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Your love inspires me to love everything in the world.

If love had been there, there would have been no more quarrels.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 18 min read


- Dad, Dad, I'll go to Mom.

- What? Who is this girl your father?

- Why? You are my father

- Mom doesn't say that. I caress you and call you mother. But I am not your father.

- No, I don't know that much. You are my father Otherwise why do you buy me chocolate every day? I'm in danger.

Who doesn't want to caress the baby?

But made me a father?

Before thinking about it, he said it again.

- That's it, Mom.

I thought I survived.

The girl came and took the little one in her arms.

He looked at me a little, then said.

- Do you understand that Nijhum buys chocolate every day?

I shook my head.

- Hmm.

- Why? What is there to give so much chocolate? Is there a shortage of people to buy your chocolate in Bangladesh?

- No, I don't want to cuddle my baby. And your baby is very cute to look at.

- Hello. My father is not silent.

- I don't understand. She is calling you Ammu Ammu.

- I called you Abbu Abbu a while ago. So are you Nijhum's father?

- Why would that be? I call with caress.

- I also caress. But Nijhum is my daughter.

- Your words do not enter my head.

- Even if it does not enter the head. He put it in his ear well. Don't try to come to Nijhum anymore. All right?

- Then where are Nijhum's father and mother? The girl that mother and father do every day. Where are they?

- Even if you don't know it.

In the meantime, Pichchi said again.

- What do you say, mother? Aren't you my mom

- Hmm, Mom. Your mother

- So what are you saying to Dad?

- No, no, Mom. This is not your father.

- Do you have to say that? This is my father.

I left the school without saying anything.

If he had been there, there would have been more quarrels.

I don't go to school without a reason, I go again without a reason.

There are many memories involved in the fall of the school.

The school falls on the bench under the olive tree in front of the school.

I used to go to fetch Supta every day.

Supta is my brother's daughter.

Now Supta is no more in the world.

What a miserable fortune.

Supta, why is there no future brother in the world?

Equal to future mother.

I never saw my mother.

But I saw the future.

He took care of the whole house and the whole house alone.

Don't let any working people.

I stayed with Supta all day.

I have visited many places with Supta.

The little one hung on my shoulder all day.

Chhotabbu Chhotabbu used to do it all day long.

At the end of the school, he used to sit on the bench under the olive tree in front of the school.

If I don't bring it, it won't come.

Even if you go to the future, you will not come.

And if there was no chocolate, then who will stop crying?

That is why I go to Nijhum every day.

He sits on that bench like Supta.

I also go and give chocolates.

In a few days, a good relationship is formed.

I'm wondering why my dad started thinking.

Supta Bhaiya and Bhabhi all died in a road accident.

The car brakes failed.

I don't want to think about that day anymore.

But even if I don't want to remember, I remember Supta, Bhabhi and Vaiya later.

But more upset today.

Nijhum refused to go!

Sitting and watching cartoons.

Watching cartoons is my favourite.

I had to sit with Supta and watch cartoons every day.

And Bhabhi would come and leave some chocolates in front.

Such a big house.

But there are four people.

Me, Dad, younger sister, and Rahim Uncle.

Rahim's uncle's job is to cook.

A few days passed.

But I can't stay without seeing Nijhum.

I went in front of the school again today.

Supta has fallen in love with the girl.

Watching from a distance.

Today there is no chocolate, no ice cream in hand.

After a while, the girl came to take Nijhum.

Somehow I think he saw me.

He came in front of me with Nijhum.

I'm ashamed.

But I did not go in front of Nijhum.

As soon as he saw me, he became silent.

- Dad, Dad, why don't you come for a while?

I don't know what to answer.

It's time to start walking backwards.

- Stand here.

I stood up and said.

- I didn't go to Nijhum. And chocolate, ice cream gave nothing.

The girl smiled. Then he said.

- Sorry for that day. No problem, you can come to Nijhum.

I said very happily.

- She's nothing.

- I went today.

He called a rickshaw in front of me and the two of them left.

The mood became very good.


It was too late to wake up today.

It was said that I would meet Lavanya at ten in the morning.

But it's already ten o'clock.

Absolutely in front of Lavanya with a running rickshaw made by Tarahuru.

Lavanya looked at me and saw her watch again.

I tremble with fear.

