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10 Things That Turn Guys On

Interested in some spicy advice? You’re in the right place!

In a relationship you’ll always find ways to please your partner. Everyone has different taste but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from switching things up.

Here are the most common things that excite guys.

1. Clothing choice.

Before you get defensive, calm down; we know what you're thinking. "Um, women DO NOT dress for men!" And yes, it is definitely true that us women do not compromise our style and fashion choices simply to please the opposite sex. We are always free to wear what we want, and no one is going to stand in the way of us freely expressing ourselves and looking damn good doing it, right? However, dressing up for you man isn’t such a bad thing.

It screams empowerment and confidence in every damn good way. Seeing their excited expression will only boost you more. You will most likely get quite the compliments from your beau. Let’s begin with Lingerie, lingerie is one of the main article of clothing that women tend to go for. Red is a common color amongst lingerie users.

Not only does red look good in many people but it’s also the color of seduction. I guarantee you that your man will definitely swoon over you. Dressing up skimpy is usually the main thing that gets guys going.

Lingerie isn’t the only thing that excites men though, anything as simple as leggings, jumpsuits, off the shoulder tops, crop tops, oversized shirts, skirts, and shorts (wearing nothing is also an option!). Have you tried adding high heels to your outfit? Super alluring. As long as you’re feeling yourself and showing it off to your hubby, you’re bound to turn him on.

2. Kissing and touching.

Kissing is a good start to foreplay and will definitely have your man wanting more. Take the time to share a passionate kiss with him, make it linger. You need to be well groomed to make your guy go crazy about you. Apply nice lip balm and avoid using lipstick since it will smudge all over him.

Lipsticks may look enticing but avoid them at all cost. You do not want to ruin a nice make-out session with your guy. Unless he doesn’t mind the feeling of it on his mouth, that’s an exception. If your man is used to taking the lead, surprise him this time around and let him know how you like it. This will turn him on and things will be heating up really quick.

Make it clear that your aim is not only to satisfy him, but to be satisfied as well. If you want him to caress you as you kiss him, tell him. You should also keep in mind that kissing their lips isn’t the only place to kiss. Slowly make your way down his jaw and down to his neck( or chest), plant a few kisses along the way.

Licking his neck isn’t a bad idea either, just as long as you don’t slobber all over it. Touch him in places that will leave him panting and craving for more. While kissing you can gently tug and run your fingers through his hair. Grabbing at his shoulders and back will also make things a bit more frisky.

3. Moaning.

You don’t have to sound like a banshee either (unless you do and there’s nothing wrong with that). At some point your beau will mention that they like it when you moan, unless you’re the quiet type.

Guys love it when they hear the sound of their lover’s voice crying out in pleasure. It’s also a sign that they’re doing a good job and will boost their confidence as well.

However, moaning isn't always a sign that sex is going well — a recent study on sex moaning (or, as researchers called it, “copulatory vocalizations”) found that some straight women reported faking a moan to stroke their partners’ egos, make their partners orgasm more quickly, or because they were bored.

On the other hand, another study found at people of all genders who moan during sex are having better sex. So if you feel good, go ahead and vocalize it. By all means don’t feel pressured to make noises while being pleasured, but if you’re feeling it definitely do it. It’s a win-win situation for you and your man.

4. Eye contact.

This is one of those turn ons for guys that work, whether you’ve never even spoken to him (you see him across the bar) or you’ve been dating several weeks…or years. It’s a way of communicating without having to open your mouth.

Eye contact is crazy effective at helping you seduce a man. Yes, it can be challenging to lock gazes with someone you’re interested in. It makes you feel vulnerable because you feel like as if he can read every emotion you’re feeling.

But that’s the point sister! Prolonged eye contact shows your interest in the person. It’s also extremely sexy. When someone looks into our eyes, we feel like they really see us. They know who we are, and they care about us. It’s a way of true intimacy without having to touch one another. Even while doing naughty things to your man, look into his eyes once a while.

