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3 Ways To Make Income From Home During Covid

by YourDarkestLove 6 months ago in fetishes

Ways to create income during pandemic.

(Bizarre Way To Profit During COVID-19 “Onlyfans”.)

Please Understand:

This may be off putting for some but read on and you might just want to have an onlyfans yourself making thousands weekly! Onlyfans is most notably known for its more sexualized content which still till this day generates the most money from the platform BUT! That’s not all the platform has been used for. These days musicians, social media influencers, and even business owners now leverage onlyfans to give exclusive access to fans who want a more inclusive view of the favorite people, businesses, or processes. Although there are plenty of high grossing fetish’s you’d never think would make money you don’t always have to sexualize your content if you don’t want to and still make a solid income. It’s all about building your brand.

Let’s Begin:

Now that we’ve established that, if you are comfortable with having a bit more sensual content on your page then here are some high grossing fetish’s that you may have never imagined would make money but they do and lots of it. These are sub categories that straddle the line of full on sex work and modeling for many models they claim this is the safest alternative for those whom don’t want to risk it all but still want to earn just as much if not more than the average exotic performer. Although men do earn as well the highest earners for the following information are the ladies.

WARNING: Some of the following information may be disturbing to viewers/ readers.

Feet: Feet? What??? Yup plain old feet ain’t so plain to hundreds of thousands of men, men and a few select women that will pay your for pictures of your paws. I’ve personally interviews models who’ve shown to make thousands weekly around strictly foot based services including but not limited to: sole picks, toe pics, foot stomping videos, foot domination videos, feet modeling and more! If you think it’s to good to be true I urge you to do your own research and find out for yourself because I had to when I first heard about this money maker!

Eating: First feet now eating!? I know don’t worry you’re not alone, I thought the same thing. Y’all are full of sh*t. But I know this from personal experience this fetishized act is called “Mukbang or Eater fetish” this is a fetish in which the viewers gets sexual arousal from watching the model eat. Most of the time the viewer wants the model to stuff herself with food on camera until she is completely full and this simple act satisfies their urges. Personally back when me and my partner fell short on hard times she had both our meals laid for at Olive Garden by a follower of hers whom in fact had this fetish and this wouldn’t be the first time a woman I’ve personally spoken with have mentioned that something like this had occurred. This fetish to could also bring in thousands weekly! Plus free meals! Hmm not weird enough for you? Okay well up next we have a higher paying weirder one... are you ready?

Flatulence: Farting? Booty burping? Toot flute? There is absolutely no way people are sexually aroused by FARTS! Welp not only are they sexually aroused by the idea of a women farting they’re so infatuated by this act fetish models performing this act could very easily make upward of $1500 weekly selling video of themselves clearing the room! Don’t believe me I once again employ everyone to do their own research just as I did and you’ll be shocked and possibly intrigued by the amount of content out and a label catering to these fetishes. It’s like a taboo black market of fetish work! For this fetish google “Eproctophilia or Fart Fetish”.

Does it get weirder than that??? It sure does and the pay goes higher but fir this next fetish’s although the pay is amazing and it’s easy to do not only is this content banned from being uploaded to US based servers but the act itself could potentially be very hazardous to your and other health if you do not take necessary safety precautions depending on how far you take it. Next up is:

Scat / Poop: Pooping! Taking a dump, dropping a steamer, Nope there’s no punchline this is not a joke I am serious when I tell you there are people who will pay serious dough to watch you take a serious... well you know. Due to the embarrassing nature of fetish’s a such as these buyer of said content most of the time would like to remain anonymous and use services such as PayPal or cash app for payment. Videos for this fetish normally begin at $100 a video and depending on the length and amount of uhhh yeah... it would determine how far the price goes up from there. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, but.... if you have no shame, have a strong stomach and need some serious cash this is an actual thing. Good luck. For this fetish google “scat fetish or coprophilia”. Often you’ll find that many who have this fetish may also have eproctophilia as well.

- In Conclusion

There’s are plenty more high paying crazy fetish acts that could be done to make money but they are NOT onlyfans friendly! If you’d like a list of Taboo fetish acts that make serious cash let me know and I’ll do the proper research and type it all up for your readers digest! I hope this was an informative fun read for you all and you got something useful from it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to finish my pedicure and get the picture snapping!

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