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Fountain of life

A long, long time ago, there was an old king who was seriously ill. His three sons were very anxious. They found many doctors to see him, but the doctors could not do anything.

By EmilyPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Fountain of life

A long, long time ago, there was an old king who was seriously ill. His three sons were very anxious. They called many doctors to see him, but the doctors could not help. Later, an old doctor said: "Only by drinking the spring of life can the king be cured."

But where is the fountain of life?

The eldest prince thought that in order to become the heir to the throne, he must find this spring to cure his father's disease. So, he asked the king: "Father, let me find the spring of life!"

The king complied with the prince's request.

The eldest prince rode on a fast horse and left the palace to find the spring of life.

He walked for a long time, and one day he met a dwarf, and the dwarf said to him, "Prince, you are running so fast, where are you going?"

Seeing that it was a dwarf, the eldest prince didn't take him seriously at all, and said very arrogantly, "Where I go is none of your business." After speaking, he continued on his way.

As a result, the eldest prince got lost as soon as he entered the mountain. He stood in the middle of the road, neither entering nor retreating, and he didn't know where to go.

The king's condition was getting worse, but the eldest prince never came back. The king asked the second prince to find the fountain of life.

Shortly after the second prince set off, he also met the dwarf. The dwarf said to him, "Second prince, you are running so fast, where are you going?"

The second prince also disdained him and said arrogantly, "You don't care about this prince." After saying that, he continued on his path.

As a result, the second prince also got lost.

When the people in the palace saw that the two princes had gone for a long time without news, the third prince said to the king, "Let me go find the spring of life, and by the way, see what happened to my brothers."

After obtaining the king's permission, the third prince also set off.

After walking for a while, the third prince also met the dwarf. The dwarf said to him, "Third prince, you are running so fast, where are you going?"

The third prince said to him very politely, "My father is seriously ill. The doctor said that he needs to drink a fountain of life to cure the disease. Can you help me?"

The dwarf said, "I'll give you two loaves of bread and a sword."

The third prince said: "I don't want these, I just need a spring water that can cure diseases."

The dwarf said, "Let me tell you, the spring of life is in an enchanted castle, and there are two lions at the door. You can take these I gave you, it will be useful." Only then did the third prince understand the dwarf's intention.

The dwarf then told the third prince that after arriving at the castle, knock the city gate three times with the sword, the city gate will open automatically, and then the lion will block his way, so he will feed the lion with two loaves of bread. After talking about the use of the sword and bread, the dwarf finally said: "The Fountain of Life is in the back garden, but you must leave before twelve noon, otherwise when the city gate closes, you will never be able to get out."

After thanking the dwarf, the third prince went straight to the castle.

According to the dwarf's method, the third prince knocked on the city gate three times with his sword, and the city gate opened automatically. At this time, two lions pounced on them, and the third prince calmly put bread into their mouths, and the two lions turned into two big cats.

It turned out that the dwarf gave him a magic sword, no matter what enemy he encountered, he could defeat it, and that bread was also a kind of magical bread, no matter how you eat it, you can't finish it.

The third prince was eager to go to the back garden. When he passed the room, a princess came out of the house. The princess said to him, "Third prince, as soon as you come, the magic of the castle will be lifted. Let me take you to find the spring of life!"

"Thank you, beautiful princess." The third prince replied politely.

"No, I should thank you, it was you who solved our magic. I decided to marry you, please come and marry me next year."

From the rocks in the back garden, cyan spring water flows out, which is the spring of life.

The third prince was full of a pot of spring water, and before he could say thank you, he ran out quickly. As soon as his feet left the city gate, the clock rang at twelve o'clock.

On the way back home, the third prince saw his two older brothers and told them what he had found. At this time, he encountered a country attacking another country. The third prince drove away the invading enemy with his sword and saved the subjects there with bread.

After the three of them returned to their own countries, the third prince quickly offered the spring water of life. However, after the king drank the spring water, not only did he not get better, but his illness got worse. His two older brothers said, "It must be the third prince who gave the father the poisonous water."

The king was furious and ordered the third prince to be put to death. It turned out that the spring of life found by the third prince had been secretly replaced by his two older brothers on the way.

The guards couldn't bear to kill the third prince, and knowing that he was innocent, they let him go.

The king drank the spring water offered by the first prince and the second prince, and his illness quickly recovered. At this moment, the people of the country that the third prince saved came with gifts to thank him and praise the third prince for his bravery and kindness. Only then did the king know that he had misblamed the third prince. He regretted it very much, and wished he could still be alive!

A year later, the third prince came to the princess' castle and married her. At the same time, the king found the third prince, pardoned him, punished his two brothers, and asked him to return to China to inherit the throne.

So, the three princes and the princess returned to China together and lived happily ever after.

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