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Air Pulse Clitoral Stimulators

By DingfooPublished 23 days ago 5 min read
Dingfoo Air Pulse Sex Toys

Are They Vibrators Or Provide Suction?

Clitoral Suction Vibrators can be perplexing to categorize because they aren't traditional vibrators and don't actually provide suction. They are commonly referred to by different names, including air pulse sex toys and Sonic Pulse Stimulators. While technically classified as clitoral stimulators, the varied terminology arises from the misconception that they either provide suction or vibrate. Bloggers might label them as clit sucker toys, while on our site, we often use the term clitoral suction vibrators to align with what many customers call them, ensuring easy accessibility for users.

Some Models Include a Vibration Feature

Certain air pulse stimulators come equipped with a separate motor for vibration. In such cases, these sex toys function as both an air pulse stimulator and a vibrator.

What Are They?

These sex toys produce sonic puffs of air; some refer to them as air pulse sex toys, while others label it as pulse wave technology. There isn't a single correct term, as different manufacturers use diverse names for this type of stimulation. For instance, Dingfoo suspension vibration technology, Satisfyer refers to it as Air-Pulse Technology, and LELO calls it suspension vibration technology. Despite the varied names, they all describe the same concept. These devices use air puff waves over the clitoris to provide intense stimulation. Some women find it reminiscent of oral sex, while others experience a unique form of stimulation.

Using Clitoral Stimulators

Hold these air pulse sex toys in your hand. They feature a small opening positioned over the clitoris, held still as the puffs of air deliver direct and intense clitoral stimulation. Apply water-based lubricant around the rim before placing it on the clitoris to establish a firm, airtight seal, ensuring a more comfortable experience with the clitoral stimulator.

The Impact of Noise

It's not uncommon to come across reviews where people mention the perceived loudness of certain models of air pulse sex toys, even with low volume ratings. So, is the customer correct, or is the rating accurate? Air pulse stimulators tend to be louder when not in direct contact with the skin or if they lack a proper seal. For the quietest operation, establish a seal around the clitoris, turn it on, and then, before removing it, turn it off. Removing it from the skin can increase the noise level, and with some models of air pulse stimulators, this difference can be quite significant.

The Heads

The nozzles of air pulse sex toys are commonly referred to as Stimulator Heads, though the terminology can differ between sex toy manufacturers. Some models include multiple head attachments. This variation is to cater to the diverse sizes of clitorises, similar to the variation in penis sizes. Models with larger head openings are more suitable for those with a larger clitoris, while smaller ones provide a better seal on a smaller clitoris.

High-quality heads are typically made from silicone; however, the specific grade of silicone may vary. Some online sources may inaccurately label them as medical-grade silicone, but it's important not to trust such claims, especially when it comes to sex toys.

Advantages of Clitoral Stimulators

Given their unique design, air pulse sex toys offer benefits that some other toys may not, including:

  • Air pulse sex toys deliver direct, focused clitoral stimulation that can be intense depending on the setting.
  • These clitoral stimulators do not require any movement during use; they are held in one place for convenience.
  • Quality-made versions operate quietly, often going unnoticed.
  • Unlike vibrators used for extended periods, they don't lead to desensitization.
  • They are effective for women who face challenges in reaching climax.
  • They can enhance blood flow and intensify orgasms.
  • Suitable for women with a sensitive clitoris, as they avoid overstimulation, especially at lower power settings.
  • Some women find they facilitate achieving multiple orgasms more easily.

Helpful For Female Sexual Dysfunction

While vibrators are widely appreciated for their stimulation capabilities, extended use can lead to desensitization (numbing). Female sexual dysfunction often involves decreased blood circulation to the pelvic region. Although vibrators can aid in increasing blood circulation, individuals with health issues related to it may struggle to respond to sexual stimulation as easily. This can result in a prolonged time to get blood flowing to the pelvic area and feel the physical effects of sexual arousal. Vibrator use may lead to desensitization, making it challenging, if not impossible, for some women to climax.

Beneficial Post-Desensitization (Numbing) from Vibrators

Clitoral stimulators using sonic air pulses typically do not cause desensitization, offering a potentially helpful solution for women facing sexual health issues related to dysfunction and decreased blood circulation.

Moreover, they can also benefit those without health conditions who have experienced desensitization from using a vibrator. Switching to a clitoral air pulse stimulator may enable women to orgasm even after numbness from vibrator use.

Selecting the Right Clitoral Stimulator for You

While Dingfoo and Satisfyer were the initial brands in the market for air pulse clitoral stimulators, several other brands have emerged. Some are well-made, while others may not meet the same standards. We only carry brands we consider worthwhile. Here are factors to consider when choosing a clitoral stimulator with air pulse sensations:

  • The quietest model is from Dingfoo; Satisfyer is close but slightly louder, and LELO models tend to be the loudest. Brand choice matters if noise is a consideration.
  • Some come with a hard, fitted travel case, like the Dingfoo brand. It should only be used when the toy is completely dry to avoid harboring bacteria, mold, or fungi.
  • Higher-end models may have replaceable heads with different sizes, though some do not.
  • Consider whether the brand has a softer or firmer head around the clitoris; firmer ones may make achieving a seal more challenging.
  • The shape of the heads matters. Models with extended heads offer more pinpoint stimulation, while rose-shaped heads are not as intensely pinpoint as nozzle-shaped heads.
  • Smaller models can be more challenging to hold.
  • Various models have different controls, from small buttons to larger ones, catering to those with mobility issues and disabilities.
  • Similar to vibrators, air pulse sensations can vary in strength, influenced not only by settings but also by the brand.
  • Many have pulse settings, but most women tend to prefer the steady, constant pulse settings.

Suitability for Everyone

Although air pulse clitoral stimulators are appreciated by many women, just like any sex toy, they may not be preferred by everyone, and some individuals may favor vibrators. As we often emphasize, there's no one-size-fits-all sex toy; it's about discovering the right one for you.


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