A Fantasy Come True

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18 year-old gets fucked by a family friend.

A Fantasy Come True

“There is something so wrong about this,” I thought as I drove the hour long distance between Sebastian’s house and mine. He had been a family friend for years, close friends with my father, and was always a part of my life when I was younger. When he texted me the other day asking me for help getting back into a studying routine, it just seemed natural. Now, though, as the journey to his place continued closer to the end, I felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

My wandering thoughts were interrupted by the GPS over my speakers, reminding me to turn at the next street. I glanced at the steps ahead, but just assumed that it was taking me around traffic.

“Anything to stay away from the mess of construction going on by the highway, I guess,” I mumbled as I followed the directions.

I had never been to Sebastian’s house before. As the trees began to thicken surrounding the road, and the houses seemed to move farther and farther apart from the road and each other, I began to relive moments of fond memories between Sebas and I.

A few years back, when I was sixteen, Sebas offered to teach me guitar in exchange for my father’s help on a project he was stuck on. I had been familiar with guitar prior to meeting him, but I was excited to get to jam out with someone who had a lot more experience. When my anxious self had met him in his office, closed down for the weekend, I was blown away. His smile was bright enough to light up the dimly lit lobby, and I immediately felt at peace.

Over the years, we would discuss our lives while mindlessly strumming away. He would tell me of problems with his girlfriend, and I would recall stories of how I was stressed about the hectic nature of my life. We often would circle back to discuss our faith, and ultimately, try to help one another out with solving the mundane issues we had. I would always end by threatening to drop out, and stop studying to come be a groupie for his band that he played in on the side, and he would sass back by telling me that tour started in a week, and I had better get everything packed and ready to go.

Every time we left each other after jamming, he would always be the perfect gentleman. I was astounded how, time after time, he’d give me a hand with packing up my gear, carrying it to the car, and loading it in. Before I’d get in, he’d always pull me back and hug me.

This was always innocent enough, I mean, obviously he wouldn’t have any bad intentions. He just appreciated having someone to vent to, and get feedback on new things he was working on.

Over time, though, my hormones would start to kick in when I’d meet with him. I’d fantasize about what might happen if I were to kiss him when he hugged me goodbye one day, or what might happen if I were to try to push my luck with him.

One day, I started testing my limits. I would slowly start wearing less clothing to our jam sessions. Dressing myself in jean shorts that barely covered my ass cheeks and a tight shirt wouldn’t be seen as too slutty, right? I wouldn’t want him to be made uncomfortable by me. Every once in awhile, I would accidentally “forget” to wear a bra, letting my DD breasts dance freely as we played and talked. I would press harder against him during our hug those days, trying to entice him into going further, especially after his breakup with his longtime girlfriend, but he was always respectful of the boundaries that had been invisibly set in our existence. Crazily enough, this only made my desires and fantasies about him grow stronger and more passionate. I’d spend nights awake with my vibrator, imagining stripping my clothes for him, begging him to please take a chance on me. Needless to say, my sessions each night weren’t quite enough to satisfy my thirst for a taste of him.

I snapped back to reality as I turned down his street. “God,” I thought, “he told me he lived out further than most of his neighbors, but this is getting ridiculous.” With a shake of my head, and a half mile further of gravel road, I pulled into the front of his house. I had intentionally forgotten my glasses, convinced that they make me look too much like a librarian, so I found myself squinting against the evening sunset, a strained effort to try to read the house number to confirm that this house was indeed Sebastian’s.

I sat back in my seat and parked my car in the driveway. As I picked up my phone, a text came through from Sebas:

Hey, going to be a bit late. Will be there in about ten. Hang tight. ;)

I smiled; I should’ve planned to be late in the first place, Sebastian has never been on time.

A mischievous idea fluttered through my head, “Well, if I’m going to just be sitting here in this secluded driveway… alone… with no one around… I might as well have some fun while I wait.”

