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Anal—The How to Guide

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My Guide to Anal

Anal—The How to Guide

Everybody knows what anal is these days, but how do you actually do it? Understandably not everyone will be into anal, but for those that are, here is a bit of a how to guide to get you started.

There is a high concentration of nerves situated around the Anus, which, during anal sex are stimulated creating pleasure. Lube will be your best friend, as the rectum does not naturally lubricate itself like the vagina does. It is usually preferred for the act of douching to take place first. This allows for a clean environment inside the rectum, to prevent embarrassment and mess.

For Beginners, if you’re not sure about Anal, and don’t know whether you will enjoy it, start off by getting your partner to apply lots of lube then gently and gradually inset one finger into the Anus. Move it slowly in and out until you get used to the feeling. It will take a little bit of time to adjust at first. When you are feeling more confident increase the number of fingers to two maybe even three. Again move slowly to begin with and increase speed as you go.

Once you are comfortable with the extra girth you may wish to advance to inserting the penis, a dildo, or anal beads. Again use lots of lube, and slowly insert the penis or dildo. Once adjusted to the feeling your partner can move in and out faster, deeper and harder. Choose a level that you are comfortable at. Above all you must communicate with your partner and trust them. This is the only way to truly enjoy and appreciate the act of anal sex.

**Tip: You must relax. Anal can be very pleasure for both parties. However, relaxing is the key to pleasure, if you are not relaxed then the Anus will not easily expand, this can cause pain, ripping, tearing and bleeding, resulting in the experience being undesirable.**

It's important to remember that insertable length is not normally the issue, it's girth. If you have a particularly girthy penis, and your partner is struggling to accept it, then try training with anal beads and butt plugs to slowly build up to the required girth. This may take a little bit of time, but it will make it a lot more pleasurable when it comes to having anal sex.

Once you have had anal, then the penis/dildo should not be reinserted into the vagina, this causes a high risk of infection. The penis/dildo should be thoroughly cleaned first or condom removed/replaced. I would advise using a condom for anal, even with your regular partner, as its easier to just remove it before continuing and it doesn’t disrupt flow as much.

From Experience: Personally I enjoy anal sex. It's a different sensation than vaginal sex. I’ve had good experience’s and bad experiences, and it depends on the partner I am with. The worst experience I’ve had was when a guy shoved his penis in with no lube and no foreplay. It was awful and it really hurt me, so much so I had to ask him to stop. But my best experience is where a guy had used foreplay in all the right ways and made me orgasm from anal whilst playing with my clit. It was amazing, just shows that taking your time and doing it right pays.

Use of Toys

There are many different anal toys available, and its worth experimenting with different things to see what you enjoy. I will cover the main ones here:

Butt plugs – normally used to create a feeling of stretching and fullness, they come in various sizes from tiny to gigantic. Start small and work your way to where comfortable. There are different variations available; vibrating butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs, decorative – jewel or tail etc, glass butt plugs, metal butt plugs. All give different sensations.

Anal Beads – a string of beads, which can be inserted into the rectum, there are different types, traditional ones start with small beads, and get bigger as you go further down the string, you can get strings where all the beads are the same size, you can also get vibrating anal beads.

Anal Douche – not so much a toy, but this is how many prepare themselves for anal sex, rinse out a few times to ensure all the feces have been removed. I suggest doing this about 1 to 2hours before you plan to have anal sex, often you will have a further urge to go to the toilet after douching so this allows time for that. Douching will help to prevent mess.



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