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5 Essential Stripper tips

by SmartStrippers about a year ago in advice

From one bad bitch to another

5 Essential Stripper tips

From years of dancing over the globe I have come up with some key factors to take on board. I make consistently good money and believe some of these tips are the reason for that. Sit up and soak in my tips to be the richest hoe you can be (If you get offended by the word hoe, you can already fuck off, you don't deserve my tips).

Number 1 - Shop Around!

I remember starting off as a stripper I would pick one club I had heard good reviews of and only stick to this club. Seriously girls, do your research, do trial shifts in a few different clubs in an area or even travel and do guest spots! One club might be good for one girl and not be what you are looking for. You are a business remember! Don't feel obliged to stick to one club out of loyalty, your loyalty should always lie on making as much money as possible in a club you feel comfortable and safe in! Switch it up every now and then.

Number 2 - Never approach a customer with the thought of rejection

I know, I know this can be hard on nights when you get constantly rejected, even when you look your best but do not keep approaching customers with this idea that they will say no, take 5 and start over. Confidence and energy shines!! It only takes one good customer to have a good night. Ever notice the same girls smashing it night after night? It's because they aren't focused on rejection, they are focused on money. Remember HE paid to come in the club for a reason.. that reason is you! To see you naked and spend money on you.

Number 3 - Set money goals and write down everything

I am so shit at this so probably shouldn't be preaching but times when I set myself targets and goals I find I am so much more driven. I remember dancing long term in New Zealand and finding myself in a slump.. when I think back I know exactly why, I was just saving for the sake of watching my bank balance grow, I had no set money targets or goals to be motivated for. Write weekly money targets out or instead a list of things you want to buy yourself/ places you want to visit and just watch your motivation change. Every penny you make will contribute to getting you closer to your goals!!

Number 4 - Manifest Manifest Manifest

This is just a personal belief but I promise you it will do you the world of good! I really think calming yourself down and truly using your own energies to bring about what you want helps in our line of work. Stripping is hard going there is no doubt!! Just remember why you do it and all the benefits that come with the job, a little appreciation goes a long way. I listen to a lot of Wayne Dyer on YouTube as well as using 3 minute calming apps on my phone right before work just to bring myself present and remember who the fuck I am and how much I am going to make.

Number 5 - Work smarter not harder

This is my final point, which as back being a baby stripper I was pretty oblivious to. I assumed the more I was in the club and the more nights I done the more money I was going to make? Buuuuut I truly think doing less nights can be so much more beneficial. It is mentally draining speaking/listening to men and acting enthusiastic all the time (seriously we don't get paid enough) I do feel however, when I only commit to 2/3 nights I truly try and smash those shifts, I have the energy and I am mentally more committed because I know I only have those few shifts to make my targets. Trust me, try and see how you go!

I hope these can help you ladies, we all deserve to be going in and killing it but as the industry gets tougher by the day we need all the help we can get. I aim to post more in depth details on how to maximize profits whilst at work, I will also go into details about previous clubs I have worked at and will of course throw in some crazy work related stories!

Be safe, be fearless, be rich

Love Daila x

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