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Beginning of the Story

Beginning of the Story

By XRBlackPublished about a month ago 8 min read

Beginning of the Story

Chapter 1: The Party

Ryan looked around the crowded room, feeling slightly out of place amidst the loud music and throngs of people dancing. His friend, Mike, had convinced him to come to this party, promising it would be a great way to unwind after a stressful week at work. But as Ryan sipped his drink and scanned the room, he wasn’t so sure.

“Hey, loosen up, man!” Mike shouted over the music, clapping Ryan on the back. “It’s a party! Have some fun!”

Ryan forced a smile and nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m just getting into the groove.”

Mike laughed and headed off to join a group of friends, leaving Ryan alone once more. He was about to retreat to a quieter corner when he saw her. Across the room, a woman with striking features and an air of confidence stood talking to a group of people. Her laugh was infectious, and her eyes sparkled with life.

Ryan felt a pull, an inexplicable urge to go over and talk to her. Mustering up his courage, he made his way through the crowd and approached her.

“Hi, I’m Ryan,” he said, feeling his heart race as he extended his hand.

She turned to him, her eyes locking onto his with an intensity that took his breath away. “Hi Ryan, I’m Jasmine.”

They shook hands, and Ryan felt an electric jolt at her touch. “Nice to meet you, Jasmine. Enjoying the party?”

Jasmine smiled. “I am, actually. It’s always fun to meet new people. What about you?”

Ryan shrugged. “I’m trying to. I’m not really a big party person, but my friend convinced me to come.”

“Well, I’m glad you did,” Jasmine said with a wink. “Why don’t we find a quieter spot to talk?”

Ryan nodded, grateful for the suggestion. They moved to a quieter corner of the room, where the music was less overpowering.

“So, Ryan, what do you do?” Jasmine asked, genuinely interested.

“I’m a software engineer,” Ryan replied. “I work for a tech company downtown. It’s challenging but rewarding.”

“That sounds impressive,” Jasmine said. “I’m in the entertainment industry.”

Ryan raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What kind of entertainment?”

Jasmine smiled mysteriously. “Let’s just say it’s a unique field. But enough about work. Tell me more about yourself.”

As the night wore on, Ryan and Jasmine found themselves engrossed in conversation. They shared stories, laughed, and discovered they had a lot in common. Ryan was captivated by Jasmine’s intelligence, wit, and charm. He felt an instant connection with her, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

When the party began to wind down, Jasmine glanced at her phone and sighed. “I should probably get going. It’s getting late.”

Ryan felt a pang of disappointment. “Yeah, I guess it is. Can I see you again?”

Jasmine smiled. “I’d like that. Here, let me give you my number.”

They exchanged numbers, and Ryan walked her to the door. “Goodnight, Jasmine. I had a great time tonight.”

“Goodnight, Ryan,” she said, leaning in to kiss his cheek. “I’ll talk to you soon.”

As Jasmine disappeared into the night, Ryan felt a sense of excitement and anticipation. Little did he know that his life was about to take an unexpected turn.

Chapter 2: The First Date

Ryan spent the next few days thinking about Jasmine and replaying their conversations in his mind. He was eager to see her again, so he decided to text her.

“Hey Jasmine, it’s Ryan from the party. Would you like to grab coffee sometime this week?”

He hit send and anxiously awaited her response. A few minutes later, his phone buzzed.

“Hi Ryan! I’d love to. How about Friday afternoon?”

Ryan’s heart skipped a beat. “Friday works for me. There’s a great coffee shop near Central Park. How about we meet there at 3 pm?”

“Sounds perfect. See you then!”

The rest of the week seemed to drag on as Ryan eagerly anticipated Friday. When the day finally arrived, he arrived at the coffee shop early, choosing a table near the window with a view of the park. He ordered a cappuccino and tried to calm his nerves.

At exactly 3 pm, Jasmine walked in. She looked even more stunning than he remembered, wearing a casual yet stylish outfit that accentuated her natural beauty.

“Hi, Ryan,” she said, smiling as she approached the table.

“Hi, Jasmine. You look amazing,” Ryan replied, standing up to greet her.

“Thank you. So do you,” she said, sitting down across from him. “I’m glad we could do this.”

They ordered their drinks and settled into an easy conversation. Ryan found himself more and more drawn to Jasmine with each passing moment. She was not only beautiful but also intelligent, funny, and deeply passionate about her work.

“So, you mentioned you’re in the entertainment industry,” Ryan said, steering the conversation back to her mysterious job. “What exactly do you do?”

Jasmine hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath. “I’m a porn star, Ryan.”

Ryan blinked, taken aback. It wasn’t the answer he had expected, and he wasn’t sure how to react. He had never met anyone in the adult entertainment industry before.

“Oh,” he said, struggling to find the right words. “That’s… interesting. How did you get into that line of work?”

Jasmine seemed relieved by his response. “It’s a long story, but basically, I started out modeling and gradually transitioned into adult films. It’s not something I’m ashamed of, and I’ve found it to be an empowering and lucrative career.”

Ryan nodded, trying to process the information. “I appreciate your honesty, Jasmine. It’s not something I have any experience with, but I respect your choice.”

“Thank you, Ryan,” she said, her eyes softening. “I know it’s not an easy thing to accept, but I wanted to be upfront with you. If it’s something you’re not comfortable with, I understand.”

