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After the Beach

A tale.

By Mars BenwayPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

I can never understand why lying on the beach all day is so exhausting.

We’d arrived late in the morning, after a lazy breakfast, and had spent the best part of the day lying in the sun, snorkelling in the perfect crystal-blue sea, and then lying in the sun again. We’d bought our beach tennis set with us, but hadn’t quite mustered the energy to actually do anything with it. We definitely hadn’t gone for an afternoon run through the surf like some of our fellow beach-goers. In fact, we’d barely moved all day. We’d chatted, read our books, drank some beer, and dozed in the sun.

So obviously we were both totally exhausted by the time we got back to our rented villa, the ten-minute stroll through the shady, pine-scented wood on the way back had almost finished us off. When we came through the door I only had enough the energy to drop my towel on the middle of the floor, then take a beer from the fridge and collapse on a chair on the balcony to watch the sun fall into the sea.

I knew Allie wouldn’t be able to relax until she’d washed the sand and salt off her body though, and wasn’t surprised when she didn’t join me on the balcony. I was gazing at the sea and starting to doze off when I caught a flash of naked flesh out of the corner of my eye. Allie was undressing. I found my attention drifting away from the beautiful sunset. I moved my chair to get a better view as quietly as I could and watched Allie as she stripped.

She was totally oblivious, she was clearly tired and lost in her own world. I watched as she pulled her top off and whipped her shorts and bikini bottoms down without any inhibition. She started to stride around the bedroom in the nude, fussing and faffing with bottles of lotion and various cosmetics.

She looked absolutely fantastic, especially as she was unaware I was watching her and she moved around the bedroom without any self-consciousness. She looked so natural and beautiful without clothes or makeup or any pretention. Her long, slender arms and legs were shadowy shapes in the low light inside, and contrasted sharply against the whiteness of her breasts and bum and between her legs. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, even after all these years I was captivated by her naked body. But then she walked into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on and the show was over. I returned to my contemplation of the evening sun and the Mediterranean Sea.

I expected Allie to join me for a beer on the balcony after she’d washed and dressed but there was no sign of her. I’d heard the shower turn off a while ago, but she still hadn’t emerged. I turned to look back into the bedroom and saw she was lying spread-eagled on the bed instead. She was still naked, lying face down on top of the covers with her bare bum pointed towards me.

Allie was a phenomenal napper, she could lie down, close her eyes, and drift away in a matter of seconds, dreaming before she was even properly asleep. She’d probably nap for half an hour, then wake up feeling brilliant.

I sat and watched her, admiring her body again, studying the fall of her hair across her shoulders, the beautiful curve of her back, the swell of her buttocks, and the pale pink lips peaking between her open thighs. I was still feeling exhausted myself, and I knew I should let Allie sleep in peace, but sitting here looking at her naked body was too much for me. I couldn’t resist.

I got up slowly and crept into the room. I gently lowered myself onto the bed behind Allie. I held my breath. She stirred but didn’t wake. I waited a few seconds, then leaned down and kissed her softly on the small of her back. Allie stirred again but still didn’t wake. I kissed one buttock, then the other, then the back of one of her thighs. Allie sighed and adjusted her legs as she slept, spreading them a little further apart.

I kissed up the inside of her nearest thigh and then between her legs. As my lips made contact with her pussy Allie stirred and mumbled as she woke, “mmmmm darling.” She shifted again, her thighs opening further, “what are you doing?” She raised her hips to grant me better access.

I pushed my head between her thighs and Allie moaned softly as I kissed her pussy from behind. I smothered her with big wet kisses, sucking her lips gently into my mouth before pushing my tongue between them. I licked Allie in long, lazy, languorous strokes and she began to push back against me.

I loved licking Allie's pussy, and I wanted to take my time doing so, I wanted to have my own fun before I let her come. I licked and kissed and explored all of her with my tongue, before slowly working my way to her clit.

The instant my tongue flicked over the bud of her clit though Allie pushed me away, rolled over onto her back, and spread her legs wide for me. I moved between her thighs and dived back in, lapping at her clit with a slow, steady rhythm.

I watched Allie as I licked and sucked. Her eyes stayed closed and she looked like she was still half-asleep. She was breathing faster though and making increasingly urgent moaning sounds, her chest rising and falling, her body beginning to shake and tremble. I lapped at her clit harder and faster and began to stroke her wet outer lips with my thumbs, massaging her lightly and spreading the pleasure through her.

As her moans grew louder Allie began to raise her hips towards me in time with my licks, moving harder and faster until she was grinding herself against my face. Her moans grew deeper and longer. I could feel her orgasm mounting and licked with more pressure, flicking my tongue over the stiffened end of her clit. Her thighs came up around my face, squeezing my head and pulling me into her hard. Her groans changed to cries. I put my lips around her clit and sucked as I licked and Allie’s orgasm broke. She made frantic noises, she pulled me into her so hard I could barely breath. I kept licking as Allie’s orgasm washed through her in waves, as she writhed and groaned beneath me.

I kept licking as her climax receded, as her thighs fell away from my face and as her breathing returned to normal. I kept licking until she eventually pushed me away and rolled onto her side.

I was as hard as a rock, turned on from licking Allie and hearing and watching her come. She looked so peaceful I didn’t have the heart to disturb her though. I’d wait till later this evening.

I pulled a thin blanket over her, tucked her in, then headed back out onto the balcony to finish my beer and admire the last of the sunset.


About the Creator

Mars Benway

I enjoy the naughtier side of life and write explicit erotic fiction for fun. Find out more at and @MarsBenway.

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