Balan's Magic Wand

by Randy Kobelt 10 months ago in comedy

"Balan had been working at the bar now for two weeks..."

Balan's Magic Wand
Balan's Magic Wand

Chapter 1.

Balan had been working at the bar now for two weeks and still could not find a lady to shag with yet. What good was being a wizard if you could not even get laid by creating flowers for a woman?

Just look at those muscle-bound warriors and rangers with tables full of women every night. Maybe he should have become a warrior? Oh well, here comes another succubus with a drink order for him. At least the tips were good here.

"Balan, quit daydreaming and remember to chill the glasses please," Sara the succubus says, as she pinches her nipples to get them to stand out more.

"Here you go, Sara. Nice and cold as you ordered. Anything else I can do for you maybe?" Balan asks in hopes she would do more than just flash him a nipple, and maybe ask him on a date tonight.

"Nope hun, but this table seems to be good tippers and all they ask is that their drinks keep coming and are cold," Sara says, as she turns with her tray of drinks heading back to her table.

"Balan I need 6 shots; 3 ice cold and 3 flaming, are you able to do that hun?" Sasha the red-headed half-demon asks.

"No problem, Sasha, I will have them right up for you. Do you have plans for after closing tonight?" Balan asks as he pours the shots out, hovering his hand over three of them to chill, and then pointing a finger at the last three lighting them on fire.

"Ah Balan, you trying to ask me on a date? I would just eat you up hun. Maybe I will let you rub my horns some for luck after work," Sasha says, as she grabs her tray of drinks and lets her tail rub on Balan's leg as she walks away.

I bet she was hot in bed. It was hard not to stare at her firm ass when she wore those black leather shorts that looked more like a thong from behind. I bet she could do some wicked things with that tail of hers. Just thinking about it made Balan's wand twitch in his pants. Oh well back to watching the Elf stripper on the pole.

"Excuse me, sir, could I get a tall glass of elven wine, please? If you do not mind, could you chill the glass first?" said a raven-haired beauty that walked up to the bar in an almost see-through red dress.

"Yes, sweetheart coming right up. I love those tattoos going up your leg. Were they painful to get?" Balan asked as he took in her ample cleavage.

She raised her leg up onto one of the stools letting her dress fall away showing her black see-through panties as she pointed to them. "These not so much but the one right here above my panty line did sting a bit."

Balan gulped as he took it all in, handing her the glass of elven wine. Damn, she is hot. Without thinking, he pulled on his magic a bit to create a lovely red rose that he handed her. "For the most beautiful creature I have seen in here tonight," he says.

She blushes a bit and tosses him a ten-dollar bill telling him to keep the change. Then goes and sits at a table close by where she could watch the dancers and the bar at the same time.

Balan could not help himself but to keep glancing her way every once in a while to take in her sexy body. While doing so close to closing he caught her with her hand under her panties rubbing herself.

"Balan, one more round of drinks for me please," Sara said as she walked up to the bar. "I hope you plan on using that tonight. Any more pressure on those leather pants and your zipper is going to break with a hardon."

Balan's face turned bright red. "Ah, sorry about that just saw something very nice. Is that an offer to relax after work together, Sara?"

Sara looked around seeing what had got Balan all hot and bothered. Once she spotted the lady in the red dress she turned back to Balan, "Sorry hun I try not to date co-workers, but one of the girls in the back might put a show on like that for you," she says with a wicked little grin on her face.

The lady in red stood and walked to the bar to thank Balan for his service that night. As she handed Balan her glass he took her hand and kissed the top of it. He could smell her hot juices still on her hand and felt them against his lips as he raised his head back up.

"Will you be working tomorrow night as well? I was thinking of dropping by with a couple of friends, and I am sure they would enjoy watching you work as much as I did," the lady in red asks.

"Yes, I will be. I will be looking forward to seeing you and them. Will there be anything special you will want?" Balan asks, not believing that she was actually watching him all night.

"I see you serve food here also. We will be in around midnight, do you think you could have some fresh fruit and shrimp on ice for us ready hun?" she asks in a low sexy voice.

"Yes, I will have it waiting for you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night sexy." Balan says, trying not to lick her sweet juice from his lips as Sasha walks up to the bar.

The lady in red turns and walks out. Sasha whistles lowly. "My god Balan you should have asked her out. You know it is going to be hard walking with tha.." Sasha says as she eyes his bulge in his pants. She then turns and sits on one of the bar stools. "Please be a dear and rub my horns for me, Balan."

Balan walks around the end of the bar and pulls a stool up behind Sasha and starts massaging her horns being careful not to catch any of her horn piercings while doing so. Balan nearly jumped when Sasha's tail rose up to rub his crotch. He was not sure which of them was getting the most enjoyment out of it.

"Ah, there you two are. 200$ in tips for the both of you tonight. I hope you have someone to help you with that tonight Balan. Now no calling off tomorrow because of blue balls," Sara says and both her and Sasha giggled and head to get their stuff to leave.

Balan grabbed his coat holding it in front of himself so no one would see the bulge in his pants as he walked home.

Randy Kobelt
Randy Kobelt
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