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Best Places for Sex in Public

How to Satisfy Your Inner Exhibitionist

By Vicki CPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

People have sex in public for many reasons. To spice up a relationship, try something new and adventurous, or meet someone secretly (or not so discreetly). Depending on your flexibility and sense of risk, you can indulge almost anywhere. Based on experience and conversations on the topic, here are the best places to get sexy (and kinky) with your lover:

1. The Woods

A large public park with a forest is ideal. Trees provide some coverage, but also a hideaway for someone to watch, if that turns you on. If you like to climb, positions can get very creative in the branches. If you venture late at night, playground equipment, benches, and picnic tables provide a lot of options. Just imagine what you can do on the swings!

2. Restaurant

Choose a quiet, dimly lit, romantic place and sit at a booth or table in a corner, where your actions are less obvious. Some nightclubs with multiple rooms and lots of distractions can work too. Start with mutual masturbation during dinner. The "oops I dropped my napkin" routine can work for oral too, especially if the table is well covered with cloth, giving you a chance to take your time. The restrooms are another option...

3. Public Washrooms

This is good for a quickie and if you don't mind standing, bending or squatting. Public washrooms are not the most sanitary, so choose a hotel, restaurant, or better-maintained facility, if you can. Park bathrooms are a good plan B if the outdoors becomes too crowded.

4. Library

A large maze-like library is best, and especially if you're very quiet. There may be private rooms or cubicles for study, which give more privacy, until someone walks in. If you know the library well, chances are you'll find a secret spot to play. Just be prepared to hear "shhhhh."

5. Rock Concert

Any music will do, but it's the venue that counts (as long as you enjoy the bands). Larger venues are best, and VIP seating, if you can afford it, allows for more privacy. I have found that you can get away with quite a bit here. Folks will either look the other way, get a kick out of it, or try to join in. It's a good time either way! Outdoor music festivals are great too, if you can avoid security.

6. Abandoned Building

This should be approached with some caution, in cases where the building is boarded up and condemned. I nearly fell through an upstairs floor once. If you are careful and check out the site thoroughly, bring some candles and flashlights for late night fun. Just make sure you're the only ones there...

7. On a Farm

This is an easy option if you live in the countryside or have quick access to rural areas. An old barn or similar structure works nicely. Sneaking onto a farm is not too difficult, but beware that its private property. Do you have a friend that owns a farm? Even better! Abandoned barns can be fun, just make sure you're comfortable with the structure.

8. Trains

Long distance trips by train are best. If you don't have a cabin to sleep in, the seats work just fine and give a bit of coverage if the cars are not too full. Some seats offer trays and tables too. The lounge car is another opportunity when there are few or no guests. Washrooms are an option if you are concerned about getting caught. Depending on the train and where you travel, there are many options to discover on the tracks to get naughty.

9. On the Beach

The more isolated, the better, but if you need discretion, finding a structure or trees. A tent and towels work too. If you prefer the beach, prepare to get a lot of sand in the crevices. Water is a good way to wash off or yet another place to have fun altogether, if you don't mind algae and fish (this depends on the body of water).

10. Road Trips

Road trips offer endless possibilities. Gas stations and shops, small towns, camping and park grounds, and many attractions along the way to your destination. On the road is risky, especially a busy highway, if you want to avoid an accident. Slow traffic is slightly safer, stopping in a secluded area is best. Bridges, walkways, and paths offer more places too.

Other Places:

Amusement parks, department stores/malls, tourist attractions, historical buildings are fun to explore, but with the added challenge of finding a spot to indulge without security. For some of us, the riskier, the better! Whichever options you choose, have fun and stay safe!


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Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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