A Nineteen-Year-Old's Sex Diary Part 3

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The First Man That's Ever Made Me Feel Like a Woman

A Nineteen-Year-Old's Sex Diary Part 3

The first time we ever had sex, he was a virgin. Almost every man I've ever had sex with was a virgin before me. He was so sweet and tender, and played smoky jazz music while we made love. That is his thing—jazz piano. He is incredibly talented, and the music speaks to us both.

Sex with him is probably the most erotic and sensual sex I have ever had.

He sees me as a woman, empowered, with my own sexuality. We made love at first in his bed, a mess of kisses and giggles as he did everything for the first time. It was an awakening for the both of us. Something about it is different than anything I've had ever before.

After we made love the first time, he carried me into his music room and laid me over his piano to fuck me again. He treats me like a queen. He thinks that I am sexy and beautiful and it is everything I have ever wanted from a man.

He is so perfect for me—not that he is perfect, because he has a quick temper and crazy nerves, but the bond we share is incredible and the love I have for him is the most natural thing I have ever felt in my life. He makes me laugh, and I think that he is handsome, and strong, and smart. He treats me right, and gives me the right kind of love.

Every time we make love is a new experience. I love oral sex, and the first time I ever went down on him he was speechless. He never expects it or demands it from me, but thoroughly enjoys it when I give it to him. He almost always goes down on me, which goes to show me that he's a real man. So many guys don't care about the female orgasm, or about going down on a woman. I know our love is rare.

I found out recently that he has had a few gay experiences before—he and a friend of his when he was younger had sucked each other off because they were both lonely and curious. I myself have been with a girl—but that’s a different story. It’s just important to note that my feelings for him and my opinions of him didn’t change when I found this out.

We have a very raw and tender sexuality and are very open and communicative with each other. I have helped him to experiment with some minor bondage.

He makes me take better care of myself and love myself more because I want to be attractive for me and for him. He is passionate as a lover and as a friend. Something about the way he makes love to me is incredible and takes me away from my body. I was his first kiss and first love, and I want what we have to last.

We have sex almost every day. Our hunger for each other is nearly insatiable, and it drives us to have more passionate and sensual sex. Being entwined with him is a revelation every. Damn. Time. He makes me feel like a goddess, and I lust after him constantly. The way he touches my body gives me goosebumps and shivers, and we find ourselves dropping whatever we were doing to make love often. This is not even that new of a relationship, but we crave intimacy deeply and enjoy the feeling of being bonded together.

We sleep naked together and shower together.

We shop together and cook together.

This love is something I want to make last.

How does it work?
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