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by Veronica Pollard 6 months ago in Series
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Chapter 2


It’s Sunday afternoon, Bria is sitting on her back porch with a glass of wine, scrolling through her phone, when Susan walks out on the back porch.

Turning around when she hears the door open, Bria says

“Hey, I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Why would you say that?” Susan asks

“Well, after you ditched me Friday and I didn’t hear from you all day yesterday. I just assumed you’d forgotten about your lonely best friend who’s always been like a sister to you.”

“Well, honestly, since you brought it up.” She laughs

“I was gonna wait and do this marketing stuff later this week, but I decided to come on over and be nosey. How did your night turn out after I left Friday night?”

Bria eyes her inquisitively then asks


“Jennifer might have text me and said something about you meeting a cute guy”

Laughing Bria replies

“Yeah, she ran into one of her old guy friends and he was with some other guys. But you were still there, when I met them.”

“Don’t play dumb with me. You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“She said, she left you at the lounge with a guy. So, dish!”

“There’s nothing to dish” Bria murmurs taking another sip of wine

Susan just sits there for a moment, staring at her

“Ok” she says finally pretending to let it go

“It’s too early to get drunk! We have work to do.”

“You’re the worst client I have. I’ve gotta have a buzz to deal with you” Bria laughs

Once their inside, Susan pulls out her laptop and they work for hours on updated advertising material and ideas for Susan’s shops. After hours of work, they finally start to wrap up and Bria adds

“Just offer an extra stamp on their discount card instead of an instant discount. Because most people don’t keep up with them.”

“That’s a good idea. Don’t forget the shop on Orange Avenue, is being remodeled next month and you’re helping me with the designs. We have to finalize everything before the fourteenth.” Sue responds

“I’m hungry, you wanna go grab something to eat” she asks

“No, I’ll just order something and have it delivered” Bria replies

While they sit waiting for their food and watching tv, Bria’s phone rings. After a brief conversation with her mom, she turns to Susan, and asks

“Was that Ma?”

Bria just sits looking at her for a minute, then finally she asks

“Why are you really here?”

Now, being found out, Susan’s expression changes and she says

“Look, I’m your friend and…” she pauses

“Sue, spit it out!” Bria states already knowing where the conversation is headed

“Tuesday is the anniversary of Jaylen’s death…”

“You mean Jaylen’s murder”

“The day my world unraveled.” She adds standing up to pour herself another glass of wine

“Yeah and, what about it?”

“Ok, look. I know I said some things Friday. But only as a joke.”

“So, when Jen said that you might have gone home with some guy. I realized how bad the timing was”

“I’m worried about you.” Susan stops taking in her expression

“Yeah, I did. He was cute, nice and we had a great time. But I’m broken and it turned out to be a terrible mistake.” Bria confesses sitting back down

“Aww, Bri. I’m so sorry” Susan whispers

“It’s ok” she adds

Sitting back up Bria says

“No, it’s not. It’s been three years and I’m starting to feel like I’ll never be able to move on with my life.”

“Bri, every day that you get up, is you moving on with your life. What happened that would make you feel like you weren’t?”

“I don’t know, you mean aside from me making a complete fool of myself the other night.” Bria laughs then the doorbell rings

“I’ll get it!” Susan states

While they sit at the table eating, Susan asks

“How did you make a fool of yourself?”

“From the moment this guy walked into the lounge, we were eying each other. Jen’s friend kind of introduced us, but later he came and asked me to dance. And let’s just say, boy can move. Anyway, we danced to a few songs then, he bought me a drink and we talked. Well, we kind of talked.” Bria laughs thinking back to that night

“Kinda talked. What does that mean?”

“We didn’t really talk about anything. It was mostly with our eyes. So, Jennifer left with her guy, and I said I would call a car. But Warren said he’d drop me off.”

“Ah, finally. He has a name! So, Warren drove you home?”

“Yeah, he even got out and walked me to the door and we kissed.” Bria responds then stops

“You kissed. And that was a terrible mistake?”

“No, but everything that followed that kiss was.”

“When we kissed, it was like a hungry, sinfully intoxicating kind of kiss. One I’d been thinking about since he asked me to dance”

“So, you were horny kind of kiss!”

“No, well, yeah”

“Ok, then what happened?”

“We said good night and he left.” Bria states and Susan just sits there waiting for her to continue

“I kicked my shoes off, turned on some music and poured me a glass of wine.”