I do not know what reprimands!

I grabbed his ear.

Lavanya said with a smile.

- You don't have to listen again.

I sat down and said.

- How's your daughter?

- Hmm, good. She is sleeping.

- Sleep so much?

- Hmm. If Nijhum doesn't go to school, he eats breakfast and sleeps again. I fell asleep.

- Wow.

- Well, you never wanted to know how Nijhum became my daughter?

- Hmm. Tell me when you were pregnant.

- Isn't it? Am I pregnant? I did not say stay.

- Why are you angry? I said jokingly. Tell me.

- Nahum's parents lived next to our house. Often seen. I would go to their house. Before Nijhum came, their family was doing well. The unrest started after Nijhum. Nijhum's father was a drug addict. He used to beat me every day. Unable to bear the pressure, Nijhum's mother committed suicide one day. Nijhum was very young then. Nijhum's father left Huff alive. He never thought of his daughter. He didn't even accept her as his daughter. Then he got married again. I don't know where the new marriage goes after that. The day before I left, I left Nijhum. I knew the beast would strangle the girl. Then I brought it home. And everyone in the house knew everything, everyone saw it with good eyes. And since then I have been raising Nijhum.

- Hungry.

- Yes, you can.

- Look, I didn't have breakfast. Let's eat.

- I told you something! What a story. And you are about to eat. You have improved a lot.

Lavanya started walking angrily.

I know that even if Lavanya gets a thousand gossips, she won't mind but can't stand anything about Nijhum.

Mother nation is a strange Maya.

He who loves will be loved with life.

And you can't even hear the name of the one you hate.

I bought some chocolates and henna from the shop.

If you give something to Nijhum, you will be happier than if you were happy for yourself.

Asked at night what is my favourite colour on the phone?

I said blue.

Talked about meeting in front of the school the next day.

The gift was a blue Punjabi.

Although I don't wear Punjabi very much.

Applying henna on the hands and feet of Nijhum.

Pichchita looks much more beautiful.

I told her not to talk about beauty.

The funny thing is that when we go to eat something when Nijhum calls me Abbu Abbu, people stare blankly.

Our marriage is nothing but we have a child!

Not everyone knows what is inside.

And when you see someone you know, it makes a big fuss.

For which everyone knows the matter at home.

Everyone says how many more there are!

Lavanya did not call this morning.

The thing is amazing.

Because Lavanya never misses calling at least in the morning.

Not that I didn't call.

I also gave it but the phone is off.

I didn't think much because I will see Nijhum's school open there today.

But I didn't see him there this afternoon.

I have a very good acquaintance with the teachers of the school.

So I easily found out that Nijhum did not come to school today.

This time I felt knocked.

I never went to Lavanya's house but I decided to go today.

But Lavanya's phone is a little closer to Lavanya's house!

She is crying on the phone.

I realized something very complicated had happened.

Otherwise, at least don't cry like this.

I cried more after asking what happened.

After a while, he stopped crying and said that Nijhum's father had come and taken Nijhum away. Nijhum was crying a lot but there was nothing to do.

Not my daughter anymore.

It's not that I'm having less trouble.

I am also having a lot of trouble.

If he had told me earlier, I would have begged Nijhum, at least for the sake of beauty.

Where is it possible?

Why are people like that?

What will Nijhum do now?

The future of the little girl is watered down.

Now if the father is a little kind.

Mother is no more in the world.

That one was lalanyama.

He also took it from her.

How will Nijhum be better?

Can children be good to an honest mother?

I do not know the answer.

All the strange dealings of the people of this strange world.

There is more to it than can be imagined, and there is not even a speck of what is being imagined.

Many children in the enchanted world have no parents. Waller game on all.


I opened my sleeping eyes and saw that it was seven-thirteen o'clock. Oh my God! How long before the end of the office!

When all the workers are gone!

I'm still sleeping like a fool.

I rolled my eyes and discovered myself.

Hey, I'm in the office!

Today I am trembling with fear thinking whether there will be a place at home or not.

I bought some white roses and ice cream.

This means that the colour white is a symbol of peace and that is why there is ice cream at home but there is a different taste in taking it with one's own hands.

In fact, in the midst of what is easily available, there is also a short period of taste and happiness, and what can be obtained with more time by hard work, there is nectar.

