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A word I made up as a kid that means I feel extreme happiness and love inside of me

By Jay,when I writePublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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When I was a kid–just coming to terms with what sounds needed to stay and where to place them in my very limited vocabulary, feeling the limits of the English language when compared to my wonderfully creative mind and speech impediment–I created tons of words.

I made up words for almost everything without trying to, but not knowing I was wrong all the same. Even the word “accidentally,” became “assidentally,” and the feeling of extreme happiness and love jolting in my body made me, “Zogshly.”

These days, however,I make up new words accidentally when I’m typing too fast, or because I genuinely will never be able to spell neserary without spellcheck telling me I'm not the brightest twenty-seven year old.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a pro at the word making business and should have a couple hundred words in the dictionary by now. I get words are important, and so are their meanings, but they’re all made up technically. Right?

So, the night my girlfriend looked me in my eyes as we sat in a fancy restaurant-the kind where there’s a candle placed in front of you and you feel like everyone can hear you ask the waiter what exactly that random animal on the menu is–-I told her she made me feel, “zogshly.”

She stared at me for what seemed like ages before breaking out into a smile and telling me she felt the same.

Anyway, we’re getting married soon. You’re all invited.


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