meet her eyes just as she winks at me.

She returns to brushing my hair, and I let my body relax once again, ignoring the sounds of Lexi rummaging through my closet in search of the perfect outfit.

Fifteen minutes later, my hair finished. I look in the mirror with appreciation.

Soft, long medium auburn waves are falling over my shoulders framing my face, each curl crafted by Aspen meticulously.

She may not be a girly girl, but she knows all the tricks to flawless hair.

I peer up meeting her eyes, "perfect, you're amazing." I compliment her, she smiles with gratitude, "now, by any chance do you want to do my makeup?" I ask, she huffs.

Finally, she is catching on to my game of manipulation.

"Well duh, I can't let you leave without makeup to compliment my work of art that is your hair."

I turn my chair to face her, allowing her to get working on my makeup.

Aspen has done my makeup many times before, so I trust her with the task. I hate hiding my freckles, and she knows this, so I know she will do my face justice.

While Aspen searches through my makeup bag, I take a second to peer over at Lexi who is still going through my clothes.

The look on her face makes it known that it was harder than I thought to find something decent to wear in my closet.

"How about I wear my ripped black jeans and" Lexi cuts me off with a finger up in the air pointing in my direction, signaling for me to shut up before I can finish that sentence.

"I am not letting you wear a baggy, unflattering, oversized t-shirt to another party, Lake." she retorts, without glancing at me.

"But I will allow the jeans, I have an idea," now her eyes look up to meet mine, and I can see the promise all over her face, she better not try and dress me like her. I can't pull off the girly look.

"I have to run home quickly, I'll be back in five minutes," Lexi announces as she leaves the bedroom, lucky she wore boots tonight, all that running around would be hard in heels.

Aspen and I both let out confused laughs focusing back on my bare face in the mirror, no idea what Lexi is planning but I'm not going to push my luck tonight by questioning my best friends anymore.

Five minutes later, Lexi returns with an overnight bag in hand; I can only assume it's full of clothes from her closet.

My makeup is done, natural and soft, just the way I liked it.

My eyebrows filled in just how I love them, and cat wing eyeliner done so sharp I could cut a bitch. Considering we were going to a band's New Year's Eve party, that could be a possibility with all those annoying band groupies there.

"Should I be worried?" I ask Lexi, walking over to see what she is hiding in her bag, her hurried applauding not doing anything to comfort me.

"Of course, you should, you are going to look so hot tonight! So just suck it up princess and let me work my magic."

How could I argue with her, I can't deny I want to look good tonight, I might finally meet a nice guy tonight with similar interests.

Hah, who am I kidding that is not going to happen.

The most action I will get tonight is watching Aspen locking lips with that idiot Ryan, a sight I never want to see, but it is inevitably going to happen tonight.

Lexi shoves a black sequined bodysuit into my hands; she must be kidding me, right? "Sequins, seriously?! You know I hate anything that sparkles or glitters or any of that shit." I retort in disgust, she huffs.

"Trust me, try it on with your jeans, and then you can complain if you still hate it."

Rolling my eyes, I walk over to the bed, tossing the bodysuit down before pulling off my oversized tie-dyed t-shirt, missing its warmth as soon as it's off my body.

I step into the bodysuit, dreading how this is going to look.

Lexi is bustier than me; how would this even fit me?

I'm like a pubescent child with my below average sized chest, compared to her womanly figure.

Surprisingly once the bodysuit is on, it fits me perfectly.

Mediocre chest and all.

I spin back around to show the girls, they both let out gasps, their smiles so big and unmoving I'm almost concerned the wind changed direction and changed their faces permanently.

"That bad?" I question, looking down at my body studying the outfit searching for all imperfections, not understanding how to read their reactions.

"Are you freaking kidding me!" Aspen squeals, bouncing up and down clapping her hands together so fast, making me a little dizzy trying to keep track of her movements.

"You look amazing!" Lexi agrees, her movements much calmer, her hands placed on her hips.

