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A flight to pleasure

by D-Donohoe 2 months ago in erotic
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A sexy rendezvous at the airport

As the impact of the plane touching down reverberated through the cabin, Jodi breathed in deeply to keep herself composed. It had only been an hour-long flight, but it had been so frustrating waiting to get there. Whilst the plane taxied to the aerobridge, she could feel her excitement growing. She had waited for this trip for what seemed like forever, the fact that this day had finally arrived was so pleasing to her.

As she looked down at her crossed legs she was filled with a sense of anticipation. She had made a point of wearing the leggings and top that he had bought her, underneath was the lingerie that he’d sent her as well. Simon always had the best taste in activewear and lingerie. While wearing these items she would always be reminded of him and how he always made her feel sexy, now he’d get to see her wearing them in person. While she waited for the plane to come to a halt, she squeezed her thigh muscles, the tingles between her legs were growing and she knew she was already wet.


The seatbelt light went off and the throng of travelers all seemed to rise from their seats in unison. Jodi was getting impatient now, she just wanted to push through everyone to get to see him. Sitting halfway down the plane meant that there was no immediately quick exit, so she tried to internalize her combined frustration and excitement. Eventually, she was off the plane, in the terminal, and heading down the escalator to the baggage claim.

When she saw him sitting there, she just wanted to run over to him, but she knew that she couldn’t. Kissing him was going to have to wait a little bit longer, for two very good reasons. Firstly, because she knew that if she started kissing him, she wouldn’t be able to stop, and they might end up getting arrested. The other reason was that she knew that if anyone that knew them saw them, they’d both be in trouble. This was a trip to indulge in some forbidden fruit, and they had to keep it a secret.

An agonizing wait occurred now, as she watched suitcases come out that weren’t hers, then she’d turn back and would see him sitting there. Eventually, her case came onto the carousel, she was done being polite and she pushed her way through the crowds gathered there. The suitcase was on its wheels, and she was picking up speed. She watched him walk towards the exit and she was in hot pursuit. By the pedestrian crossing she had caught up with him and she was walking beside him.

Fuck, you look good” were the first words he said to her. She felt herself blushing, grateful that his desire for her in person matched what they had said to each other through their online communications. “So do you” was all she said back, just wanting to kiss him and feel him against her. They walked a little bit more until they got to the airport hotel.

Jodi wheeled her suitcase through the lobby and followed him to the elevator. They both got in, and she was grateful there was no one else there. As the doors slid shut, she couldn’t resist any longer. She kissed him then, and as she did, she felt his hand slide over her backside. He had predicted that he’d be unable to resist touching her when he found out she’d be wearing the leggings he’d bought her because her “arse looks so delicious in them”. Once more, she was so happy that he had kept his word.

The elevator ride was only short, before she knew it, the doors opened to their floor and Jodi was excited to get to their room. She watched as he opened the door, she brought her luggage inside and that was her opportunity to finally release herself. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. She loved the way their tongues danced together, their lips joined and their bodies meshed. She could feel him hard, and she knew that it would not take much to get him to cum the first time.

She loved how turned on he had always gotten by him. She would send him a photo of herself out and about, and almost immediately he would be messaging that he had to go have a play because her photos had turned him on. She loved to watch him play with himself, normally that wasn’t her thing, but the way he would gently stroke himself excited her, mostly because she loved imagining the way he felt when inside her.

As she removed her top, she saw his eyes immediately focus on her nipples. They were hard, they had been hard since she had seen him. Her fingers squeezed them, and the tingles shot through her body some more. His expression told her that he knew she was enjoying it, and she could see the bulge in his pants that let her know he was also having a good time. Maintaining her persona as his own private erotic dancer, Jodi began to take her leggings off. This was more challenging than the top, and she had to hold onto the bench to steady herself. She could think of nothing worse to break the atmosphere than to fall over completely.

She stood there now, wearing something that could only technically be described as underwear. It covered less area than a fingernail, it was essentially just a piece of string. The air-conditioning in the room caused cool air to move over her skin, normally she would have felt cold, were it not for the feeling of Simon’s eyes warming her from within. Jodi slid her knickers to the floor and began caressing her smooth pussy with her fingers. Being already wet, she could excite herself quite nicely. Simon reacted in kind, he slid his pants off, and finally, Jodi could see his soldier standing at attention, she couldn’t wait to feel that.

