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A Billion Dollar Chance

by Heather Kinnane about a year ago in fiction
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When a sexy man bursts into the bakery looking for a cake decorater, Carmel is more than happy to oblige.

Carson had barged into the bakery and offered to pay a hundred grand to hire a cake decorator for the evening. With no one else qualified what else could I do but accept?

My boss caused a kerfuffle, grilling him on his intentions and spending half an hour confirming the guy really was the billionaire he claimed to be, and then I was sent on my merry way, riding in the back of a limo with the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

“I need to apologise, in advance, for my mother. She has perfection in mind, and gets stressed when that perfection is at risk.”

I grin. “Weddings cause stress. I’ve dealt with it before. For a hundred grand I can deal with it again.”

He covers my hand with his, the warmth sending a zap of energy up my arm. “Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.”

When we get to the cake, his mother is gone, leaving a message via a servant that the stress was so bad she’d taken to her bed, and she’d found an easier option for the new cake decorator, as the first would obviously be too hard.

Carson shows me both images. The first is detailed; intricate swirls of icing the backdrop for scattered tiny white roses. The second involves only larger roses, bunched together, with a few leaves behind. It is beautiful, yes, but the first is exquisite, and though its time consuming, its doable.

“Are you sure?” he asks.


He leaves me to it, promising to return with food and coffee as the night progresses.

I orientate myself in the kitchen and get to it, piping tiny white trails all over the cake. Carson drops in as promised, feeding me bite-sized morsels of food so I don’t have to stop, massaging my hand when I it cramps and I do need to stop.

We talk of our childhoods, our present, our futures. We were so alike, in so many ways, and a warmth spreads through my chest as I listen to him speak, his deep laugh, lifting a weight from my shoulders I never knew was there

It’s 6am when I finish, and Carson leads me to a luxuriously appointed spare room, which is easily the size of my apartment. “Get some sleep. I’ll take you home later.”

A knock at the door wakes me, and I sit up, blinking.


“May I come in?” It’s Carson.

“Of course.”

He peeps through the door, his face lighting up when his gaze meets mine.

“You’re amazing.” He comes to sit on the bed. “Mother was so impressed. She’s offered you a job.”

“A job? I already have one.”

Carson takes my hand. “I’d like to get to know you, if you’ll permit it?”

There’s something vulnerable about his gaze, and my heart soars. “I’d love that.”

We meet everyday for weeks, and then I invite him back to my apartment.

“It’s only small,” I say nervously as he comes in.

“It’s perfect.” He’s not even looking at the room, his gaze on me.

We eat dinner, and then head out to my balcony to watch the city lights. “It’s beautiful.” He turns to me. “Just like you.”

I lean in close, and our lips touch. Before I know it he’s scooped me up and carried me to my bedroom, shedding clothes as we go.

The press of his skin against mine is like coming home, and when he slides inside me, mouth on a breast, thumb on my clit, cock stroking my insides, everything else disappears.

“I love you,” he whispers, as I lay in his arms afterwards. “Will you marry me?”

“And become wife to a Company Director?” I bite my lip. I want him, I want to marry him, I want to say yes. But I don’t want the life that goes with it.

He shakes his head. “I’ve quit, and handed it all to my brother. I’ve bought land, a hundred acres of bush, with a comfortable sized cabin. It’s not too far from a small town. You can still do your cake decorating, and my mother still wants you to do any cake decorating for the family.” He hesitates, his gaze searching out mine. “It’s what we talked about, in the limo, the night we met. But if you don’t want that, we can do something else.”

We did talk about it I roll over so I’m laying on top of him and cover his face with kisses. “It sounds perfect! Yes!”

A smile wider than I’ve ever seen crosses his face. “Yes?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

Our lips meet, and his arms wrap around me and I’ve never felt happier.


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Heather Kinnane

Author of bite-sized steamy romance and erotica. She/Her. For longer works check out my website:

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