Ryan took a deep breath. “I won’t lie, it’s a lot to take in. But I really like you, Jasmine. I want to get to know you better and see where this goes.”

Jasmine smiled, reaching across the table to take his hand. “I’d like that too, Ryan.”

As they continued their date, Ryan felt a sense of relief and excitement. He knew there would be challenges ahead, but he was determined to see where this relationship could lead.

Chapter 3: Discovering More

Over the next few weeks, Ryan and Jasmine grew closer. They spent more time together, exploring the city, sharing meals, and having deep conversations about their lives and aspirations. Despite the initial shock of Jasmine’s career, Ryan found himself increasingly fascinated by her openness and resilience.

One evening, as they walked along the river, Ryan decided to broach a topic that had been on his mind.

“Jasmine, can I ask you something personal?”

“Of course, Ryan. You can ask me anything.”

“How do you handle the judgment and stigma that comes with your job? It must be tough.”

Jasmine sighed, looking out at the water. “It is tough. People can be cruel and judgmental, but I’ve learned to develop a thick skin. I focus on the positive aspects of my work and the people who support me. It’s not always easy, but it’s my choice, and I stand by it.”

Ryan admired her strength. “You’re incredibly strong, Jasmine. I respect that a lot.”

“Thank you, Ryan. It means a lot to hear you say that.”

Their relationship continued to flourish, but they also faced challenges. Ryan’s friends were curious and sometimes judgmental about Jasmine’s profession, and Jasmine had to deal with the complexities of balancing her personal and professional life.

One evening, Ryan invited Jasmine to a dinner party with his close friends. He was nervous about how they would react to her, but he was determined to support her and their relationship.

As they arrived at the party, Ryan introduced Jasmine to his friends, who welcomed her warmly, albeit with a hint of curiosity.

“So, Jasmine, what do you do?” asked Ryan’s friend, Mark, trying to be casual.

“I’m in the entertainment industry,” Jasmine replied, giving Ryan a reassuring smile.

Mark raised an eyebrow but didn’t press further. The evening went smoothly, with Jasmine charming everyone with her wit and intelligence. By the end of the night, even the most skeptical of Ryan’s friends were impressed by her.

As they walked home, Ryan felt a sense of pride and relief. “You were amazing tonight, Jasmine. Thank you for being so patient with my friends.”

“They were great, Ryan. I enjoyed meeting them,” Jasmine said, leaning in to kiss him. “I’m glad we did this.”

Their relationship continued to grow stronger, but they knew there were still challenges ahead. Ryan’s family had yet to meet Jasmine, and he was unsure how they would react to her profession. However, he was determined to stand by her and face whatever came their way together.

Chapter 4: Family Ties

Ryan’s parents were traditional and somewhat conservative. He knew introducing Jasmine to them would be a delicate matter. After several discussions with Jasmine, they decided it was time for her to meet his family.

They planned a casual Sunday brunch at Ryan’s parents’ house. On the morning of the brunch, Ryan felt a mix of excitement and anxiety. Jasmine, on the other hand, seemed calm and composed.

“Are you nervous?” Ryan asked as they drove to his parents’ house.

“A little,” Jasmine admitted. “But I’m more focused on being myself and showing them how much I care about you.”

Ryan squeezed her hand. “I appreciate that, Jasmine. Just know that I’m here for you.”

As they arrived at his parents’ house, Ryan’s mother, Susan, greeted them warmly. “Ryan! It’s so good to see you. And this must be Jasmine.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Arkwright,” Jasmine said with a polite smile.

“Please, call me Susan. Come in, both of you.”

They entered the house, where Ryan’s father, Thomas, was setting the table. “Hello, Jasmine. Welcome to our home,” he said, shaking her hand.

“Thank you, Mr. Arkwright. It’s a pleasure to be here.”

The brunch began pleasantly enough, with light conversation and delicious food. Ryan’s parents asked Jasmine about her background, hobbies, and interests. She answered their questions with grace and poise, winning them over with her charm.

However, the topic of her career eventually came up.

“So, Jasmine, what do you do for a living?” Susan asked, her tone curious but kind.

Jasmine glanced at Ryan, who gave her a supportive nod. “I’m in the entertainment industry, specifically in adult films.”

There was a brief, tense silence. Susan and Thomas exchanged glances, processing the information.

“I see,” Susan finally said, her voice neutral. “That’s certainly a unique career choice.”

“It is,” Jasmine agreed. “I understand it might be difficult to accept, but it’s something I’ve chosen and take pride in.”

Thomas cleared his throat. “Well, as long as you’re happy and treat our son well, that’s what matters to us.”

Ryan felt a wave of relief. “Thank you, Dad. I appreciate that.”

The rest of the brunch went smoothly, with the conversation steering towards safer topics. As they left, Susan gave Jasmine a warm hug. “It was lovely to meet you, Jasmine. We hope to see you again soon.”

“Thank you, Susan. I enjoyed meeting you both.”

As they drove home, Ryan felt a sense of accomplishment. “You were amazing, Jasmine. Thank you for being so honest and patient with them.”

“I’m glad it went well,” Jasmine said, smiling. “Your parents are lovely. I think they just need some time to adjust.”

Ryan nodded, feeling optimistic about their future. He knew there would still be challenges, but with Jasmine by his side, he felt ready to face anything


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