With that, my hand found its way into the waistband between my shorts and my panties. Cotton, but most definitely a more revealing pair. I sighed as I slowly dragged my fingertips over the distance between my clit and my wet pussy. Song after song clicked through on my bluetooth, and I continued teasing my now hard clit, flicking it and then sweetly rubbing, eliciting a moan from my lips. I built myself up, bringing myself to the edge of release, and then pausing. In between the cliffs, I was startled to hear a door slam shut. My eyes burst open, just in time to watch Sebastian striding towards me, still dressed to the nines in his professional work clothes.

“Damn, how I’d love to rip those off of him,” I fantasized as he opened my car door and pulled me into an embrace.

“Camila,” he exclaimed, “it has been too long since I’ve seen your beautiful face!” I laughed and wished the same towards him, as he grabbed my keys, locking my car door, and leading me inside.

“Here, welcome to my house. I’m sorry it isn’t so perfect yet! You know how it is, I’m still moving in and getting all settled; finishing touches have never been my strong suit.”

He smiled as he turned off his alarm and turned on the entry lights. Immediately, I was taken aback by how elegant his house was. I mean, I knew he was well off, but this was an entirely new level from what I had imagined. Everything in the house was digitized, and he continued to speak voice commands to set the house up for us to study together.

“I’ve been so stressed lately,” he explained, “Work has me learning all of these new systems that I’m just not used to yet, and I just can’t seem to keep my thoughts about them straight. I was hoping you’d be able to help me figure it all out.”

I nodded, half listening and half gawking at how impressive everything was. He walked close to me again, the smell of his cologne mixed with a bit of sweat from the heat catching my attention.

He motioned toward the room we’d study in, continuing, “Go ahead and go get settled, I’ll be in in a second to get the laptop out and working. I just need to change into something more comfortable to focus in.”

With that, he was gone, disappearing into the back of the house, presumably where his room was. I shrugged, bringing my backpack into the study room. His office had a mix of typical professional materials, his desk, chair, and printer, alongside speakers, amps, and a slew of guitars lining the walls. I set us up on the floor, bringing out my notes and colored pens and highlighters.

He was back in seemingly no time, leaning against the doorframe as he waited for me to notice his presence. My mind was elsewhere as I was trying to perfectly organize all of the materials I had brought for our use. Right as I was about to call out a question to him, he coughed under his breath.

The noise startled me and I nearly jumped out of my spot. Sebastian just laughed at my shock, clearly enjoying my surprise.

“You know, Camila, it’s been so long since I’ve played for you. Do you want to hear what I’ve been working on before we get started? I promise I won’t take all night.”

He knew me too well. I’d be a fool not to eagerly accept his request, but my smile made my answer all the clearer for him.

He slid across the room and pulled out one of his acoustics. I turned to face him as he brought himself to the ground and began strumming his fingers over the strings, adjusting each as a measure to bring them back to being in tune. Then, closing his eyes, he started playing a gentle melody that seemed to wrap its arms around me in warmth.

I laid down on the floor, closing my eyes as well, an attempt to focus purely on the notes being played, the way that they danced around in my head as they bounced off of the walls. When he had finished, I continued laying there for a moment, trying to burn the beauty of the peace into my memories.

Hazily, I opened my eyes, only to see the most handsome smile staring back at me.

“Did you like it?” he asked, his encapsulating smile never faltering.

I didn’t hesitate, “Of course, I’ll never get tired of hearing an angel like you play.”

Sebastian laughed as he moved to put his guitar away, and he began explaining his work assignment as the zipper slid closed.

I would love to say that I am able to explain what Sebastian and I had discussed and learned that evening, but I would be a terrible liar to do so. I was much too distracted by how tasty his lips looked as he bit them, his subconscious signal that he was in deep thought. Or how he would let me lean in every time I pointed something out, reaching with one finger to point at the information, and the other hand placed softly on his back, a pitiful excuse to feel the faint warmth of his skin through his shirt. However, after about an hour of metaphorical analysis, highlighted paragraphs, flashcards prepared, and notes taken, Sebastian seemed a lot more at ease with the tests he had coming up at his job.

When he looked at the clock he quickly started to apologize. “Cami, I didn’t mean to keep you here so late; I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

I looked quickly and discovered that it was nearing nine in the evening-- later than I would usually be out on a work night, but still possible to convince my parents to let me stay a bit longer, I mean, Sebastian needed me, right?

