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5 Fetishes for Beginners

If You Enjoy the More Adventurous Side of Sex

By Vicki CPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - December 2018

A fetish is when you experience sexual gratification from a specific object, practice, or body part. It could be linked to a specific place or person or sensation that you feel around the item. Recently, more people are indulging in BDSM because of popular books and films. Some scenarios in BDSM may focus on fetishes, such as boot licking, collars, cropping, or spanking. Experiences and preferences range from mild to hard core. For some people, a fetish, whether within the context of BDSM or not, is the way they achieve sexual gratification.

Fetishes are limitless, and each one has a wide range of options to explore. What might seem creepy or strange to some people is very exciting and fun to others. If you are new to this scene, and interested in exploring a fetish or two, here are some you may want to consider:

1. Feet

This is one of the more popular fetishes. There are complete forums and websites devoted to the worship and admiration of feet. You may find yourself naturally turned on by them, or have a partner/lover who is. If this is the case, try pampering your feet with a pedicure or massage. Pay attention to your feelings. Is it arousing? Does the sensation give you tingles? This might not have any effect at all, except the comfort and relaxation it provides for most people. If your partner expresses an interest in feet, indulging them with a massage and asking them about what they enjoy is the best way to start.

2. Hair

Much like feet, this is another fetish focusing on a body part. There are forums and online groups all about this fetish. These divide further into subgroups for specific hair interests: haircutting, shaving, long hair, body hair, and many variations within each. One scenario may include a role playing barber shaving their customer, or a "forced" or "punishment" theme. Other scenarios involve incorporating long hair into sex.

If you and/or your partner are open to bringing hair into this type of play, determine what the limits are. If it's haircutting you're into, how short are you willing to go? Is shaving an option? Can you indulge your partner if they want to be on the receiving end of the fun? A visit to a local salon or barber shop may be the way to get things started.

3. Clothing

This varies considerably, from the most common leather fetish to specific costumes, furry clothing, sweaters, boots, stockings, and much more. If a particular type of clothing excites you, try involving it with your partner. Find out if they have any specific interests, too. There are many groups and websites devoted to specific types of clothing fetishes: sweaters (including sweater bondage), latex bodysuits, lace, vintage styles, and dressing as a specific character or person (fiction, like cosplay, or a depiction of a real person or uniform). Collars, boots, and stockings are a great way to start, to find which item creates the most arousal. Jewelry and body piercings might also be worth exploring, depending on how far you want to go. One of my first experiences involved wearing fingerless gloves made from angora. The sensation was wonderful!

4. Food and Drinks

I had a lover once who enjoyed using fresh fruit and whipped cream during foreplay. It was very erotic, and if done well enough, can bring you to orgasm. It's also best used in a clean environment, especially if you plan on eating or licking it too. Drinks, jellies, and puddings are fun to add. They are messy, but fun. For better results, use them in the shower or where clean up isn't as much of a hassle later.

Another idea is to lie down as a platter, adorned with small appetizers to treat your lover.

5. Balloons

This fascinating fetish can easily be found online, from blowing up balloons to sitting on them to pop or adding them into play. It's a fairly safe and fun idea to try. Watch a few videos to get acquainted with how people use them. It may feel strange at first, considering balloons are usually used for decorative purposes. If you're not comfortable introducing your significant other to this fetish, try a few sessions on your own. It might open your mind to specific scenarios to suggest. Lubricating balloons, caressing them, rubbing them in between your body and your lover's body might be all that is needed to turn up the heat on this one.

Other Fetishes?

There are many fetishes to explore, from the mild to the very unusual and bizarre. The best practice is to keep it safe, fun, and make sure your lover shares the same enthusiasm. If things don't work out, change the approach or switch to something else. The key to trying all new and fun kinky things is consent, communication, and trust... plus a good sense of adventure!


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Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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