After Hours: Another Man's Treasure

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Chapter Two

After Hours: Another Man's Treasure

I walked into Tracy’s office to find her sobbing at her desk, I wanted to ask her if she was okay, but instead I quickly closed the door to give her some privacy. I went back to my desk to take a message from the caller that I placed on hold, because Tracy was in no shape to take any calls at this time. I sent out a “do not disturb” notice to the rest of the staff members, so that they could give Tracy some time to gather herself.

I've never seen Tracy like that, and I can’t imagine who would make one of the sweetest people on the face of this earth that upset. She’s the type of person that can light up the darkest room; she always has a smile on her face, and is willing to help you solve any problems you may have, as if she had none of her own. A lot of the women we work with admire her, but they don’t have the heart to be like her. She is truly one of a kind.

While finishing up the last of the paperwork that I had left for the day, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Tracy smiling at me. I tried hard not to blush, because she looks so beautiful when she smiles. She has no idea what I would do to her if she ever gave me the chance.

“Thanks for putting out the do not disturb notice, I really appreciated that” Tracy said.

“Your welcome, I figured you may need a little time to yourself, is everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes I’m fine, I was just wondering if you could help me bring something to my car? She asked.

I stood up and said, “of course,” and I followed her to her office.

She led me to a box that she had on the corner of her desk, I picked it up, and went with her to the parking garage. When we got to her car she opened the trunk, and I placed the box down gently.

Tracy then turned to me and said, “I don’t think I can carry this box into my condo, I don’t live too far from here, do you think you can bring it up for me?

Trying hard not to look excited I said, “sure, that’s not a problem.”

I walked over to the driver side and opened the door for her. She sat down, and when both feet were inside, I closed it. As I walked around the car towards the passenger side, I could see her blushing, and that caused me to smile.

“I didn’t know that gentleman still existed,” she said playfully as I got in.

I smiled seductively and told her, “we’re out there, but we’re not that easy to find."

We didn't say much during the fifteen minute drive to her condo, but the ride was smooth, and it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. I'd never been on this side of town before, and when we pulled up to this beautiful gated community, it was truly a hidden gem. I brought the box into her condo, and just gasped at the beauty that was in front of me. Her condo was gorgeous, it looked like a picture from out of a magazine.

“You like?” She asked as we walked through the door.

Placing the box down on the table next to the door I replied, "this is nice."

She shut the door and said, "do you want a tour?" Locking it before I even replied.

I signaled for her to lead the way and said, “sure, I would love a tour.”

"Ok, just take your shoes off, no shoes past the door," she said with a giggle.

As we began moving from room to room, she started telling me what happened earlier that caused her to get so upset. She explained that she was going through a separation with a long time boyfriend who she thought was going to propose. She said he decided that he wanted to take a break about a month ago, but when she saw him out with someone else a few days ago, she knew it was over. Although I felt bad for her, because of the pain she was feeling, the fact that she was now a single woman, and I had a chance, made the situation sweeter for me.

"And last, but not least, is the bedroom, where no magic seems to be happening" she said with a disappointed look on her face.

I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I grabbed her, and had her pressed up against the room door. I ran my thumb across her lips, and watched as her eyes rolled back—and that's when I decided to give her the satisfaction she needs. I began to kiss her, and I could tell she wanted a little more intensity, so I pushed my tongue in her mouth, and she began to moan. I reached behind her and unzipped her dress, but before I could take it off, she pushed me away, and backed up towards the bed. She let her dress fall to the floor slowly revealing her sexy body and curves. I love my girls thick. I began to loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt, as I walked up to her, and started kissing her neck. I continued to get undressed while she caressed my dick that was already as hard as a rock. I unhooked her bra, and threw it off to the side of the room. I placed two fingers on each side of her hips, sliding her G-string off. I lifted her by the waist, and she wrapped her legs around my hips. She began kissing me intensely to let me know she was ready.

I laid her down on the bed, and began kissing all over her body. Her soft moans grew louder as I sucked on her nipples harder and harder. I slid on a condom, and began rubbing my dick on her clit, I went faster and faster till I felt her juices squirt.

She grabbed the sheets and screamed out “yesssss,” as I forced my dick in her tight pussy.

I said “damn girl” and began thrusting slowly.

I gradually sped up, filling every inch of her. I kissed her juicy lips and turned her over without skipping a beat. I knew she was loving it as the arch in her back got deeper, and she began to throw it back on me. I grabbed her hips tightly, and thrust even harder.

She screamed out “I’m cumming” as her body began to shake.

We laid down together, and I continued kissing her. She couldn’t stop smiling and giggling, and I liked it.

“You know, if I was still with Drake, I would have never given you a chance,” she said while kissing me gently.

I looked her in the eyes and said, “he gave you up, and that was a big mistake, because now you’re another man's Treasure.”

Toni Hux
Toni Hux
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