Balan's Magic Wand! (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2

Balan's Magic Wand! (Chapter 2)
The ShiftingBard

Chapter 2

Balan got home to his small house, which looked more like a cross between a science lab and a library had exploded inside of it. As he walked in, he grabbed the package on his doorstep, bringing it in with him. Odd, he thought, the wizard of the month spellbook was not due for another two weeks and he wonders what this is.

The package was wrapped in plain brown paper with no return address on it. Well, it could wait 'til later he needed a cold shower. Tonight was his left hand's turn to please himself with. He did not want to take a chance that one arm and hand might get stronger than the other with all the times he had to please himself in the shower of lately.

After his shower, he used a bit of his magic to dry himself off and dressed in a robe to sit and read for a bit before bed. What better time to open his package. He carefully opened the paper to see a blue spell book inside with a naked female elf on the cover holding her breast with a look of satisfaction on her face. The titled read "The Secrets of Blue Magic written by Archmage Longstaff."

Well, that was a strange title for a spellbook. I bet all the spells in it work their magic so it happens in shades of blue. He opened the book to read the first spell.

Balan's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he read it. How to resize your lovers' breasts and make them firmer. Use with care on males. This had to be a prank of some kind. Who would use magic for sex? He quickly got up and went to see if he had everything he needed for the spell. If this worked, he knew he could make potions of it and sell them for good money. Women would sleep with him just to get their breasts to firm up and not sag. Well, it says it works on men, so he might as well test it out.

Balan went and got a full-length mirror and stood it up close to his work table, then let his robe fall from his shoulders to hang around his waist. HMMM, now I wonder what size chest I should pick? Well, those barbarians had huge chests that the girls were meeting up with, so let's try for very large. Without reading the side notes, Balan hastily cast the spell; at first nothing happened, then he felt and saw his chest start to swell up. His pecs got huge and were rock solid, but it did not stop there. Next, they started to grow like a woman's chest. Crap, what the hell? How could he explain the 44 double Ds now bouncing around on his chest?

They did look very nice though and were firm enough to stick up without a bra. He could not resist but to pinch their nipples and squeeze them just a bit as he admired them in the mirror. What the hell was he thinking? No that was just wrong. He grabbed the spellbook and read the spell again, this time with all the side notes. Thank the heavens he could reverse it. He began casting the spell again, reducing his breast back down to a manly size, but still with a ripped chest. Damn, he looked good. Well not really. A ripped chest was one thing, but with small arms and a bit of a flabby ab, it just looked out of place. Guess clothes would hide most of that. Pulling on his robe, he went to sit in his chair to read some more.

By 5 AM he was ready for his makeover. Eat your heart out Fabio Elf. He started casting spells and looking in the mirror at the results. Sure enough, six-pack abs with strong looking arms and legs to go with his ripped chest. It looked like he had hit the gym for a few years straight.

HMMM, there was a spell on how to make your cock larger. He wondered if women were really into larger? Did he want to take that chance after the extra-large breasts he had for a bit last night?

Nope, he better get some sleep and read more after work tomorrow before trying that. How would he explain a cock the size of jackass' if he could not reverse it in time? He laughed out loud just thinking what Sara and Sasha would think if he got a hard-on that stood three feet up. Besides, how would ya hide something like that? It would be almost sticking up under his chin and threatening to rip his shirt open. Yeah, best to wait before trying that.

He had another idea though. He would only get a few hours sleep, but was sure he could make both girls rings before he had to be at work. He wondered what the master wizard would say to him if he knew what he was planning on doing now.

The girls had better cut him some extra tip money if this worked out. Saturday nights were always busy and wild, but he had a feeling they might be packed tonight. He called Sara before going to bed and left a message on her service about having the extra bartenders come in because he knew they were going to be packed, and a private party had already asked him if he could have stuff ready for them when they came in.

Balan barely got four hours of sleep before waking up and starting on this project. A belly button ring for Sara and a new horn ring for Sasha. They would wear them tonight because they were gifts, and after work, he would explain to them what they did.

Randy Kobelt
Randy Kobelt
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