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A Hot Rendezvous With My Mentor

Fucking in the dark

By Mihwa LeePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 10 min read

Craig and I had been exchanging emails for about six months. I met him through LinkedIn and contacted him to ask questions about web design, social media marketing, etc. He was older by about ten years, tall, and broad. He was not classically handsome, but I found him extremely attractive because he was so classy, not in a James Bond "shaken not stirred" kind of way, but in his gentleness, generosity, and knowledge. I've always been turned on by intelligence, talent, or intensity. The type of intensity that said he pondered many aspects of life.

Our flirtatious emails began naturally. It started with passing comments about our past relationships, then asking more daring questions about our experiences. Then, we pushed the boundary inch by inch until we began discussing our fantasies. So, I think it was inevitable that we would appear in each other's fantasies.

I made sure our fantasies were conveyed only through emails. I didn't want to have sex through chatting, texting, or phone calls. To me, reading his words was sexier. We didn't rush meeting up, either. Not only because we live thousands of miles away, but he was recently divorced, and I didn't want a relationship. We took it slow until, one day, we decided we had to experience what we'd been writing about. So, we met up.

By design, my apartment was pitch dark. It was tempting to see and take in every detail, but more than anything, I wanted to feel. When I opened the door, Craig walked into my dark apartment and looked around questioningly. I placed my index finger over my lips to gesture no talking. His eyes soon scanned my body over the red lace chemise I wore with my black heels. I wore red so he could see the outlines of my curves in the darkness. I reached for his hand and led him to my bedroom.

"Get on the bed, please," I said softly.

Craig didn't resist and indulged me as I knew he would. He lay on his back against the mound of pillows I left for him so he could be propped up and have a full view of what I was about to do.

"Do you trust me?" I asked once he settled on the pillows.

"I want to because this could go very, very wrong otherwise," he said. I laughed and held up my silk scarves.

"I promise you. This will go very, very right," I said.

I tied his wrists loosely to the bedposts more as a symbolic gesture than restraints.

"No touching without permission," I warned. "I have full control over your body and mine. I will let you have your way with me later, but this is my time."

Craig responded by glancing down at his hard-on. "Don't take too long," he said, smiling.

"I think we'll get along just fine," I said.

I got off the bed and stood in front of him. His gaze was intense, and Craig watched me like a predator on prey. I hoped his erection was throbbing so I could take him over the edge harder than anything he had experienced before.

I began by running my hands lightly all over my body over the thin lace. I started from my stomach to my breasts, then to my ass. I turned around and bent over a little, so he could fully appreciate the ass that he would be pounding against. Next, I turned around to face him, cupping my breasts lightly with my hands, then slowly sliding the straps over my shoulders to reveal my tits. I licked a finger and caressed my nipples while watching him watch me. After I played with my nipples, I slid my hand over my crotch, then raised my cupless chemise a little to tease him. He probably could not see much, but I hoped he would notice the smooth skin of my thigh leading to my smooth crotch. Yes, I left my pussy bare so I would feel everything he would do to me. I didn't want to miss a thing.

"Damn, you're hot," Craig said breathlessly.

"For you," I responded.

I walked over to the bed in my heels and crawled to his feet. I turned around to remove his shoes and socks. I was a naughty girl, bending over enough so he could look closer through the lace. I hoped he would see the crack of my ass or a peek at my pussy because I didn't wear any panties, and the chemise had no bottom. It was held with a garter, holding up my black pantyhose.

I turned around and admired Craig's massive erection. I couldn't get enough of looking at him. I loved my effect on this man who seemed helpless before me. I crawled toward his crotch, swaying my hips side to side and squeezing my tits together so Craig could see that he could fuck them and cum if he wanted. But that was for later.

"Remember, Craig, no touching. You're all mine to be had," I reminded him.

"You're driving me fucking crazy," he said.

"Are you complaining?"

"No. Yes. No! I don't fucking know!" He exclaimed.

I laughed, loving his reaction. I crawled to his side and began to unbutton his shirt. I opened his chest to me and sprinkled delicate kisses on his neck. Then I moved to his chin, ears, forehead, nose, and eyes. I took my time, and my lips eventually hovered over his lips when I said, "No kissing me back until I say so."

"That's so not fair. It's going to be excruciating," he said.

"I hope so, or we're wasting our time," I replied.

I touched his lips lightly with mine, savouring the texture, warmth, and moisture of this man whom I'd fantasized about for months. I breathed in his scent to remember everything about this kiss for when I was alone in the dark. I explored every corner of his lips with mine before I began running my tongue over his lips. He opened his mouth a little, forgetting the rule.

