Backstage Aggression

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Tour is over and he's waited too long.

Backstage Aggression

The second act had taken the stage, but I was only there to see him. I waited, impatiently, checking my phone every few seconds, to make sure I hadn’t missed something. I was sure he would be a little while longer, packing his gear into their trailer, but I checked again anyway.

As the first song descended into the second song and the crowd energy swelled, I felt the soft vibration in my bra. I pulled my phone out to check and found a message from him. Three words.

“Backstage in five.”

I hesitated a moment, questioning whether I needed to let him know his message had been received. Deciding against it, I pushed my way out of the front of the crowd. It wasn’t hard to get out; people were usually shoving their way into the prime real estate I had acquired before his band’s opening set.

I hadn’t seen him in months. Even without the miles between them, studio time, and touring would have kept us apart for much of that time anyway. I knew what I was signing up for with our first kiss but that didn’t make me miss him any less. I flashed the VIP laminate he’d given me to the security guard who waved me on through. I found my way to the small room behind the stage where he said he would be waiting for me. He was, indeed waiting, and pushed the door closed behind me. I didn’t have time to wonder what would happen if the others walked in before he pushed me down on the couch.

Without a single word or sound, he stripped me from the waist down, sliding two long, slender fingers inside before he had even completely removed my pants, making me cum in under a minute. Leaving me exposed, he stripped himself down and pushed himself between my legs. Already knowing how tight I was going to be, he linked an arm below my back and raised my hips toward him. He spread my clit open with two fingers of the other hand and pressed himself between them. Using the arm behind my back to pull me toward him, he entered me with one quick, aggressive thrust.

I released a pained-sounding cry I barely recognized as my own but instead of pulling away from the thing that had hurt me, I pushed into it, deepening his penetration, feeling him press against the deepest flesh he could find. I clenched my muscles around his, tightening my grip, resisting his attempts to pull out and thrust again. He pulled through the tension and pounded himself deep into me once again, forcing me to take every inch of him.

I tangled my fingers in his hair, pulling his face into my neck, and mine into his. I bit at his neck, being careful to avoid leaving marks.

I let him turn me around, bending me over the couch, my ass pressed into his stomach, and he entered me again, deeper and harder than before. I pushed harder against him, urging him deeper. He pounded against me, his balls hitting my clit with each penetration, and soon I lost my balance, falling forward onto the couch.

He didn’t pull free, only shifted both of our bodies until he was laying on top of me, stomach to back, my legs closed between his, rendering me nearly helpless, and continued to ride against me. He slid one hand under me and rubbed at my clit, causing me to shudder against him and, regaining my strength, I lifted myself to stand on all fours, raising him up behind me. Leaving one hand on my clit, he moved the other to grip my breast. He wrapped his arm around my chest, covering one breast while squeezing the other. I welcomed the pressure and thanked him by pounding my own pelvis back against his.

He shifted his body, quickly, suddenly, and covered my mouth as I came. I turned to face him. His usually soft face had been cut into hard chiseled angles and his chocolate brown eyes blazed with a combination of lust and aggression and I returned the fire with one of my own. I had let him dominate long enough. I pushed him back to lay on the couch and straddled him, burying his tongue deep inside me, taking him in my mouth. As I sucked his dick, he used his own hands to guide my pelvis over his mouth. He pushed his tongue deep inside me, tasting my juices, letting them drip down over his face. He fingered my clit at the same time, causing me to shake all the way through his cock. I reached a hand under his bent legs, and fingered gently at the edge of his anus, while he used two fingers from both hands, massaging me inside and out, flicking his tongue and sucking at my clit.

I sucked hard at the head of his penis until he moaned into my flesh. In response, I pushed him into the back of my throat and began fucking him with my mouth, sliding my lips and tongue over and over the length of his shaft. His hips rolled against me and I rolled my own against his face. He sucked hard at my clit, fucking me with his fingers. I clenched my muscles as tightly as I could around him and he pressed another finger inside in response. I soon felt the hot cum release, pouring over his mouth, my third orgasm in fifteen minutes. I screamed into his cock, squeezing his balls, urging him to come. I sucked hard, his cock filling my mouth, and soon felt him shake and thrust, pushing him deeper into my throat. I pulled away and he followed. I pulled away and he followed until his hips were several inches above the seat of the couch and his body was shuddering against mine. He slid his tongue inside me once more and drank what I had offered him.

I gripped his shaft in one hand and drew back my mouth to suck hard at his head. Pressing my tongue into the opening in his cock, I lapped at the first drops of fluid, stroking his throbbing cock, sliding my grip up and down against him, tonguing him at the same time. When I felt his entire body tense, ready for his orgasm, I filled my mouth with him one more time. He never stopped licking at me from the inside and soon we were filling one another’s throats with hot, wet cum. I drank him in, swallowing his juices, squeezing his balls to ensure I got every drop. I continued sucking him until he forced me to stop, pulling me by my breasts into a kneeling position, his tongue still inside her. I let him continue eating my pussy, riding gently against his mouth, while I stroked the head of his wet and still half-erect penis.

It had been a long six weeks.

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