Ashley Graham: The Amazon's Last Stand (Part 1)

by Mister Zulu about a year ago in fiction

Two warriors fight tooth and nail. And, ultimately, only one will walk away...

Ashley Graham: The Amazon's Last Stand (Part 1)

The ground was wet with the blood of a thousand beings, many of whom littered the earth as well with their corpses.

The air was thick with the smell of sacrifice and death.

Despite all that had happened, silence had yet to overtake the valley. Dead in the center of the field, two still fought.

Guth-ar the Unholy was bred from birth to be the ultimate soldier. For an ogre, he was built long and lean, with thick claws atop each finger and his armor was painted liberally in viscera.

Each strike of his sword was met by the blade of the Amazonian chieftain Ashleigh. Her thick, plush frame was as strong and sturdy as an oak tree, her Goddess blessing her with just as much incomparable beauty as she did with strength. Her long, dark, braided hair whipped back and forth as she battled her enemy, her heavy breasts rising and falling within her red, gold trimmed breastplate from the exertion of her parrying. Thick, seemingly fat but well muscled legs kept her from falling onto her voluminous backside with every one of Guth-ar's blows. There was a steely glint in her brown eyes, a snarl on her pretty face--matching the same glare in her enemy's visage.

A visage that grew more and more distracted. Guth-ar had not laid with a woman in many a moon, and even though his ultimate goal was to kill the Amazon before him, he could not help but take in the scent of her battle weary frame. Her aroma was at once sweet and salty, her skin glistening like the morning dew on the petals of a rose.

Guth-ar was not built like most ogres. He was long and lean...but also a little on the short side. Which may not have been a bad thing, as he was at the perfect height to share a bed with...

His stomach chose to grumble. He had gone without rations for so very long, and though there were many an Amazon littering the ground with their heavy, curvaceous carcasses, he had yet to free himself from battle long enough to gorge himself on their meat--for all flesh was sweeter, tastier when it had been earned in the heat of battle.

And what was Ashleigh if not the pinnacle of Amazonian perfection, her body bursting with supple flesh.

His lust, instead of proving a distraction, drove him to strengthen each blow, driving his opponent back with each one, until finally the bisected body of one his brethren tripped the woman up, causing her to stumble to the ground in a heap, her sword slipping from her grasp. The ogre's foot stomped down upon her wrist before she could regain her weapon. The Amazon screamed in defiance as the ogre dove down to tether her wrists and ankles together. lifted her up over one of his shoulders, and stomped through the valley into the woods to the East.

The woman's position placed her pumpkin cheeked posterior next to her captor's face, the meaty moon rubbing against Guth-ar's face. Her skin was soft against his grizzled jaw, but that was not the only thing that caused his jaws to stretch upward into a hideous grin. Someone's body cleared enjoyed the battle, as his nose was assailed by the lingering scent of a female in heat, the scent of Ashleigh's nascent arousal proving an effective perfume, as the woman grunted and screamed in a tongue that Guth-ar could not understand.

That was fine by him, as he was not interested in the woman's mouth.

At least, not in that matter.

A mighty crash echoed through the forest as the ogre came across a cottage surrounded by leafy elms, and kicked down its door. Guth-ar strode past a quaint little kitchen with a long, deep fireplace at his center to what appeared to be a bedroom. Ashleigh screeched as the ogre tossed her through the air and onto to a dusty, long ago used bed. She went silent, her expression defiant as Guth-ar looked his prize over. Her melonous mammaries rose and fell as the creature before her stroked the flanks of her tall, well-built body, grazing her sides with his palms. He finished his exploration by actions two-fold; stroking her cleavage with the back of one hand while the other nudged her battle skirt aside, palming the hot, quivering flesh between her legs over her sopping wet underwear.

He smelled the air again. It was not the fear filled tang of urine that wafted from the girl, but the pure animalistic need to mate. Ashleigh knew that too; when the ogre looked upon her, raising an eyebrow, grinning, she shut her eyes and turned away in defiance.

Even as she rubbed her legs together in an attempt to silence her body's desire for release.

Guth-ar regained the Amazon's full attention when a clawed hand dove between the exposed hills of her bosom, grabbed at her bodice and ripped it away, the force causing the exposed teats to bobble and bounce joyously in freedom. Unlike the rest of Ashleigh's tanned skin, the flesh of her breasts were denied the heat of the sun--the mounds were a creamy peach, topped with coral pink nipples. Their stay in the girl's chestplate had left them dripping in sweat, glistening in the meager sunlight streaming from the window.

The Amazon shuddered at the feel of the cool air caressing her, tears of rage dripping from her eyes as the ogre lowered his drooling mouth to her quivering chest, opening wide.