“Then you chased after him!” Susan guesses

“No, he rang the doorbell. I’d left my phone in his car”

Susan laughs then murmurs

“That was no accident”

“It was completely an accident!”

“Whatever, what happened?”

“He said I was trouble, or dangerous, or something like that, then I pulled him inside and after a lot of tongue…” she pauses

“Let’s just say, when I ended up in his lap in just by bra and panties, I stopped.”

“I just said, I can’t! And as bad as I wanted to, I just couldn’t.”

“We sat there awkwardly for a minute, then he left”

“Wow!” Susan voices

“That was. Yeah.” She adds

“Yeah!” Bria whispers

“Jen did say you were just a tease” Susan laughs then catching Bria’s death stare, she asks

“What did he say?”


“So, he didn’t get mad or say anything?”

“No, well. He said, it’s ok!’”

Susan laughs and getting up from the table she dumps her plate in the trash, then says

“Well, personally I think that was the furthest thing from ok. I’d have been mad as hell if you were straddling me damn near naked and then said I can’t!”

Then sitting back down across from Bria, she says

“You haven’t had sex in over three years. And as long as I’ve known you, you’ve never been the casual sex kind of person.”

“Even after what you’ve been through, you still aren’t that person.” Shaking her head, she adds

“You gotta date, like really let someone in. That’s the only way you are really going to be able to move on.”

“So, did he call you?” Susan asks finally

Laughing, Bria says

“Yeah right, I didn’t even give him my phone number”

“Well, did you get his number?”


“Aww, that sucks. Maybe we can just go back to the lounge a few times and see if he shows up. Or have Jennifer get it.” Susan replies

“Uh, hard pass. I’m never going back to that lounge, and I’d rather not see him again and have to relive that fiasco.” Bria states

“Come on, I thought you said he was cute and nice, and you had fun.”

“Susan, go home!” Bria declares

“Seriously, he said it was ok. Maybe… Nawl, never mind” she laughs then shakes her head

“But serious talk, you’ve gotta let go of all that hatred and anger. Jaylen is gone, ultimately, he got exactly what he deserved. And yes, he was a deceitful, adulterous ass. But he was also your husband and deep, deep down under all that hate and anger, you loved him and that...” She pauses watching Bria as tears well up in her eyes

“That is what tortures you. You have fought against grieving for the man that you loved, fearing how it would make you look to those who know what happened. You’ve not only given him the four years that you were married, now, you’ve given him three more. I think that’s enough, he’s gone and you’re still here. Just grieve and let it go. So, a genuinely kind, loving and caring guy can sweep you off of your feet and actually love you the way you deserve to be loved.”

Susan gathers her things and after taking one last look at Bria, she whispers

“Love you Bri!”

It’s Tuesday evening, after a long busy and emotional day filled with thoughts of Jaylen, Bria is relaxing in a hot bubble bath. With a sad, melancholy instrumental playing in the background, she sits crying into her third glass of wine. All the emotions she’d been hiding from the world come crashing down on her at once. As she lay there bombarded with thoughts of anger, sadness, and betrayal her tears become uncontrollable.

Now, out of the tub, Bria lies in bed with reruns of the golden girls playing on the tv. It’s a little after eight and Bria is still crying when her phone rings. An unsaved number scrolls across her screen, desponded and annoyed, she just answers the phone, ready to lash out at what she suspected was a scammer.

“Hello!” she mutters through tears

“Hello!” the voice replies then pauses when the sadness in her voice registers

“I’m sorry. Is this a bad time?” the voice on the other end asks

“Who is this?” she asks not recognizing the voice

“I’m sorry. This is Warren, we met the other night at the lounge.” He explains

When Bria doesn’t respond, he continues

“I gave you a ride home”

Still just sitting there, Bria wipes a tear from her cheek then sits up in her bed. Unsure whether or not she’s still there Warren says


“Yes, I’m here!” she responds finally

“I was calling to see if you’d be interested in having lunch with me tomorrow.”

“I, um.” she begins


“There’s a place not far from your office called ‘Your Perfect Salad’. How is noon?”

“Noon is fine” she replies

After a minute, he asks

“Are you ok?”

“I’m ok.” she answers

“Your Perfect Salad, tomorrow at noon, I’ll be there!” she adds softly

“Good night, Bria!” he responds

“Night!” she mutters then hangs up

A few minutes after noon, Bria arrives at ‘Your Perfect Salad’. Warren is putting his phone away as she walks up to the table, he stands and pulling out her chair he says


“Hey, how are you?” Bria asks

“I’m good. I feel like I should be asking you that” he states when they’ve sat down

Bria laughs and says

“I’m better.”