Hundreds of messages have already been stored on the phone.

It will take another hour to answer them.

God has so many questions!

I am standing pressing the doorbell.

It is as if I have committed seven murders.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either, Looks like BT ain't for me either, Looks like BT ain't for me either,

You realize how much wrong I have done.

And there is capital to break the anger, if only roses and ice cream do not work, then why spend the night in someone else's house.

This has not happened twice before.

I am so scared because it happened.

I have made up my mind that I will hug you as soon as I open the door.

Thoughts are increasing.

When I rang the bell, the door is still not open!

The door did not open even after ringing the bell many more times.

I made a big mistake by changing the old house.

Otherwise, at least Dad or Millie (younger sister) would have opened the door.

He sent us to the new home first.

Why would everyone have such a loss?

After a long wait, Lavanya said from the side of the door.

- Who's there? Why are you ringing the bell so much?

I know very well that I am ringing the bell, Lavanya knows very well.

Otherwise, no one will come at this time.

Not to come. I replied in fear.

- I am, I aim.

Said with a broom.

- Who am I? No name? And who are you targeting? No one named Lakshi lives in this house.

I understand that he is in a good mood. There are also reasons to be angry.

- Don't listen to me. No, if you stand outside and hold your ear, you will not see. Open the door, I'm listening.

- Well, then you. The doors of this house will not be opened today.

I stood without speaking.

Even if you cry now, the door will not open.

If the anger subsides, then the door opens a little.

Mosquito bites.

There is no punishment for sleeping.

After a while, the queen opened the door and left.

There is no food on the table.

Understood not cooked today.

It was not supposed to happen.

I was supposed to eat out today.

It is understood by looking at the eye kajal that the sari has changed a while ago.

I did not dare to hug.

Angry Father!

I am lighting the lamp of the room and holding my ears.

Moreover, there is no way.

After waking up many times, I realized that my mind seems to have melted a little.

I proposed bringing white roses.

I thought it would reduce a little anger, but my flower Ilona!

I put the flowers on the bed and brought ice cream and proposed with ice cream.

The purpose of the proposal was to forgive today.

He tried unsuccessfully!

Disappointed, I thought I would get up again, but this time I embraced with courage.

Was trying to run away.

But I'm not leaving.

Asked with fire in his eyes.

- Why don't you leave?

- Don't leave means don't leave.

- Aren't you here to pretend? I have been waiting since afternoon. I was sitting in a daze. But your arrival time is eight o'clock at night. I'm leaving.

- Look, I'm asleep. Believe it

- Yes, you sleep.

- I'm sorry. Still angry?

Lavanya did not say anything. Said after a while.

- But don't make this mistake. Remember?

- There will be. One hundred will be a thousand times.

- Yes, say the same thing over and over again. Then really forget like before.

- I swear to your hair, if I forget next time, a hair will fall out of your head.

- Mr. oil has been given.

- I'm hungry. I ate that afternoon. Bring some food.

- What are you doing? I also ate at noon. What did I eat after that? And you say, bring some food.

- I'll eat means the two of us will eat together. Needless to say.

- Nothing but ice cream. What to eat?

- Aren't you hungry?

- I can spend the night eating ice cream.

- No, no, no. Will you just spend the night eating ice cream while I'm at it? Not possible. You wait, I'm cooking.

- I like the dialogue, sir.

- Don't come here.

- Where do I come from?

- Let's cook. Do you have to eat at night?

- Huh, let's cook. Can you cook

I said with a heavy heart.

- All right.

Lavanya said with a frown.

- Huh. Let's see if I can cook something. But you will fry the eggs.

- I can cook everything, just egg yolks. I don't mean I can eat.

Elegance is cooking.

Before that, of course, I had to put roses in the lap of beauty and eat ice cream.

Lavanya can spend the night eating ice cream. Archie is cooking for me.


I am holding the hand of grace.

Lavanya is lying on the bed.

Five days ago we had a daughter.

No names yet.

Lavanya said looking at me.

- What do you think your father's name will be?

- Uh-huh. Babu is not alone with me. Why should I keep the name alone?


- You know, he wants to keep my father's name silent. I haven't seen Nijhum for a long time. Do you know the innocent face of Nijhum floating in front of me at every moment?

