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Anal Training 101

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By DingfooPublished 15 days ago 5 min read

So, as Vice wisely puts it, "If you've ever thought about trying butt stuff, you can't just dive in headfirst."

Absolutely! Butts are amazing, aren't they? They not only look great but also have tons of nerve endings, making anal activities a potential source of fantastic orgasms—breaking news right here. However, let's face it, unlike vaginas, butts don't have built-in lubrication, so a little preparation is in order. And yeah, vaginas need some warm-up too, but with butts, it's extra crucial!

See, besides the potential awkwardness, the main reason people might be hesitant about anal adventures is the fear of pain. But guess what? With proper preparation, it shouldn't be painful at all!

And that's where anal training becomes essential.

Um, what is anal training?

So, what's this whole deal about anal training, you ask? Well, it's pretty straightforward—it's about taking the time and care to prepare your anus for some delightful anal action. How? Well, by gently stretching it using fingers and/or toys. You can do this solo or with a partner, and let me tell you, it can be quite an exciting experience on its own. Plus, pushing your boundaries can add a whole new level to power dynamics or dom-sub relationships, if that's your thing.

If you're new to the world of anal exploration, you might be wondering why you'd want to stretch your backdoor in the first place. But here's the deal: the stretching isn't permanent. Your behind is designed to stretch and then bounce back to its original shape. "Stretching" here just means gradually expanding the anus, maybe from a single finger to multiple fingers, a toy, or even a penis. In kinkier circles, it might involve more extreme stretching, aiming for sizes like 2.5 inches or more, or even accommodating a partner's fist. But today, we're keeping it beginner-friendly.

Whether you're a total newbie or already dabbled in basic anal play, the approach to training might differ, and a bit more patience might be needed for beginners. But the basic principles remain the same.

Exploring Anal Pleasure Techniques

Before we jump in, a quick note: deciding to try anal activities should be a thoughtful choice, not a surprise sprung on you by your partner. If you're uncertain, your muscles might tense up, making things uncomfortable. We definitely want to avoid that.

If you're all in, here are some tips for easing into anal play, whether you're flying solo or with a partner.

1. Stay Fresh and Clean

For most folks, a bathroom break followed by a shower is usually enough. If you're extra keen on cleanliness, you could consider enemas, but it's not a must. Being chill and comfortable with your body's natural functions is key for any anal exploration. There's no guarantee that poop will show up, but if it does, no biggie.

2. Set the Mood with Touch

A little massage around the anus is a good start. When it comes to anything backdoor, lube is your trusty sidekick. If fingers are in the game, latex gloves can make it easy to switch between anal and vaginal activities. If you're with a partner, analingus, also known as rimming, can be a delight—just in case your partner is a bit hesitant, they can use a dental dam for added comfort.

3. Find a Comfortable Position

Once you're turned on and feeling good—maybe you've even had a vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm already, which can help relax your muscles—it's time to proceed. Make sure you're in a comfy position—lying on your side with knees bent might be more accessible than lying on your back, but everyone is different, so find what feels right for you.

4. Embrace the Lube

No matter what you're using for anal exploration, lube is your best friend. Don't hesitate to use plenty of it because, let's be clear, butts don't self-lubricate. Apply lube to your toy/fingers and the outside of your anus. If you're comfortable, use a lubed finger to apply some inside before anything else. And don't be shy about pausing to reapply lube if needed.

5. Start Small with a Toy

Now it's time to carefully introduce a small toy, like a butt plug, into your ass (or have your partner do it). The Bellesa Anal Training Kit is excellent for beginners, offering various sizes for complete control of your experience. While you might begin with a lubed finger or two, butt plugs are convenient because they can stay in while you explore other activities.

Take a deep breath and slowly push the plug inside. Take your time; if it takes five minutes, that's perfectly fine. If it feels stuck or difficult, remove it and add more lube. Once the plug is in, leave it there for a while. Congratulations, you're officially in training! You can now masturbate, have sex, or go about your day until you decide to remove it.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the easier it'll become.

For more information on anal toys, you can visit the website of professional sex toy manufacturers.

6. Safely Remove the Toy

To remove the toy, take deep breaths and adopt a non-rushed mindset, similar to when you inserted it. Add more lube to the outside of your anus. Focus on relaxing your sphincter muscles while unclenching the toy. Removing a plug can be as intense as inserting it, so take your time, especially since the end taper isn't usually as gradual as the tip.

7. Progress to the Next "Level"

Once a toy feels comfortable moving in and out, consider moving up a size if you're interested. Always remember that the increase should be gradual. Whether it's a goal to accommodate a larger size or engage in in-and-out motion, take your time. When you're ready for a cock or dildo, just like with butt plugs, gradually progress in size and motion. Regardless of experience, never skimp on the lube!

Class dismissed. Now, go forth and apply your anal training knowledge. Happy training!


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