"Now put on your jeans, and we are good to go!" she declares, turning to collect her discarded clothes shoving them back into her bag.

Turning back to stare in the mirror, taking in the outfit, I guess this is what I'm wearing tonight.

I draw the line at heels; I refuse to wear those torture devices most girls love.

I pull on my favorite black vans, and my look is complete.

Outside, we all pile into Aspens 2009 Jeep Wrangler, the car is her baby and she's crazy about keeping it clean.

She decided to name the car Smurfette after her Dad promised her, she could paint the car any color she chose once she got her driver's license.

She choose a bright baby blue, because of course she couldn't pick a less noticeable color.

When her Dad saw the car, he instantly regretted allowing her to do this.

I relax back in the chair, needing to unwind a little before we get there, who knows when I'll get a chance just to sit and relax once we arrive.

Thinking to myself and grinning, I'll have to wait until next year for a minute alone to relax, ha.

I'll keep that little Dad joke to myself, not worth the shame that would come along with it.

"So, you both know who's house this party is at, and I think it goes without saying, be warned my brother's friends are pigs," Aspen states a warning she has repeated to Lexi and I.

"Yes, we know Aspen, you've only told us about one hundred thousand times," Lexi replies sarcastically.

"Yes, I know, but I just should warn you both, you're hot, and these guys are man whores, and that's me being nice, because they're much, much worse."

I met Aspen at the start of Senior year, and without a doubt, she is the best thing about this town.

Lexi, I already knew each other before I moved here, her Mom is best friends with my Aunt, who I live with, so moving in with her was the best idea. Being able to see Lexi whenever I need to is the best thing.

Moving towns at the start of senior year was daunting, but it's not like I had a choice.

Unfortunately for me, it was a matter of deciding where I wanted to go or being placed somewhere without my choosing.

Of course, I was going to choose to move in with my Aunt Karen, we've always been close, so it made sense.

I guess it's a bit weird that I've never met Aspens brother before now, but considering he is never home, it makes sense.

He is in a band; I think they're called Vipertown, don't quote me on that, I could be wrong.

I had no idea they existed before Aspen introduced me to their music, and from what I've heard, they're not bad.

Okay, that's a lie, they're damn good, but I'll never feed the egos of those guys.

The stories Aspen has told us about them; it doesn't sound like any of them need an ego boost.

This is the first time in two years her brother has been home for New Years, and Aspen is ecstatic about it, although she tries to play it cool like she doesn't mind that he is always gone.

She thinks the world of her brother that much I know.

Snapping back to reality, I glance around at my surroundings, we were pulling up outside a house, I'm assuming this is the party if the abundance of cars and people out the front is anything to go by.

The street is lined with cars as far as I can see.

I didn't know what to expect for a bands party, but I guess I should've known it would be huge.

They just got back from touring, so it makes sense they'd want to throw themselves a big welcome home and happy new year's party.

From what I know about their band, they aren't what you would call famous, at least not worldwide.

Won't be long now until they are though, the rate they're gaining popularity, they'll be winning music awards and touring the world in no time.

"Earth to Lake, get out of the car!" I hear Aspen screaming from the front seat; I guess it's time for me to evacuate the vehicle, darn it.

Standing huddled together behind the car, checking over each other's hair and makeup before we go inside, everything checks out and we're ready to roll.

We march up the pathway leading to the front door, the sounds coming from the house drowning out any peaceful sounds of the night surrounding us.

I hate to think how loud it is behind the closed door.

Aspen throws the door open, not caring if anyone might be standing behind it or not.

This is her brother's house; in her mind she has a right to do whatever she wants, whenever.

But to be fair, she has that attitude towards life, pretty much all the time.

Inside the house, the music was deafening, how anyone in here can talk I don't understand.

I can already feel a headache forming, and I've been inside for approximately thirty seconds.

People are dancing, more like grinding on each other others going solo swaying to the beat of the song.