“You look breathtaking by the way!”

“Thank you” she replies

“I’m sorry about last night. Yesterday was…” she pauses then glances across the table at him

“A long day!” she continues shaking her head, willing herself not to let thoughts of Jaylen into her head

“So, ‘Your Perfect Salad’, I’ve passed this place a thousand times but never been inside. It’s really nice in here.” she smiles changing the subject

“It is. It’s one of my favorite spots now.”

The server comes over and takes their drink order and when he walks away Bria dives right into the awkward conversation

“So, I am a little curious how exactly you got my number!” she inquires

Warren smiles then says

“When you left your phone in my car, I called myself from it.”

“So, technically you had mine too.” He laughs

“I suppose I did.” She acknowledges

When the server returns with their drinks, they give their order and Warren says

“I meant to call you sooner, but I had one thing after another come up.”

“It’s ok. I must say, I’m surprised you called at all. I wouldn’t have expected you to. Even if I would’ve given you, my number.” Bria confesses

“I had a really good time with you the other night.” He states

“You are too kind” she laughs

“Let’s just say, I definitely wanted to see you again!”

They laugh and after momentarily looking into each other’s eyes, Warren clears his throat

“So, I know your phone number, where you work and where you live. What else is there to know about Miss Bria”

“Believe it or not, that about sums it up!” she giggles

“I doubt that. Where are you from?”

“I was born and raised in Texas. My junior year of high school, my dad got this huge promotion and we moved to Florida. What about you?”

“I’m from Georgia, born and raised in Macon and the surrounding areas. I graduated from the University of Houston.”

“University of Houston. Ok, what did you major in?” she inquires

“Business Management and Entrepreneurship”

“That’s vague.”

“And with that, what do you do?” she asks

“I, um...” He pauses considering his words

“At an amusement center. Well, at three”

“You work at an amusement center. You mean like Disney or chuckie cheese?” Bria asks

Warren laughs and before he can respond, the server returns with their salads

“Thank you!” Bria states before he leaves

While they sit eating, Bria says

“So, you were raised in Georgia and went to Texas, what brought you to Florida?”

“Well, I’m only like three hours from Macon.” He says

Bria sits with that you know what I mean look on her face and he continues

“My wife…” he states, and Bria almost chokes on a piece of turkey

“My late wife” he says correcting his self before she can gather her words

Shaking her head, she clears her throat

“I’m so sorry” she pauses

“Thanks, it’s ok. It’s been a while”

“I know, but I’m sure that doesn’t make it any easier.”

“Do you have kids?” she asks

A little surprised by the question he says

“Yes, I have a daughter. She’s seven.”

“What about you? Any kids?” he asks

Bria stairs blankly then whispers

“No, no kids.”

When she looks at him finally, he says

“Why do I feel like there’s a story there”

Bria sits looking down at her plate, after taking a clearing breath, she finally looks up at him and shaking her head, she says

“There definitely is.”

Then clearing her throat, she asks

“Do you have any siblings?”

“No, the fools you met Friday night, Doug and Marcus are the closest things I have to brothers.”

“Besides dancing, what do you like to do for fun?” Warren laughs thinking back to their dance Friday night

Bria smiles then with a mischievous smirk says

“I hate dancing!”

“You can’t be the same Bria I met Friday night then” Warren says sitting back smiling at her

“Don’t start trying to seduce me with those eyes and that smile again.”

“I am the same person.”

“Just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I like doing it” she adds

“True but having said that. Now, as much as I’d like to dance with you again, I’d never really be comfortable asking you, knowing you hate it.”

“Never be afraid to ask a question you’re not one hundred percent sure you know the answer to. You just might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!” Bria smiles with that mischievous smile

Then looking at her watch, she says

“I’ve really enjoyed this. But I gotta get back, I have a deadline to meet.”

“I definitely can’t let you leave without asking if you’re seeing someone?” Warren asks

Following a brief hesitation Bria says


Eyeing her inquisitively he asks

“Would you be interested in doing this again? Say dinner Friday night?”

“I’d love to, as long as there’s no dancing involved!”

“Now, you know that makes me wonder, what you have against dancing.” Warren states as the server lays down their check

After putting some cash in the sleeve, he stands up and says

“Do share”

“Maybe we can discuss it over dinner.” She smiles

“Or maybe I’ll just invite you to go dancing!” Warren replies as they walk towards the exit

Outside, Warren asks

“Did you drive?”