I shot my parents a quick message and let them know that we were up to our necks in papers and studying, begging them to understand that I wouldn’t be home until much later. A quick response affirmed my suspicion: anything would be allowed for our dear family friend Sebas.

“Sebas, it is totally fine,” I assured him, my hand once again mindlessly tracing patterns over his shoulder blades, “Maybe we should just take a break and relax for a bit, you seem to need it.”

Rubbing the tired from his eyes, he agreed and stood up, offering a hand to assist me in standing as well. We made our way out to his living room and he sat down on one of his couches. My mind began racing. “Do I sit next to him or on one of the adjacent sofas? It feels wrong to sit so close to him when I haven’t gotten any clear signals from him so far as to if he actually wants to do anything.” With all of the doubt in my mind, I opted to sit on the closest end to him on one of the adjacent couches, playing it safe in my mind.

We occupied the time with endless chatter, catching up about events we had missed in each other’s lives since we had caught up last, and musing about things to come in the future weeks. Discussing the highlights of our recent activities gave me the opportunity to jump onto the cushion beside him, leaning my head on his shoulder as I swiped through photos of my projects, trips, and artistic endeavours.

When the conversation began to lull, Sebastian began to fidget with his fingers.

“So, how are you and Luis?” he asked, making eye contact with me next to him.

I took a deep breath before answering.

“Actually,” I began, “Luis and I broke up back in February. But we’re still friends, which is good. I’ve just been working on myself lately, actually.”

Sebas gave me a questioning tilt of his head, “And how is working on yourself going?”

I sighed, “Honestly, it’s rough. I can’t decide if I need someone to cuddle with or someone to fuck me or both. Maybe it’s an either-or situation.”

He paused and I felt the air between us shift as he said, “Yeah? Well, which one do you want me to be?”

I swear the room froze. I moved in closer, turning my body towards him. “You don’t really mean that, do you?” I asked, hesitant to agree, in case he was joking.

He smiled, his eyes meeting my gaze, glancing down at my lips and licking his in response.

“Why not?” he questioned, standing up from our position on the couch. He walked a few steps and turned around to peer at me. “You coming?”

I stood, eyes moving between him and the floor, my brain still in a disconnect from the turn of events.

“I’m nervous,” I mumbled, shuffling towards him and taking his hand.

He chuckled and pulled me into his arms, wrapping me in his embrace. “Camila, there is no need to be nervous, I’m going to take care of you. We can always stop if you want.”

With that, his hand, still gripping mine, pulled me into the bedroom behind him.

My eyes struggled to adjust to the dimly lit room as he closed the door behind us. Immediately, everything shifted. His lips met mine in a flurry I could never have anticipated, and he pulled me back close. I pushed my body against his, my hands moving from roaming his back to his hair. I started tugging at the edge of his shirt, releasing a quiet yelp as his lips began to suck and nibble on my sensitive ears.

He groaned at my response, rubbing his hands on my shirt over my breasts.

“Don’t worry,” he said in between my quiet moans, “I’ll be gentle with you, baby.”

I looked into his eyes, filled with a desire that I had never experienced with any lover before.

“Please don’t be gentle,” I whispered.

His eyes seemed to darken and his smile returned, and in an instant, his hands were under my shirt, tearing it off. My bra followed quickly after, starting a trail of clothes as our furious kissing moved us slowly to his bed.

“Good God,” he sighed, kneading my tits with his hands, “they’re huge. I knew they were big, but damn, Cami, they’re fantastic!”

His hands overflowed with my flesh as he squeezed harder, testing my limits. His fingers rolled over my nipples, waiting for them to harden, then he quickly pinched them, just enough to shock me away from our kissing.

My gasp escaped as he started taking off his shorts, prompting me to do the same. Once we were finally naked, he picked me up and threw me onto the bed. Our kissing resumed with a new passion, fierce and intense as I pulled our bodies together, his hands on my breasts, and mine on his back, creating small scratches every time he became rougher with me.

“Let me go grab a condom,” he said, his breathing low.

My mind raced, “I can’t believe this is actually happening. I didn’t ever actually think that this would happen.”