Jodi turned around, with her back facing Simon. She paused for a second to allow him to admire her arse. Then she bent forward, slid her hand between her legs, and started rubbing her wet pussy some more. The aroma of her filled the room, she knew that he would be detecting her scent soon enough. She had gone too long without his touch, so she gently stepped backward. First, she felt his hands on her cheeks, and then she felt him kissing her backside, a mark of worship she always enjoyed.

Soon enough he was kissing her back and neck. She felt him hard up against her. Jodi’s thoughts slipped to memories of him inside her and she loved that thought. His fingers began moving over her skin, it was exciting and enticing. She adored the way he worshipped her body; it made her feel so special.

As he pushed her towards the bed, she knew what he was wanting next. As she sat on the bed, he kneeled in front of her. The excitement of his kisses had left her soaking, and he would make sure she would be a lot wetter soon. His hands caressed her legs as he moved forward, the excitement grew as his face got closer. Jodi lay back on the bed as his tongue pressed against her clit for the first time. The wave of pleasure ripped through her body. The way he kissed her there always brought her the most pleasure.

His tongue began to dance over her, the moans of pleasure she released were involuntary and the delightful side effect of his actions. His tongue moved faster as his finger slid inside her, at that point she fully appreciated just how wet she was. The sensation of his finger inside her would be just the teaser to feeling him hard deep in her, and that fed her excitement.

His finger started moving faster, it pressed against that perfect spot inside her, and his tongue began moving in harmony with his digit. As she got more excited her hips started to rock in the same rhythm, and she pressed herself forward so that he could apply even more pressure. As the tempo grew, so did the pleasure. Jodi’s hands reached out for his head, she pulled on him, pulled him closer to her. She could feel herself now just riding his face.

As his finger pressed harder, she could feel the juices flowing from her. The aroma filled the room and she got more excited as she felt him lapping it all up. He always loved the way she tasted and he could never get enough of her. As she felt the sensations growing, her nipples grew harder, one of her hands ran over them to feed more excitement to her body.

Then without warning the wave of orgasm hit her. She gasped for air as the pleasure ripped through her body. She had no time to tell him she was going to cum and she loved how quickly it had come on. Her pussy so wet, with him drinking from it, driving her so wild and now it was shooting pleasure all through her. She lifted her backside of the bed and pushed further for even more pressure on her now throbbing clit. Her body loved this sensation, and she was going to need more. But first she needed something else.

As he stood up she saw how hard he was, it was the most magnificent penis she had ever encountered. He leaned forward and began to rub the head of his hard cock against her dripping wet pussy. This would be all the lubricant he would need to slide inside her. She felt him lift her up slightly to get the right angle and then with one amazing push he was in her. The feeling as he slid inside caused another moan, she looked down to enjoy the sight of their bodies joined in the best way possible.

He leaned down and began to kiss her. The taste of her sweet juices was still on his lips and that aroused her some more. As he kissed her, he began to slide back and forth, he was so deep inside her and with each stroke he would get that little bit deeper. There was so much pleasure and so much intensity, his chest rubbing against her nipples and his big hands grabbing hold of her arse. It was almost too much pleasure.

She could feel him turned on and she knew he was close. As she ran her fingers over him, she looked into his eyes again. She saw the way he desired her that always made her feel so special, and she saw the way he lusted for her body, it turned her on.

The more he slid back and forth inside her, the harder and warmer he felt inside her. The sound, smell and feeling combined to create a perfect atmosphere. He moved back a little bit more, and she knew he was on the verge now. As he stood up, he said, “I’m going to cum”. She was so excited that she could make him cum so quick. He withdrew from inside her and stepped backwards. She watched as his fingers wrapped around the head of his cock, she saw that milky liquid start to ooze out of him.

Jodi sat up and leaned forward, he always drank her, and she wanted to have the taste of him in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around him and let the liquid flow into her mouth. She tasted his cum mixed with her juices and she loved their combined flavour. Her hand started to slide up and down and made sure all the liquid was pumped out of him. She heard his groans of pleasure, she loved being able to please him as much as he pleased her.

As he started to relax, she stood and started to kiss him again. He would get to taste their unique combined flavour as well. He kissed her with the same passion, and he enjoyed the taste as well.

In the distance Jodi could hear a plane taking off and she thought how grateful she was to have made the flight there. Her body was pleased, and she would be making sure the rest of their time together would be equally pleasing. They would make the most of their time together, and she would make the most of all of his body.


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  • Carol Townend2 months ago

    Nice story and great description.

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