5. When you’re aroused.

If he’s touching you and notices how excited you are, there’s a high chance that he too will become excited (if he’s already not *wink* *wink*).

The majority of men nowadays have started to focus on pleasing their woman compared to how it was in the past, when men only cared about pleasing themselves (they’re still a few around). Seeing you react to them in such a way will only make him fall even more in love with you.

When he does get to check if a girl is already aroused, be it on a dance floor, on a date, or even in his bed, there’s nothing he can ever think of but his swelling little head and a way to take her to bed! It’ll drive him nuts!

6. Taking control.

I feel like I’ve been hinting at this throughout the whole time. Ladies! Don’t be shy, show your significant other that you’re capable of handling him in bed! If you’re usually the submissive type and are always the bottom, I’m now advising you to be the dominant one for once.

Not only will it please you but your guy will be in awe by the sudden change. Guys will fantasize about being dominated by a girl at least once in their life. Show them you can fulfill that for them. If you’re not sure what to do, start by sitting on his lap facing him and have a heated make out session. Eventually build up the climax and talk dirty to him.

Whispering sweet nothings in his ear will hint at the fact that you want to be the one on top this time. Or you can just straight up tell him you want to try something new, communication is key during intimacy.

Also, keep in mind there’s different levels to being dominant, if you’re not sure what your man will like just ask how far they’re willing to go. Keep in mind to watch his reactions to what you’re doing, if he’s turned on you’re definitely doing it right.

7. Unleashing your NSFW side.

Have you ever tried licking and sucking your man’s fingers after he’s done fingering you? He’s going to be captivated by you. Be the freakiest version of yourself if you’re comfortable around him, and if he’s comfortable around you. If you go down on your guy and he’s about to bust, one way to make him choke is to take his load in your mouth and swallowing it.

Most guys find that hella hot. If you’re not comfortable or experienced don’t force yourself to perform such an act. I should also mention that the aftermath of a man’s climax is a lot stronger, if you keep sucking after they’ve already finished they will be filled with extreme pleasure (some are sensitive to the point where it hurts and some just won’t feel it at all, test it out to see if he enjoys it first).

Pleasure yourself in front him, he won’t be able to keep his composure while he’s watching you. Think of every naughty thing you could do in front of him to arouse him.

8. Letting him be dominant.

As much as a man desires a woman who can take control, he also worships the one who can make him feel manly. A man loves to flaunt his manliness in bed. They take great pride if they can satisfy their woman.

Nonetheless, become vulnerable and show him how bad you want him. He will want to prove himself every time he gets an opportunity in bed. Guys in most cases like submissive girls and most girls enjoy it.

9. Give him a sexy view.

Try slowly peeling your clothes off in front of him – and watch as he becomes less and less able to hold himself back from jumping your bones. Even if you decide to be on top of him naked, let him get a good view of your goodies. Show him how lucky he is to have you in his presence.

10. Trying new positions.

There are a variety of sex positions to try, switching it up will please the both of you. If he’s a butt guy try positions such as doggy style or reverse cowgirl (there are many other positions that can let him see your buns). If he’s a tit guy try missionary or any other position where he’s able to see his favorite part of your body. Who knows, trying new positions could make him last for a long or short time, either way you’ll be pleasing him.

Conclusion: Turn-ons are different for every guy, and sometimes, you’ll end up figuring out his individual turn-ons by accident. While the tips above might be a good place to start, don’t get discouraged if they don’t immediately lead to the exact response you’re looking for. As your relationship progresses, you’ll learn a lot more about what turns him on, and what he can’t resist.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to master any of these turn ons for guys, but you do have to prioritize sexiness in your life. If you’re in a new relationship, it may come more naturally to you than if you’ve been in a relationship for years. But in either situation, a little effort to show your man that you’re physically attracted to him will pay off big time. Not only will your sex life be red hot, but your relationship will also thrive. A couple that is passionate for one another has a solid foundation for an emotional and long-lasting partnership.

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