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winter blues

make this a horror story

By Jen PhillipsPublished 3 months ago 7 min read
Top Story - November 2023
winter blues
Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

Part one

I’ve always wondered why it’s called the winter blues. I understand the whole reason is because the sun isn’t out as long. The sun comes up late and it gets dark super early. Even though it’s cold and many snowstorms as long as you don’t have to go out during a storm it’s the most beautiful time of year. Nothing is more perfect than waking up to find out you are having a snow day.

Snow days were great as a kid but as an adult it is perfect. Sitting in your pyjamas all day with a hot cup of coffee and a book sitting by the window watching the snow come down is a dream come true. I love taking days like this as daydreaming and just taking a well-needed personal day.

So, why the winter blues? Honestly, I think the term “winter blues” is bullshit. An excuse to be able to slack off on things. Dressing accordingly and having well-planned days you can make for a great day. Is it just me or am I the only 30-year-old who still makes snow forts in the front yard after digging out the car? Digging out a funky maze in the backyard to play with the dog in? Everyone is stuck on the negatives of winter, it's no wonder why the “winter blues” is a thing.

This year I had taken some time off and went up to the cabin for a week. I love the drive to the cabin. Especially in the winter with all of the ice and snow all over the trees and mountains, what a perfect little holiday. The internet connection sucks up there, and it’s even worst in the winter. But since I’m trying to get away from the world that is alright.

There’s a small town about 30 minutes from the cabin I love to stop in. Get some shopping done on the way to the cabin. The town always looks so cute during the holiday season. It is like a scene from a movie. Even the townspeople are like the people you would see in the holiday movies.

“Oh! Hello Scarlett, it's very nice seeing you here,” Albert is an older gentleman who owns the grocery store in town. It’s been in his family for over a hundred years. “Are you here for the holidays?”

“Sorta. I’m mostly going to hide in the cabin for the week. Thought I would stop in for a few things and to say hello.”

We chat for a while as he cashes me out; “Just be careful on the roads towards the cabin. Not sure if the roads are very clear yet from the storm, we had the other day.”

I grab my grocery bags and leave for the door; “Thanks, Albert. See you later.”

The roads for the rest of the way weren’t too bad actually. When I got to the cabin the driveway and a path to the door were already cleared by the grounds keep the day before. I’m very relieved about that to be honest. It’s so cold out today and there’s a storm rolling in. The groundskeeper left a note with a little box.

Merry Christmas Scarlett.

I hope you have a lovely time up here.


I unpacked my things and put away groceries. I just finished cooking dinner when the storm knocked out the power.

“Okay, cool. That’s great,” I take a couple of bites of dinner as I walk over to the fireplace to start a fire to least keep the cabin warm.

Took me a while to get the fire going. Mostly because I suck at making a fire. But this is what I wanted right? The full experience of hiding out? It’s not a big deal, there’s enough wood for the week. There are pots and pans I can use in the fireplace and it’s large enough to keep the cabin warm. It’s a win-win.

The first night wasn’t too bad. I camped out in the living room; I secretly told myself it was because the heat from the fireplace didn’t make it to the bedrooms. Secretly, the wind, the storm, and the joint I smoked were tripping me out.

The next morning the sun peaked through the windows waking me up. Soo cold, that I didn't want to get up, but I could hear the birds chirping. I got up wrapped the blanket around me, slipped my boots on and stepped outside.

“Brrrrr, it’s so cold out,” I look around taking in how beautiful it is out. My favourite moments are the morning after a storm.

On the way back inside, I noted footprints leading up to the window on the side of the cabin. I looked around again and quickly went back inside.

I searched for my phone and worried that someone was outside at some point in the night. Once I found my phone, I called the groundskeeper. I asked him if he was here over the night. I told him about the footprints. He reassured me it wasn’t him. He told me he was going to come over anyway to plow the driveway for me and would check out the footprints for me.

Within a few hours, the driveway was clear and there was a knock at the door. It was Robert. I let him in, and he told me about the footprints. He said that the storm didn’t knock out the power, who owns the footprints cut the power?

“What the actual fuck,” not understanding fully what he just said.

“Yeah, are you okay though? I’m going to call the police and stay till they get there.”

“Alright, I would appreciate that, thank you.”

Of course, it took the police obnoxiously way too long to get to the cabin. I explained what happened and Albert told them what he had found outside. They took notes and investigated the footprints and cut cords, said they would call someone to fix the hydro for me and would have a police car parked outside in case the person came back.

Albert offered to stay the night, but I told him it was alright; “The police will have a car out front so it’s alright, thank you for staying!”

Unfortunately, the hydro company didn't show up till 9-10 at night. They spoke to the cop car out front before attending to the power lines. Before long the power was back on.

The next morning, I was woken up by a knock at the door. When I opened the door no one was there; the two cops were sitting in their car reading a book. I went to go back inside when I noticed a box at the doorstep with a note attached. I took another look around and didn’t see anything. I picked up the box and went inside. I grabbed the note off the package, reading the note as I call Albert.

“Did you leave a package at my door this morning?” I’m reading the note ‘Get out before it’s too late.’

“I’m sorry Scarlett. I did not,” Albert seemed apologetic about it. “What does the note say and what’s in the box?”

I read him the note and I opened the package; the cute power lines and knife used to cut the lines were in the box.

“What the fuck?”

“That’s odd. What did the police say?”

“I haven’t told them. Should I though?”

Albert sounded a little concerned; “They cut your power and put the power lines and knife in a box to mock you.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” I grabbed the box and the note. Walked over to the cop car- they got out of the car, and I handed them the box.

“By chance did you see the person?” I asked the cop how this person even got passed the cops without them seeing.

The two cops looked at each other nervously, “I’m sorry miss, no.”

“Should I be concerned? Someone was able to walk right past you to leave a package,” I took a picture of the box and note before handing it to the box to the police.

They didn’t directly answer the question, but they took the package and called it in for someone to come get it.

Annoyed I went back inside. What is the point in having police camp out your door if intruders are still going to get through?


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Jen Phillips

Having a creative imagination has no limitations. My favourite past time is just dumping all my thoughts on to paper and seeing where it goes.

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  • Joseph Christy6 days ago

    nice work

  • KJ Aartila3 months ago

    Being a multi-horse owner in far northern WI, my winter-optimism has blown away with the 20-30 mph winds rattling my house as the horses, even with their heavy blankets on., cower in their shelters! LoL! But I'm enjoying the premise of your story, and do enjoy the beauty of winter nights spent in the quiet of a cabin - although being intruded upon by an unknown person with bad intentions, would be less than ideal!

  • Xine Segalas3 months ago

    I'm riveted! Looking forward to reading more!

  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    A very nice opening for a mystery/horror/suspense story. It left me wanting more.

  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Well done! Keep pushing forward with your excellent work—congrats!

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