Half-naked girls in every direction I look, you'd think we just walked into a freaking strip club the only thing missing was a few poles to wrap themselves around.

Continuing my inventory of the crowded room, I find it.

"Knew it!" I exclaim a little too loudly, both Lexi and Aspen turn to face me with confused stares.

"Knew what?" Aspen questions.

"I knew there would be a stripper pole somewhere in this house," I explain, shrugging it off like it's a regular thing, they both laugh turning back to where I motioned the pole standing.

"Oh, no way!" Lexi exclaims, a little too excited, "you are not getting on the pole, Lex."

"Yeah, don't even think about it!" Aspen concurs.

"God my brother and his friends are revolting," she says in disgust, wandering further into the crowd, dragging Lexi and I along with her.

Abruptly, Aspen whirls back around to face us, a devilish grin on her face, "I'm going to go find Ryan, you two go get some drinks and have fun!" She waves as the crowd surrounding us swallows her.

"You owe me $50," I nudge Lexi, her lack of acknowledgment is all the response I need.

I won the bet, an excellentway to end the year.

"She couldn't have waited another minute before running off to find him?" Lexi complains up into the air, before turning to glare at me.

"One more minute and I would've won the bet and $50."

Lexi reaches back taking hold of my hand, leading me deeper into the crowd.

The overbearing smell of beer and women's cheap perfume filled my nose; The stench traveling straight to where my headache lies in wait, ready to form and cause discomfort.

I need fresh air.

We make our way over to the kitchen, Lexi jumps up taking her place on the bench like it's her throne without pause, I stand awkwardly in front of her, no idea what to do with myself.

I would do anything to be as comfortable as Lexi around complete strangers.

Unfortunately, I'm riddled with social awkwardness that makes me incapable of comfortability in new and weird places.

Lexi must sense how uncomfortable I am, she holds her arms outstretched to me, motioning me to come into her, so I do.

Accepting the affection of my friend and her calm attitude.

I turn my back to Lexi, so I'm leaning into her, soft hands wrap around my shoulders, pulling me back in for a hug.

She places kisses on my cheek, getting a reaction from a group of guys standing just across from us, devious smirks on all their faces, watching us intently as Lexi proceeds to kiss me.

None of them interest me though, what a bummer.

I turn back to Lexi shooting her a warning grin to stop kissing me, my smile so big I'm struggling with the urge to erupt into laughter.

"Stop teasing the poor boys like that, it's not nice," I say, grabbing either side of her face, lightly squishing her face to look like a fish.

The smile on her face that forms as I do this forces down my resistance, the laughter spills out of me.

I let go of her face, and she joins in, both of us giggling like we have lost our minds.

A few minutes later, our laughter has finally subsided, and my focus is back to surveying the room and party-goers.

Lexi hands me down a beer, that just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Until I noticed the tall, attractive guy leaning over the bench whispering into her ear, and if her reddening cheeks are an indication of their current conversations, I don't want to know the filthy words he is whispering to her.

I see this as my chance to escape, fresh air here I come.

I lightly nudged her knee motioning towards to back door I assume leads outside, and she nods her head in acknowledgment.

She knew what my plan was, and thankfully, she didn't care anymore now that she is the center of Mr. tall, dark, and handsome' attention.

Before I leave, I pull out my phone to check the time, 11:59 pm, oh perfect timing.

I spin around to face Lexi; her gaze was still stuck on the guy talking to her, so I reach out, gripping her face in my hands again, pulling her attention back to me.

The crowd around us starts to cheer, and the countdown begins.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

The cheers erupted around us, the sounds of lips crashing together, and frantic chatter drowns out the music playing in the background.

I lean up and kiss Lexi on the forehead, patting her on the head before releasing her back to her new friend.

The minute my back is turned I hear the distinct sound of kissing and I know its Lexi, so I choose not to turn and see the spectacle. I instead make my way across the room and outside to my escape.

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