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5 Rules for Unicorn Fishing in a Big City

Tips and Advice on how you can find, catch and hopefully keep a magical creature

By Belle du JourneyPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

To most people, the word ‘unicorn’ immediately triggers images of rainbow coloured, sparkly-uni-horned stuffies. But to experienced swingers or members of the Lifestyle Community, the word unicorn has a totally different meaning.

Swingers like my husband and I don't looking for a unicorn that lives in the imaginary world of a child. My Unicorn is all-woman and she’s not only hard to find, but she's also even harder to catch and keep.

A unicorn is the term used by swingers that refers to a single female interested in meeting couples for sex

According to Urban Dictionary, a unicorn is the term swingers use to refer to a single female interested in meeting couples for sex. Unicorns are considered to be rare and mythical creatures.

For years, I’d explored my fantasy by dabbling with women during couples play. This type of exploration is very accepted in the Swinging community. But I’d never gone any further with the idea. Maybe I didn’t think my husband would approve. In reality, I likely didn’t have the sexual confidence to discuss the idea.

But something shifted last summer. I decided that I needed to take charge and find out if I could turn my sexual fantasy into a reality. But to reach my goal, I knew I needed a strategy. So I wondered who could teach me? You won’t believe it but the answer that popped into my head was people that trophy fish. Where did that come from? I don’t fish. Bat shit crazy I know. But man was I right.

Searching for a Unicorn is a bit like looking for a trophy fish. You see, like me, Unicorns can be very particular about who they choose to play with. Like trophy fish, they are very cautious. They like deep water and only show themselves when they feel safe. I can relate.

If you ever decide to search for your own Unicorn, here are five rules that worked for me:

Rule #1 Location, Location, Location

I know. Now you can add Unicorn hunting to this never-ending location list. Unicorns are rare. Think about where you cast your line or net. In my case, I live in a cosmopolitan city with a significant population of open-minded, single women who like to wear yoga pants.

Rule #2 What Type of Unicorn?

Second, it’s important to determine what type of unicorn you want to catch. In my case, I like smart, funny, educated women. That would be my kind of trophy. She must be able to hold a conversation on a wide range of topics. I’m well-travelled and enjoy food, art, music and wine. Ideally, she’d be dark-haired and curvaceous. If I found a Unicorn who was interested in building an FWB relationship, I’d be over the moon.

Rule #3 Use the Right Type of Bait

If you’re looking to catch a trophy unicorn, you have to select your bait strategically. Following this advice, I uploaded a couple of new boudoir photos of me onto a swinger website. Even I’ll admit these photos were smokin’ hot and immediately attracted a lot of attention. If you Unicorns start to nibble on your line, be patient. Eventually, a unicorn one will bite.

Rule #4 The First Bite

If you’ve carefully followed the first three rules, a Unicorn is bound to bite. When a unicorn does bite, be careful. Breathe. Don’t get too excited. This is the time to be calm, cool and collected. But time is of the essence. Trophy Unicorns aren’t known for their patience or their attention span. They know they are highly desired, mythical creatures.

Arrange a date preferably later that same week. Assume they’ve been everywhere and done everything. Surprise them by suggesting something simple and old school. In my case, I arranged to meet my raven-haired, voluptuous Unicorn in a secluded area in a large urban park. In advance of our meeting, I set the scene by arranging a blanket, wicker picnic basket, two wine glasses and a bottle of French Rosé wine.

As we sipped our wine, my Unicorn leaned over and we shared our first kiss. Wow! It was everything I could have hoped for. Soft lips, gentle touch with a sense of underlying passionate intensity — everything I wanted in my Unicorn.

Rule #5 Carefully Reel Them In

Now that I’d established a connection with my unicorn, I had to begin reeling her in.

A few days later, I invited her to my house for a picnic lunch on the patio followed by a soak in the hot tub. She took the bait!

After enjoying some food and wine together, we eventually found our way into the hot tub. We shed our clothes and spent a fabulous afternoon exploring each other’s bodies in and out of the hot tub.


A few weeks later, my Unicorn suddenly disappeared. In the beginning, I didn’t understand. I thought we had an incredible connection — intellectually and physically. What happened?

What helped me rationalize this the most was to think like a fisherman. And like any good angler, there’s always the tale of the one that got away.

© Copyright Belle Du Journey, 2021


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Belle du Journey writes about her adventures in life. Her interests are diverse and include sexuality, polyamory, parenting and travel.

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