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Adventures in Candy House

Once upon a time, there was a poor man whose wife bore him a son and a daughter. Later, when his wife died, the man married another wife. The new mother treated the children very badly and made them do a lot of work.

By EmilyPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Adventures in Candy House

Once upon a time, there was a poor man. His wife bore him a son and a daughter. Later, when his wife died, the man married another wife. The new mother treated the children very badly and made them do a lot of work. Moreover, because the family was poor, they were always under-fed.

One day, when there was nothing to eat at home, the new mother said to her husband, "Leave the children in the forest! Otherwise, we will all starve to death!"

The father said, "How can that be? That's too cruel."

"Okay, then you go find food."

Because of the great poverty, my father had to agree.

The two siblings were very sad to hear this. The smart brother secretly ran to the yard after his parents were asleep and picked up a lot of pebbles and put them in his pockets.

The next day, the couple really took them to the forest, and the brother dropped many small stones along the way as a signpost to recognize the way home.

Later, the siblings sat on the grass and fell asleep. When they woke up, it was already dark.

The sister was so frightened that she cried. The brother led the crying sister, followed the mark of the pebble, and walked home.

Dad was very happy to see them back, but Mom was sullen.

Only a few days later, my brother heard my mother say to my father again, "This time, we must make sure they don't come back."

At night, my brother wanted to pick up pebbles, but the door was locked.

This time, my brother had to use bread instead of pebbles and sprinkle it along the road. Unexpectedly, the bread was eaten up by the birds. They woke up at night and couldn't find crumbs no matter how they looked.

The two wandered in the forest hungry, and the sister couldn't help crying again.

"Sister, don't cry. When it's dawn, brother will take you home."

The night was deeper, and the siblings were so tired that they fell asleep again unknowingly.

The next day, as soon as the siblings woke up, they tried their best to find a way out. They walked for a long time and saw a house made of candy.

The siblings were so hungry that they couldn't help but run over, demolished the house and ate it.

At this time, a kind voice came from behind and said, "Who is eating my house?" A noble lady came out of the house.

"Sorry, we are children who got lost in the forest."

The lady said very gently, "Oh! Poor child, come in and eat! There is still a lot of good food in the house."

After they were full, the lady let the two of them fall asleep on a beautiful and comfortable bed. The siblings were very happy and fell asleep after a while.

In fact, Madam Gui was transformed from a man-eating witch. When he saw that his brother was fatter, he decided to eat him first. So, he locked his brother in a big box.

Every day, the witch ordered her sister to bring delicious food to her brother, so that he could gain some weight. Also, she ordered her to do all kinds of work, and she scolded non-stop after a short rest.

The witch would come to see her brother every day and touch his fingers to see if he was fatter; but her brother was very smart, and every time she stretched out the chicken bones she had eaten to touch him.

Later, the witch couldn't wait any longer and cried: "I won't wait, you go and make a fire now, I'm going to cook your brother and eat it today, hurry up! Hurry up!"

The younger sister looked at the large pot of water and thought sadly, "If I knew this earlier, it would be better to die in the forest together." She cried while making a fire.

After a while, the witch called her again: "See if the water is boiling?"

At this time, my sister suddenly had an epiphany and thought of a good way, so she asked the witch, "How do you see if the water is boiling? I won't! You can see for yourself."

"What! A girl can't even see if the water is boiling. Haven't you ever cooked anything at home?" As he spoke, he approached the pot and looked at the water carefully.

At this moment, my sister did her best and slammed into it from behind

The witch was unprepared at all, and just fell into the hot pot. The witch was scalded to death after a few wails.

The younger sister happily ran to open the box and rescued the older brother, and the siblings hugged happily.

The two ran around happily. In the basement, they found a large box, and they opened it to see that it was full of jewelry and gold coins.

The elder brother said, "Let's take some home as gifts."

So, the two stuffed jewelry and gold coins into their pockets, "Okay, let's go home. Find a way out before it's dark!" The brother held his sister's hand tightly and walked out of the witch's house.

Finally, they walked out of the forest, but a deep and wide river lay in front of them, and what was even more distressing was that there was neither a bridge nor a boat on the bank.

"Too bad! How do you cross the river?"

"Wow! Look! A big wild duck."

On the other side of the river, a big wild duck is swimming leisurely.

The younger sister shouted, "By the way, you can ask Mr. Mallard Duck!"

So, the two of them shouted together: "Mr. Mallard, please take us to the other side, okay?"

The wild duck seemed to understand their words, so he swam over and took them across the river. Finally, they finally returned to their home.

When his father saw them coming back, he happily opened his hands and hugged them tightly.

The siblings took out their gold and silver jewelry and said, "Dad, look, we brought back gifts!" Then they told Dad what happened.

"Oh! My poor child. I will never ask you to leave again."

During this period, Dad lived a sad life with regret and guilt every day, and Mom died.

Since then, the family of three has lived happily together again.

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