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10 Ways to Make Sex a Teamwork

by Whatsdalatest about a month ago in how to
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How to Incorporate Teamwork into Sex

10 Ways to Make Sex a Teamwork
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Sex feels great, but even better when you both find a way to incorporate teamwork into the activity. In this article, we will be exploring 10 ways to make sex teamwork and how this is going to impact your relationship.

1. Not Just Sex, Everything Else

Many couples make the mistake of isolating sex. They believe that what happens in bed stays in bed. This is laughable because not only is it not true, but a belief like this is going to harm your relationship.

What happens in bed doesn’t just stay in bed. It creeps into so many areas of your relationship. Why do you think people opt out of relationships because sex is bad? Well, because the bad sex makes the rest of the relationship seem bad.

If you are to make sex teamwork, then you have to make other areas of your relationship teamwork. Do as many activities as you can together. If your partner goes swimming during the weekend, how about you go swimming too? If they go jogging in the morning, how about you go jogging with them once in a while?

2. Communicate

Communication in relationships mirrors what sex in that relationship will look like. Because, essentially, sex isn’t just sex. For lovers, it is a means of communication.

Each time you have sex with your partner, you are telling them that you love and trust them and that they make you feel good.

Learn to communicate more effectively with your partner—about little stuff and then random stuff. Fill them in on the little details of your life. And learn to listen. A bulk of communication lies in listening. Knowing when to speak and when to listen is the best thing to do.

3. Compliment Your Partner

I’ll tell you what. In romantic relationships, compliments are gold and can fix a lot of underlying issues you know nothing about.

For example, in a relationship where one partner avoids sex because they don’t feel good about their body, a simple compliment can restore their self-esteem and have them love their bodies again.

Sex is not going to be teamwork if one partner does not like the way they look. Because they are scared of sex, they will make excuses each time sex is about to happen.

4. Explore Your Idea of Sex

You both have work to do exploring your sexualities. You don’t necessarily have to have the same views about sex. But you have to come to a level plain about what sex should look like.

The idea behind speaking to each other about sex is to shred the mental barrier surrounding sex. You both have to be comfortable talking about it to be comfortable practicing it, you know?

Talk. Explore your kinks. Exploring your kinks means talking about the areas of sex you appreciate much. Talking about what you will ‘like to do’.

Something like: “I will like to know what having sex in the bathroom feels like.”

5. The Kiss Will Mirror the Sex

When you both are about to have sex, pay attention to how the kiss goes. The kiss is the preamble of the sex. If you manage to make it teamwork, then you won’t have any problems making the sex teamwork.

A great pre-sex kiss is a French kiss. This kiss includes a lot of tongues and requires a lot of teamwork.

Pull this off, and the sex will go well. I can promise you.

6. Pay Attention to Foreplay

If you are seeking sex to be teamwork, then pay attention to foreplay.

Foreplay is the most romantic thing between a lot of partners.

Pleasure your partner, and have them pleasure you.

A blow job is perfect foreplay for men. But how about you break the boundaries a bit and go in for a hand job? Maybe, even more, explore his balls. Play with his nipples.

Good foreplay for women will come when men know their way around the female external genitalia. The clit, the most sensitive part of the woman’s pelvic area, is the knob-like thing that gets a bit firmer when she is aroused.

Stroke it with your thumb and then your tongue if you are in for some cunnilingus.

7. Remember What You Talked About?

Then, you talked about your sexual fantasies and grew comfortable with them. This is when to try them. Don’t be shy. Just do it. That you are having sex doesn’t mean you have lost the ability to speak. You can still speak. Tell your partner you’ll want to try out what you both talked about earlier.

“How about we give that shower sex a shot?”

They will likely laugh about it.

Explore their kinks too.

8. Don’t Be All About Your Own Pleasure

When sex is teamwork, you have to be able to forgo your own pleasure sometimes and have your partner feel everything they should.

In fact, you should focus less on yourself and more on your partner. Let them feel the pleasure. Ironically, seeing that sex is simple yet complex, you’ll be even more aroused by knowing that you are making your partner feel intense pleasure.

The way men feel good about themselves and the sex when their women moan loudly. It is a great feeling.

9. Be Expressive

Your partner has to know when they are doing it right and when they are not. The downside of having sex that is teamwork is that egos might be hurt sometimes. But this is fine. They have to know when they are getting it right and when they are getting it wrong.

Moan. Talk dirty to them.

Tell them exactly where you want them to keep stroking, where you want that they don’t stroke anymore.

When you get dry, don’t be scared to ask for lube. Just do you, and let them do them. The goal is to have great sex. Stick to it.

10. It is fine if it gets weird.

Don’t think about it too much. Just keep improving.

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