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A shower play

Getting wet doesn't mean getting clean

By D-DonohoePublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 6 min read
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Sonya put her hand in the shower to feel how hot the water was. She thought it would be ok but knew that Adam would be asking her to make it cooler. For Sonya, when it came to showers, the hotter the better, but Adam’s limit was when it had his skin peeling off. Sonya didn’t mind, because she knew that it was going to get hot enough very soon.

She stepped under the water and let it cascade over her body. She ran her hands over her breasts and down her stomach, feeling the tingles already from her own touch.

What are you doing?” she yelled, looking through the shower door as it began to fog up. “I’m coming”, Adam replied stepping into the bathroom. He was already naked, and Sonya could see that he was already hard. He opened the shower door and reached his hand through to feel the water temperature.

I didn’t make it that hot”, Sonya stated. He smiled back at her and stepped into the shower. He moved close to Sonya and wrapped his strong arms around her. He pulled her close and started kissing her. She could feel that hard cock of his pressing against her, as her nipples dug into his chest.

He reached behind her, squirting some body wash onto his hands, then rubbing those so soapy hands into her body. He ran one hand over her back and the other onto her ass. He grabbed and massaged her ass cheeks while he pulled her closer to him. She was turned on by him, his kisses, his touch, and that magnificent cock that would be inside her again.

He stepped back and took his slippery hands and began to run them over her breasts, he treated them lovingly as he looked at them with eyes of desire. She ran her hands through the soap as well and took hold of his soldier standing at attention. She loved wrapping her fingers around him, and feeling him, imagining how he was going to feel inside her.

He kissed her some more and she continued to stroke him. His deeper breathing told her that he enjoyed what she was doing. So, she decided it was time to put him where he belonged. Sonya let the water flow to wash the soap off his cock, and then once there was no more, she turned around to face the wall. She bent over, both hands on the tiles pushing her ass back toward him.

Adam responded, placing one hand on her firm ass, and with the other, he maneuvered his hard cock to her wet pussy. He rubbed it there gently to get some of her juices on the head, and then smoothly slid inside her. Sonya’s pussy was nice and wet, meaning that it only took two or three gentle thrusts before he was deep inside her.

Sonya looked back over her shoulder, to see Adam standing there, tall, now with both hands on her ass. She could feel him in the place she liked the most, deep and hard inside her. As he started to move faster, Sonya used her hands to anchor herself on the wall. Pushing back against his thrusts to get him as deep as possible. As he picked up his rhythm, she felt herself getting more excited, she could feel her blood pumping faster, just as he was pumping her.

Oh God, you feel so good”, Sonya moaned in pleasure, signaling how well Adam was moving in her. His pace quickened slightly, and she felt him dig his fingers into her ass cheeks. She could feel his pelvic bone banging into her ass at the top of each stroke. She was enjoying all the sensations, the slight pain of his fingernails, every ridge on his hard cock, and the water as it continued to flow onto her back and down over her firm ass, before falling to the floor of the shower.

Sonya was getting closer, but she needed that extra kick. She straightened her right arm to give her maximum push and took away her left arm. Instead, she put her left hand between her legs and started to rub her clit. She could feel it warm and swollen, as the blood pumped even stronger through her. With that first touch, it shot waves of pleasure through her body and made her just that extra bit wetter.

The added lubrication let Adam move that little bit faster, which Sonya matched by rubbing her clit a bit quicker and harder. She could hear his breathing from behind, he was sucking air like he was running a marathon. Sonya loved the workout they were both getting, way better than any gym session.

The more Adam let out groans and moans, the closer she knew he was getting. The harder his hips smashed into her backside; the wetter Sonya got. The warm water made her feel like he was a wave, smashing into the shore, except he was smashing into her instead.

Then Adam let out a deeper growl, and Sonya knew he was close. She wanted to cum with him, so she leaned down a little bit further until her back was almost parallel to the ground. She moved her legs a little bit wider to let him get that maximum penetration. Then her fingers went into overdrive on her clit. She was rubbing so fast, that if she looked at them she was sure she’d just see a blur.

She could feel his fingers dig in a little bit more and then as the tingles started to grow, she felt him let out the moan that was the signal of what was about to come. She felt that first shot of warmth inside her, and that triggered a chain reaction through her body. Her pussy started twitching, gripping his cock, enjoying the way it went so deep inside.

Her clit went from sensitive to over sensitive and she couldn’t touch it anymore. Her body experienced spasm after spasm as she felt her pussy filled with his cum. She was satisfied to feel him in her again.

He stayed in her until each of their body's reactions to their orgasms eased. Then he gently slid from inside her. A dollop of his cream fell to the floor of the shower and the water washed it away.

Sonya turned back around, her right arm was sore as if she’d been doing an overhead press. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again.

She thought to herself “Nothing beats a good hard fuck in the shower to start the day”.


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