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15 Unheard of Fetishes

by Lorah Catherine 3 years ago in fetishes
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May as well learn something new today anyways...

And what could thiiiiiiiis photo lead to, i wonder?

Why hello again, my SubSays friends! I decided to do something a little different and teach about some kinks that aren’t extremely common, but may surprise you. Here are 15 unique kinks to pique your interest.

For each of the 15 fetishes, I'll give my best definition, then try to link it to some more mainstream-type fetishes that may help you get a better understanding of exactly what it is—and who knows, perhaps it’ll be RIGHT up your alley!

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From A-Z


This fetish revolves around sound. This could include some types of music, the sounds of sex, bells, someone’s voice, etc, that can either be used as stimuli or simply just get you aroused. Associated kinks would have to include voyeurism since Voyeurs receive pleasure from listening or watching other people play, have sex, or the like.

Here's an example: You miss your Dom’s voice, whenever you hear it, you find yourself getting horny, and whenever They're away, you miss Their voice.


(OUCH) This was actually traditionally used as a form of torture in years passed to slaves/prisoners. It's super interesting to read upon if you're a history buff like me. By hitting the feet with canes, guards would ensure that they don’t run away since… well… they can’t, and if they try, the chance of them making it very far is very, very slim.

Associated kinks: being a pain slut, masochism, could be associated to bondage/confinement or sensory deprivation.

Scene example: Mistress bound me face down on a table and had my feet hanging off the edge. She started tapping my feet with a wooden cane, getting stronger in intensity until I felt my feet going numb from tingling pain. I couldn’t walk properly for days!


Changing a person (typically a female submissive) into a bimbo for play. If you don’t know what a bimbo is, think of a super hot but super dumb or reckless younger girl.

Associated kinks: dress up/costume play, dollification, behavioural modification


Someone that receives some sort of gratification from the process of putting casts on someone else. It could pertain to the wrapping of a limb, the plaster, or the entire process.

Associated kinks: immobilization, confinement, bondage

Cell Popping

This one is more related to a body modification fetish where a red hot poker or needle is used to prick the skin, leaving red little dots on the skin. FYI, if you happen to like the feeling of a tattoo gun, this may be an idea for your bucket list.

Associated kinks: needle play, body modification, skin scratching, scarring


The fetish of being aroused by crying. This is commonly seen with submissives crying during a scene for their D-types, gaining arousal in the process for being brought to that level—not necessarily to do with pain.

This one doesn’t really have too many associated kinks that aren’t reactions to impact play, really. Whimpering, gasping, yelling, screaming and the like as reactions, and begging as well.

Example: Sir and i had a scene last week and after an hour of play and so much caning, i finally broke and started crying, He loved it and i was SO turned on.


This one is SO interesting—this is literally the fetish of being bound so as to become a piece of furniture! Common ways of seeing this include a coffee table, a footstool, lampshade, and a chair.

Associated kinks: confinement, immobilization, mummification (in its extreme), extreme domestic servitude.

Play example: Oh don't mind the slave in the corner, she's a footstool now. You're welcome to use her if you'd like, she can't move anyways.


The kink of being written on, drawn on, or painted on.

This is obviously a sensory kink where typically the submissive is written or painted on, leaving some sort of mark. This doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to some sort of marking for ownership, it could be as simple as someone drawing a flower on your arm.

For example: Master wrote all over my stomach and my breasts after play last night, and now i get to look at the amazing marks He left me all day today until i shower. The Sharpie just felt so good sliding across my skin and the fact that HE marked me is just THAT much better.

Human Ashtray

Yeah well this one’s self-explanatory. Literally becoming a human ashtray for the D-type or Top’s pleasure. (Don't move now...)


Think complete and total sensory deprivation. Utilizing some sort of bondage materials to completely immobilize the submissive to the Dominant’s desire so that they are unable to see or hear. In some cases, this can relate to play involving breathing, or sections could be open to allow for some sort of play or penetration.

For example: my Domme used cling wrap and duct tape to wrap me up. i couldn't move, see, or hear anything! i was stuck lying on the coffee table for an hour!


Body sushi. Presenting sushi for people to eat on the body of a female. This kink is actually becoming increasingly more mainstream with some Japanese establishments in the vanilla world actually offering this as part of their restaurant.


imagine achieving orgasm without you or anyone else having to touch your private parts. That’s right, super magical orgasms that can be achieved with your mind through mental stimulation or fantasy alone. I freakin’ wish.

Urtheral fucking

I’m sure the term is all that you don’t know here. This is sexual penetration of the female urethra by something, typically fingers or male special parts.

Water Bondage

Think bondage, but with water added. Hello, breath play! There are lots of ways to explore this kink, from having the submissive hold water in their mouths for an extended period of time, to literally taking their breath away via water dumping (yes, like the James Bond torture scene in movies).


A super super skintight suit that covers the ENTIRE body. Typically worn by submissives for confinement or mummification purposes, as those would also be the associated kinks.


Well, I hope you learned something awesome today, and maybe found a new kink to explore in the future. As always, if you have any questions, or you have ideas for new content, find me on Twitter @SubSaysHello. I don't bite unless provoked!

Until next time,

- lc


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