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Ma and Nacorro are well-known wizards who can hover over the ground like birds and gallop over high forests. The most fascinating trick is that he is good at turning into all kinds of beasts.

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Horse and Nacorro were well-known wizards who could hover over the ground like birds and gallop over high forests. The most fascinating trick was that he was good at turning into all kinds of beasts. He was most happy and often turned into a deer.

Always living alone, he was tired of it, so he turned into a deer again, and he suddenly wanted to find a female companion by this method. Only this time he turned himself into the carcass of a rotting deer - the smell of dead deer suddenly caught the attention of the vulture family - they rushed towards the delicacy in droves from all directions. The vultures surrounded him. Suddenly a bird flew in and said in a shrill voice: "Fly away! Or you will die!"

The vultures ignored her and threw themselves on the dead deer carcass. Suddenly, the dead deer jumped up, shook its body, and the vultures fled with a scream. It turned out that the wizard wanted to find a vulture wife through this method!

At this time, a beautiful and huge vulture was flying high in the sky. It was the queen of the vulture clan. This gorgeous big bird slowly landed on the ground and stood beside the dead deer. In an instant, the wizard who jumped up caught her and made her his wife.

Over the years, they got along very well, often living together and living together, and the wizard also wiped out the lice on his wife.

One day, Ma and Nakoro's wife said, "I have lived with you for so many years, but my mother still lives on the other side of the sky, and until now, she is still in the dark! I really want to see her, let me go to the sky for a walk.

The wizard said to her, "Well, I was just about to visit your mother with you too!"

So they both flew to the sky.

The old mother of the vulture royal family is revered by the birds, but no one has ever seen her face. She always lay in a hammock day and night, never showing her face to anyone.

The mother eagle was very happy to see her daughter have such a superior husband, and she wanted to test his skills. She called the horse and Nacorro and asked him to make a small bench exactly like her head. But how could the horse and Nacorro accomplish this task? Because the mother eagle never got out of the hammock, and never showed her face to him! At this time, the ability of the horse and Nacorro to use all kinds of animals came in handy.

He brought the red ant to help him. The ant climbed into the hammock and stung Akada. She was in so much pain that she rolled over and jumped out of the hammock, and the wizard happened to hide under her bed and saw her face. Wow, she has so many heads, there are as many as a dozen. In this regard, Ma and Nakoro did not reveal a single star to anyone, and began to make a bench. This bench made the old mother of the vulture royal family very satisfied and amazed: "Yes, I think you are indeed a veritable wizard." But this time alone was not enough. She also had to test Ma and Nakoro, so she said to him, "Take this bamboo basket and fetch me some water. I am thirsty and want to drink some water."

The wizard knew that it was impossible to fill a bamboo basket with water if he didn't want an out-point solution. He racked his brains, still at a loss, wondering along the way: How can a bamboo basket get water? At this time, an ant happened to pass by. He asked the wizard why he was scratching his head, and Ma and Nakoro told the ant what happened.

"Don't worry, it's a trivial matter!" The ant said, "I'll help you."

So the ant smeared all the holes in the basket tightly with saliva, and the water would never leak out again. Horse and Nakoro used it to fill a basket full of water and gave it to Mother Eagle.

Mother Eagle was very surprised, and she boasted again: "Well, you are the most capable of all wizards."

Then the mother eagle called her children and asked them to build the most beautiful garden for the wizard.

"Such a capable wizard has to live with us forever," she said. In fact, she said this, but she felt inexplicable fear of wizards in her heart.

She secretly commanded the vulture: "Kill him while he is resting in the garden."

However, one of her sons secretly revealed the conspiracy to the wizard. But Ma and Nacorro did not follow the kind vulture's advice.

"I don't intend to stay here long," he said to his wife. "But your mother is too sinister, and I will do my best to fight this old woman before I go home."

Early the next morning, the garden was finished and surrounded by a high wall. The mother eagle thought that the wizard could not escape the garden. However, Ma and Nacorro won again. This time it was his favorite flute that he carried with him, which had many small holes. The teacher found a narrow gap in the wall, passed the flute through it, left the three holes of the flute outside, and then turned himself into a little fly, got into the flute, and flew away through the small hole. The mother eagle came to the garden to kill the wizard, and found that he had disappeared. Only his flute still played sweet music in the hole in the wall.

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