- What do you say? Hey, I kept this name in my mind thinking of Nijhum.

- Really?

- Why not believe?

- It's done.

- Then why really?

- You have to pay me. Lately, you are learning to talk a lot.

- I'm not alone anymore huh. I have my daughter with me. You can't be with the two of us.

- He says you will have your daughter with you.

- Look at how he's looking at me. Saying with his eyes, Dad, I am with you.

- No, not at all. Babu is scared to see you.

- Really? Shall I then leave the room?

- Don't you understand? Stay here. Hold hands all night. You can't be seen nowadays.

- I stay side by side all the time and I can't see whether it is again.

- There must be more.

The girl learned to sit while watching.

Learned to walk.

One, two, three in a few years.

Admitted to that school.

People may become pale towards their partners but not towards their children.

The responsibility of going to school every day is mine but the responsibility of bringing it is beautiful.

When I have time, I also bring it from school from time to time.

A girl is a paradise.

I noticed one thing.

As a babu, everyone wants more babu.

Boys want girls too.

That is why there are more girls in the world than boys.

Again, those boys and girls will one day ask Allah for more as boys and girls as babus.

In short, first the girl Babu, then the boy Babu.

First of all, Ladies First.

Lavanya's phone during lunch.

- Have you eaten?

- Huh.

- What? Won't you ask if I ate?

- The answer is no. I know this very well. I know you won't eat until you find me.

- You don't have to talk so much. Listen, I can't go get Nijhum today. I have to go to my little grandma's house. Mom called. At the right time to bring Nijhum.

- All right.

- Listen, you don't need to come home with Nijhum, you will go straight to your father-in-law's house. Will remember

- There will be.

- Good boy. God bless you.

- Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either.

- Huh.

You can't sleep today.

Don't forget.

Then my news will be twelve times three times twelve.

The office is over.

I am sitting on the bench under the olive tree in front of the school with chocolates.

Sitting here or in the vicinity of this place reminds me of Bhaiya, Bhabhi Supta and Nijhum.

The school holiday bell rang.

He ran on small legs and got up on his lap.

Nijhum was surprised to see me.

Happily lost.

Happier to get chocolate.

It doesn't take much to make children happy.

Happily ever after.

This will keep the face sullen. This is laughing and playing again.

Suddenly Nijhum said.

- Dad, I'm not going by car. I will go by rickshaw.

I got out of the car and took a rickshaw.

But after three minutes he said again.

- Dad, I will not go by rickshaw. I'll go for a walk.

I got down from the rickshaw and started walking again.

Even if you walk, Nijhum's grandfather's house is fifteen minutes away.

Walking holding my finger in my hand.

Said again.

- Dad, why are you so forgetful?

I asked in surprise.

- Why Mom? What did Dad do again?

- You don't know that my mother gives mehedi in her hand every Saturday? Did you buy henna today for your mother?

I'm surprised.

I don't remember this at all, but how do you remember Pichchita?

Let's get better.

I bought henna from a nearby shop.

Said again.

- Dad, I don't like walking. I will get up on my lap.

What else can I do?

After walking for five minutes, I reached Nijhum's grandmother's house.

Seeing the beauty, I was a little angry that I came on foot.

I came to my father-in-law's house after a long time.

A lot of cooking has been done.

How much can be eaten?

Nijhum is running all over the house.

That's what baby people do when Nanu comes home.

There was not much talk with Lavanya.

Asked after the evening.

- What's the matter, sir? You have no eye on me.

- I have written your eyes in my name so I always keep an eye on you.

- You have to pay. Just talk about everything.

- People talk to people close to them. Talk less with people far away.

- I can't talk to you.

- Hehehe. You can't do anything with me. Well, where is Nijhum? I haven't seen it for a long time.

- There's somewhere.

Nijhum came before he could finish speaking.

Running in such a way seems to have conquered the world.

- Listen, Dad, listen, listen, I found a match between the three of us.

Lavanya and I both asked in surprise.

- I hear you say that.

- Why can't you find it?

I said.

- I can't. Your father and mother have less intelligence.

- Listen, then. Look at the names of all three of us in three letters, Siam, Lavanya, Nijhum. Do not the three of us match here?

I looked at the beauty once.

Lavanya also looked.

Then both of them said.

- Really.


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