His return brought a new wave of anxiety over me. “What if I do something wrong? What if I’m not good enough? Maybe I shouldn’t have done this in the first place.”

Sebastian must have saw the worry in my eyes because he reached down and kissed my forehead, the tip of my nose, and then my lips. “Cami, if you want to stop, let me know. I never want to make you uncomfortable. Do you want this to stop?”

Before my mind could really process anything that was going on, I had already shook my head no, and I could feel his length sliding into my sopping wet pussy. Any doubts that I had disappeared instantly as the world around me turned into shocks of bliss.

Inch by inch, he kept true to his word that he’d go easy on me. Allllll the way in, and then sliding back out. Tantalizingly teasing my needy body.

I’d arch my back and try to push back onto his cock, begging him to take me faster, to fuck me harder, but he’d hold me down tighter, and maintain his teasing torture of my pussy. After what felt like an eternity of blissful torment, he pushed my legs up so that my knees were even with my shoulders and my pussy was on full display for him.

I blushed thinking about how much of a slut I must have looked like in that moment, my pussy opened, and my chest heaving with desire for more. His hands dove in and gripped my tits just as he began to truly fuck me, his carnal cravings finally winning his conscious.

Explosions of pleasure erupted throughout my body, radiating from each thrust into my tight cunt, pulsing on his cock. I tried to be quiet, and keep my moans at bay, but the lust made my squirming unbearable.

“I want to hear your screams, baby girl,” Sebastian groaned between breaths as he fucked me mercilessly.

Any inhibition I had held melted away, and I let myself go. Suddenly, I was glad that his neighbors’ houses were far away, because my moans turned into screams as Sebastian’s thumb made its way to flicking my swollen clit.

His thrusts were becoming faster and his breath quickened right as I grasped his arms tighter, trying (and failing) to avoid the orgasm I was rapidly approaching.

“Sebastian, I’m going to cum, oh god I’m going to cum!” My screams echoed over the sound of our bodies slamming together.

He pushed my legs down further, arching my back to meet his thrusts, giving me all of him as I felt him swell, and start to cum inside of my pussy.

My mind shattered as I finally was brought over the edge of the orgasmic cliff. Every nerve in my body was on fire, my toes curling, and my moan transforming into a scream of bliss. My hips bucked to meet his thrusts as I rode the intense waves of my orgasm.

For a few minutes, we stayed like that, my hands still gripping his arms and him tracing my body, his cock still inside my pussy.

Eventually, he laid down next to me, sighing.

“Damn, Cami, that was…” his voice trailing off into the dim room.

I laughed, turning onto my side to look up at his face, my smile evidence that I had clearly enjoyed myself. He opened his arms to me, and I moved closer, kissing his cheek and snuggling into his chest. I let myself melt into the warmth and comfort of his body, our heartbeats syncing as we breathed to recover from the level we had reached.

“Shit, what’s your dad going to think about this?” he muttered, suddenly seeming a bit worried.

I laughed, peering up to meet his eyes with my own. “You seriously think he’s going to find out? Of course not! This is going to be our little secret.”

His concerns faded, “You’re right, and it was what we both wanted, and we’re allowed to make the decisions we want… maybe we should choose to study more often,” he said while chuckling.

For the next stretch of time, we just laid in bed together, grazing over each other’s skin and drinking in the comfort of being held. Sebastian placed a blanket over me gently, careful to make sure to pull me back into his body once I was covered.

It took everything in me to get out of bed and begin getting dressed to go home.

Sebastian followed me out into his living room, turning me around for a few more sweet kisses. Once we were able to pull away from each other’s affection, he handed me my car keys and walked me outside.

Leaning against my car door, I sighed, “So, when do I get to come help you study again? I think we might need to meet more often to make sure you stay focused.” I teased, a grin spreading across my face.

He looked from my eyes to my lips as he said, “Of course, we can surely accommodate that. Call me when you’re home safe, and we can figure out when our schedules work out.”

And with that, followed by a wink, I found myself on the journey back to my home. Though the physical distance between our homes didn’t change, I certainly had enough on my mind to offer a pleasant distraction, my mind already eager for our next meeting.


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