The inner battle within her was brief, moaning as the beast managed to fit the entire mound in his mouth, his sand-paper rough tongue laving her sensitive flesh even as his teeth lightly chewed the globe in his maw. The feel of his teeth gently massaging her tit sent tingles up and down her spine, and then struck her sweltering slit, clear runny juice dribbling out of its lips, wetting down her thong afresh. Guth-ar was enjoying himself as well, the flavor of the Amazon's breast overloading his taste buds, filling his mouth with water, thus making it easier to suckle the entire gland in a way no human man could. She was delicious, and though he could have easily bitten down and ripped the flesh away from her, filling his belly with well earned meat and silencing his hunger, the sweet little sounds that erupted from the squirming beauty that had nearly claimed his life was the most beautiful melody to ever grace his ears.

It egged him on, his mouth releasing its captive with a loud POP, leaving it soaking in his saliva, it's summit a blushing pink, her nipple hard as the Diamonds of Avigar-La. Before the woman could utter her disappointment in the loss of the rather disgusting pleasure coursing through her veins, he dove onto the moist milk sack's twin, his arms wrapping around the woman, pulling her writhing body up from the bed to better enjoy his savory treat. He was not the only taking pleasure from the circumstances, as a joyful expression overtook Ashleigh's countenance.

Drool leaked out of the captive girl's mouth, her eyes closed tightly to both better enjoy the sensation and block off the sight of the thing bringing it. Her entire body spasmed in rapture, the nectar of her womb dribbling down her bound leg to pool at the ogre's feet. She groaned in delight as she felt of the roughened skin of the creature's arm as it wrapped around her back, to better keep the mewling Amazon pressed against his face. Her moans grew louder when the ogre's free hand caressed her leg and snaked up to grab at her voluminous ass. As large and heavy as each moon was, her assflesh was no match for Guth-ar's mauling mitt.

A loud, wet smack pierced the relative silence of the cottage as the ogre's hand slapped the left chunky cheek of Ashleigh's butt, shrieking in surprise at the suddenness of the action. After a moment, the Amazon begin wiggling her butt as Guth-ar looked up at her tear-streaked face, his mouth filled with her pudding soft suck-em. He was taken aback at the pleading in her eyes, and, slapping the other ass-cheek, soon realized what it was the woman wanted.



Slap! Slap!



BY GAIA, FUCK YESSSS!!!!, Ashleigh screamed in delight, even though her unlikely bed couldn't possibly understand the words screeching from her throat.

Within minutes, the firm, muscular glutes were as soft as a down-filled pillow, skin red from her spanking, juices pouring from her quivering quim wholesale. The lusty aroma of her need overpowered the ogre's nostrils, shutting his eyes to better savor the perfumed air. Another pop, another tit soaked in the savage's spittle. Guth-ar lowered the sweat drenched Amazon back onto the bed, his hand lovingly roving her body, stopping to caress her lust-drunk face, squeeze her well sucked boobs and massage her jiggling belly. His hand came down to her battle skirt, seeing the droplets of wetness splattered against each leather strap. The Amazon made it clear what she wanted, raising hips towards the equally horny creature.

And he answered. Gripping the blue leather garment and the soft satin undercovering at once, Guth-ar yanked the skirt away from his lover's sweaty body. As with her breasts, the Amazon's groin was not well acquainted with the light of Day, but it was shaved bare, with only the barest hint of stubble dotting her pulsating pubis, the lips of her cunt wet with her inner juices, salty sweat and sweet girl cum. The bonds keeping her ankles together were untied, if only for the ogre to spread her beefy thighs as far as he could. He lowered his nose to the gushing gash, sniffing her most intimate place, while using his putrid proboscis to stimulate her clitoris. His tongue peeked out from his roughened lips, to quickly lap at the sweetness that oozed from her.

His captive began wailing in need, begging for full contact, her hips rolling desperately.

This... bitch... killed many of his tribe. The desire to taste the meat of her body, to fill his belly with the living flesh of hers...

Then his snarling face met hers. And softened at the hunger in her eyes. The need.

He'd conquered the Amazon beneath him. And she...


He struck like a snake, slobbering mouth filling itself with the churning, creamy cunt of the squealing Amazon, his humongous hands gripping her hips in a deathly tight grip. Ashleigh was going insane with delight--she had never laid with a man in all her twenty eight years of life--and now she was being ravaged by this demon of Hell...and enjoying every bit of it. Her vagina filled Guth-ar's mouth with the sweetest liquor to have ever graced his palate, each of the rose-petal soft, love honey drenched folds a joy to feel against his tongue. Her plumpening clitoris had his full attention too, as every time he licked the nubbin, sucked it...

...nibbled the delicate morsel of cunt-meat with the utmost gentleness, the Amazon bucked her hips harder.

Filled his mouth with her nectar faster.

Screamed louder.

If she were to die, roasted until her skin was golden brown, her body providing many a meal to her captor...

Goddesses be Damned, she was going to enjoy this. And make it last as long as she could.

For she was an Amazon.

An Amazon who had lain a whole Ogre tribe to waste.

Surely, she deserved this prize. His hands. His mouth. The thick, heavy organ tenting his loincloth.

She deserved the feel of a man's dick inside of her before she left this world.

And, even if it was his, she longed to feel his turgid length deep within her.

She earned it.

End of Part One...

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