8 Naughty Ways to Spice Up Social Distancing

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From a Kinkster to you!

8 Naughty Ways to Spice Up Social Distancing

Welcome to early 2020, where social distancing and quarantine-ing have become the norm. Thankfully, there are some ways to stay kinky in the bedroom, and spice up solo sex, to help you and your partner stay connected during this time of isolation.

I've compiled 9 ways to keep things hot while apart, what do you do with these ideas is up to your kinky mind.

1. Remote Controlled Vibrators

Finding a good remote controlled vibrator that can be used at such a distance can be tricky, but I've stumbled across an amazing article that outlines the benefits of a few toys that are industry-leading. We Vibe has been one of my favorite toy companies thus far, and my advise would always be to go that route, but there are so many amazing toys out there!

Here's the Sync from WeVibe, and it even has an app for your phone!

Many of these remote controlled vibes will allow your partner to have control over the toy no matter the distance, mainly connecting via Wifi. Of course, always do your research and find the toy that best suits your specific needs!

2. Sex Tasks

Why not kink it up a bit and have some standing 'rules'? Here's some cool ideas to explore:

  • set up a time for masturbation
  • have your partner lay out requirements on what toys you can or can't use
  • set up a controlled amount of time you can watch porn
  • have a requirement to tell your partner when you're thinking dirty thoughts about them (or even what they're thinking about)
  • clean your room in lingerie, with photo evidence
  • Have to bake naked (because why not, it's just you anyways!)
  • Be instructed to learn how to self-tie with rope at home, and have your partner tell you what beginner ties to learn (this could lead to some fun photoshoots, amiright!?)

If you want to really enhance the 'ordering' part of these rules, why don't you send them as a voice clip to your partner instead of just texting your requests. Bonus points for "dominant" and "growly" voices!

3. Sexting Done Right

And now for the best one, the massive and amazing world of 'sexting'! Here are some fun concepts of how to spice up your sexts:

  • Explore degradation together (safely of course)! The easiest and healthiest way to begin exploring this would be by calling someone "Your ____." So for example, calling someone "My little sex toy" or "My kinky slut" or "My beautiful whore" could take a lot of the accusatory tones out of it.
  • Sext where you've never sexed before! Try a different location around your home, and maybe even a different pose, every day. Backyard shoot, anyone? How about on the kitchen counter? Upside down on your couch? Get creative!
  • Have your partner request a specific photo that they would like to see. Chances are, they know most of your wardrobe anyways, I'm sure they have a 'faveorite' item of lingerie.
  • Get all dolled up for no reason at all besides photos
  • Write out lots of kinky, sexy messages and use them as ammo

4. Phone Games...AND SEX?

We all know those phone games that let multiple people play together. Even the board game ones like UNO and Scrabble would work for this. Find a game that interests you both, and then make smoe rules together on what the game will entail. You could remove a piece of clothing, be dared to perform some sexy act, or have to send a photo!

Of course, the best way to play this one is also while video chatting. Because...yaknow...the scenery!

5. Watch Porn Together

Find a video that you both would enjoy watching, and ask your partner if there's a time that you could both watch it with each other, whether on video call or on the phone. Chances are, you'll learn something new about the other person, you'll just enjoy the porn, or you'll leave just REALLY turned on.

6. Write a kinky letter to your partner and send it via snail mail

In my humble opinion, there's nothing better than to have little keepsakes from your partners. Writing them a letter that's actually a piece of erotica would be a really fun way to have a kinky thing to keep, personalized from yours truly. It could be a story, or a sexy scene that you've been thinking about a lot.

I mean, if you really wanted to print out some photos and stick that in there, might not be a bad call.

7. Play truth or dare

Get to really know your partner's sexual interests while playing an amazing game of truth or dare. Rules established beforehand, this could enlighten you to some aspects of your sex life that your partner has always wanted to try, but maybe didn't know how to tell you.

Dare them to take off clothing, sit a certain way, put some food on themselves, play the game restrained in some capacity...the possibilities are absolutely endless.

8. Make a sex bucket list

All those personal things that you've always wanted to try but never got around to talking to your partner about? Might as well take this time to write them all down. Take lots of time to explore the internet on specific fetishes that you may be into, and do lots of research!

For example, do you know what dacryphilia is? Graphoerotica? What comes along with speech restriction? What could do you do with a blindfold on? Are there any role play activities you've always wanted to try? The possibilities are literally endless.

Having you both make a list could really help your relationship out when this is all over - fireworks galore when you see each other next!

My recommendation would be to make a few sections to your bucket list, maybe one that you're definitely good to go for, and one that you'd be willing to try out. However works best for you!


Good luck everyone, stay kinky and stay safe


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