"Uh, uh," I warned. "Not yet."

"I'm usually a patient man, but this is too much," he said.

"Good," I responded.

I ran my tongue over his lips and tasted him. Then I tasted him between his lips. Soft and moist, heated with arousal and anticipation. I had him exactly where I wanted him; in my bed, dying to touch and lick me, to take me in and drink my juice.

After I sampled his mouth, I straightened up. I knelt beside him, my knees spread apart, the thin red lace riding up and stretching over my crotch. He had a front-row seat to a show now. I slid my fingers over my pussy, dripping with arousal, ready for his cock to claim it. Then I began playing with my clit, with him watching acutely.

I inched closer to him on my knees and placed a nipple close to his mouth.

"Do what you want."

Craig grunted and took my nipple in his mouth. He licked and sucked, and all the pent-up arousal flowed onto my tits. While he gave my nipple his full attention, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. I pulled away from his face and straddled him cowgirl style.

"Fucking hell," he swore when he finally saw my bare ass as I pulled down his pants and underwear. I looked over my shoulder.

"Something wrong?"

He shook his head. "I have to fuck you very soon, or I'm going to cum before you even touch my cock."

I smiled. "Not too long now. I need to suck you first."

"Ugh," he grunted.

I turned around and faced him. I surprised him with a deep kiss and allowed him to kiss me with as much passion as he wanted. Once I had my fill and could feel my juice running down my thighs, I moved lower on his body and kissed the tip of his cock. He was impossibly hard for me, and I loved feeling the firmness against my hand. I needed him in my mouth. I started running my tongue all over the shaft and eventually the tip. Then I slid my mouth over his tip and ran my tongue around it. I loved the smooth surface of his cock that responded to every flick of my tongue and my lips' caress. I could have sucked him more, but I wanted his first time with me to be inside me. I got up on my knees and positioned him at my opening, just enough for him to feel my desire for him. I kissed him without reservation and teased him by sliding his dick over my pussy.

"Enough. That's it," Craig said suddenly. He freed his arms, then lay me on the bed. He hovered over top of me. "Your turn to get a taste of your medicine," he said. I chuckled but not for long. He positioned his face between my legs and began to eat me. He sent sensations through my body that I'd never felt before.

"No fair," I managed to say while moaning and gasping. Craig didn't bother responding. Instead, he licked and sucked my clit, drank me in, and penetrated me with his tongue.

"Craig, god, Craig…." I moaned. The pressure had been building inside of me for way too long. His skilled tongue and lips were no match for my hungry cunt. With his fingers inside me, I came hard, squeezing my thighs against him. Still hungry for more, I ground my cunt against his mouth, helpless against the explosion. When I unclutched my thighs, Craig got up on his knees and kissed me passionately. I could taste my pussy in his mouth, and I couldn't wait for him to be between my legs again. But right now, I needed him inside.

I lifted my hips and aligned my opening with his tip.

"Not yet," he said, grinning.

"Don't be an ass. Be a gentleman. You should do what a lady wants," I said.

"You're no lady," he said.

"Then fuck me like a whore," I said.

Craig smiled wickedly and turned me around so I couldn't cheat.

"On your knees, and I'll show you how I fuck a whore."

Then the jackass spanked me. The shock of it shot through my body. The pain awoke all the sensations in me that I didn't know I had. I looked over to see him fucking me with his eyes.

"That's for teasing me senseless," he said. "And this is for fucking me senseless," he said. As I registered the pain doled out by his hand, he rammed into me with his cock. His hands gripped my hips tightly, and he claimed my pussy over and over again. I felt a jolt through my body every time his cock thrust into me until I couldn't stretch anymore. He fucked me like it was our last time, and I couldn't get enough. His pace became frantic as he slapped against my ass. I moaned and revelled in his breathless frenzy until he grunted loudly enough to mask my scream. Finally, he bent over as his muscles contracted, and he became paralyzed by the explosion. The release of pressure inside me was incredibly sweet as I came again, and my cunt squeezed the last bit of cum from him.

After I caught my breath, I said, "Next time, I'm going to swallow every last drop of your cum." I'm still waiting for that day.

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Writer of erotic romance novels (Rogues Worth Saving Series). I lived in 4 countries, moved over 40 times, travelled to over 20 countries, owned successful businesses, & had hot sex on 5 continents. I have shit to say.

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