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Worlds beyond the Square

More than a way to escape

By SwaggyMelonePublished about a year ago • 3 min read
Worlds beyond the Square
Photo by Nikolay Werner on Unsplash

The outside world was unknown to her, but she could see a glimpse of it through the window in his room. All her life she had been in a dark room, the sun was something she was never going to see. Her name was Stella and she was born with a sickness that prevented her from going into the sun. If she did her pain would be almost unbearable. Blinds were installed in her parents house, that blocked off the light from outside. Living in isolation, without ever seeing other kids besides her own brother hurt her deeply. She knew that this life was not normal and that making friends would not be easy. Until she saw the window.

The window was on her brothers computer, looming wide open she could see a vast world where the sun was shining. She was too young to have her own pc, but when her brother saw her in awe of the fictional world he let her play his game. For the first time she saw how everything looked like on the outside when the sun was shining. Vast grass fields stretched before her and towering mountains were visible in the background. The brother was happy seeing his little sister in such awe and decided to bring their parents upstairs to see her smile. When they came into his room the mother could not hold back her tears after seeing her daughters joy. The father reacted in a similar fashion and sat down next to her.

From this day on she would play videogames every day, just to enjoy the cold sun that was projected on the monitor. With time she got her own computer and it quickly became her favourite thing to play with. Soon she would also befriend all sorts of people through the games she spent her time on. None of them knew however that she was trapped in the darkness, never having felt a ray of sunlight on her skin. This did not bother her as much as it once did however. The time she spent in her virtual world turned into reality for her.

One day a heavy weatherfront crashed over the town that she lived in. Tidalwaves of rain poured against the windows of the house and lighting was striking in a rapid fashion. She did not notice anything on the inside since she also wore headphones and then it happened. One of the electric bolts struck their house and the power was gone. The worlds suddenly became dark, which even caused her to jump back a bit. Not knowing what happened she ran downstairs where her mother explained that their fuse was blown.

Three days passed and the storm continued on, her favourite hobby was gone so swiftly and even in this short time she started to feel depressed. No gazing at the sunrise, no possibility to meet friends or go on adventures with them. Never in her life did a day feel so slow like they did now. And then suddenly like a holy light above her head, the living room lamp started glowing again. At first she did not even notice the change, but then her brother gave her a tap on the shoulder and the old familiar smile was written across her face.

She rushed into her room and pressed the start button of her beloved machine. Soon it lit up and the brightest smile shone through the house again. This night she reconnected with friends, all while being extremely gleeful. New plains soon stretched out before her and she would enjoy them and their otherworldly sunlight.

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Hi my name's Roman🍉

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happy to meet all of you

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  • Heather Hublerabout a year ago

    I cannot imagine never being able to feel sunlight or being a parent of that sweet little girl, knowing the sadness she endured. I love how video games became her window to a more normal life and that this ended on a happy note, well done :)

  • Excellent take on the challenge, really enjoyed this.

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