“No, I walked. My office is just down the block.”

“I know. You mind if I walk you back?” he asks

“No, not at all” she replies heading down the sidewalk

“You asked if I was seeing anyone, but are you?” Bria asks

“No, I’m single. Or widower, I guess you’d say.”

“When I asked what you like to do, I kinda got sidetracked when you said you hated dancing. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?”

“I mean, just the typical stuff like watching tv and reading. I have a small garden in my back yard, so I do that sometimes, when I’m in the mood.” She laughs

“I used to go to the gym, but not so much anymore.”

“What do you have growing in your garden?” he inquires

“I have a small herb garden with basil, parsley and thyme. And a few more I can’t remember. And then I have like five or six vegetables like peppers, collard greens and squash.”

“It’s nothing fancy, trust me” she adds

“So, do you like to cook?” Warren asks

“I used to, but it’s just me now.” She pauses realizing what she said

“I do, It’s just not as fun cooking for one.” She states shaking her head

“You are very inquisitive. I feel like you know everything there is to know about me.”

“You haven’t told me much about you” she states as they arrive at her building

Taking her hand Warren smiles then whispers

“So, to balance the scales, I’ll be an open book for you on Friday!”

“I’m going to hold you to that!” she smiles

“Thanks for lunch.”

“You’re very welcome! I’ll call you tomorrow to discuss details for Friday.” he replies giving her a quick kiss on the cheek

Friday night, they arrive at Basil, a sleek upscale five-star restaurant. Bria is wearing a burgundy sleeveless dress with tan pumps. Warren is dressed in his signature color as usual, black pants and black shirt with a dark blue slim fit blazer. Once he’s pulled out Bria’s seat, he joins her then says

“You look beautiful tonight”

“Thank you! You are quite handsome as always.” she replies

“You’ve been fairly quiet since we left your house.”

“That’s only been like ten minutes” Bria laughs

“I’m just getting all my millions of questions ready for you.” she adds

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“Is wine, ok?” Warren asks just as the waiter walks up

“Sure, whatever you’re having is fine” she replies sweetly

Once he orders the wine Warren says

“I hope your week has improved since Tuesday.”

“It did. I guess you’re partly to thank for that.” She tells him

“I’m glad I could help.”

“Tell me about your parents” Bria states

“Warren Sr., my dad, is a plastic surgeon in Atlanta and my mom, Lisa owns and operates two hair studios, one in Atlanta and another in Macon.”

“Plastic surgery, that must be fascinating.”

“Believe it or not, my dad hardly ever talked about work at home. And I was in college before I ever actually went inside his office”

“You’re kidding, I would have been begging him to let me watch a surgery!”

The waiter brings the wine to their table, and they order oysters and eggplant for starters.

“Ok, I know you’ve been to your mom’s shop, right?”

Warren laughs then says

“When I was younger yes. But you know, when a guy walks into a salon, it gets really awkward. It’s like being in a fish tank”

Bria laughs and says

“Yeah, I can see that. Maybe you shouldn’t be so handsome!”

“I’ll work on that” he smiles

“What about you, no, wait. Let me guess.”

“Your dad’s a judge and your mom’s a…” he pauses as Bria laughs

“A college professor!”

“Nice try, but sadly no. My dad is the CEO at Layten Health Group, and my mom is a glorified party planner.”

“Glorified party planner!?”

“Yeah, she does public relations and fundraisers.”

“She plans parties for rich people with nothing else to do. But buy three-thousand-dollar plates of food and brag about nothing.”

“Well, considering how much you seem to dislike your mother’s clients, it seems they did a wonderful job raising you.”

Surprised at his statement Bria says

“Aww, that was sweet, I think”

“It was meant to be yes.” He states

“You have any siblings?” Warren asks

“No, I’m an only child” she replies

“Something else we have in common” He replies looking over the menu

“Have you decided what you want?”

“No, any suggestions?” she replies

“I can only judge by my taste, but I’m torn between the New York strip and the pork chop” he states

“I think I’m going to go with the pork chop!”

Once they’ve started in on their appetizers and given their orders to the waiter, Warren asks

“So, can I convince you to go dancing with me after dinner tonight?”

What feel like butterflies’ flutter in her stomach at the lewd thought of them dancing and before she can stop herself, she whispers

“I’m almost sure you can!”

“Anyway. Enough about me, back to you.”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

Warren, wipes his hands down his face and says

“Fun, that’s tricky. It’s been a long time since I thought about doing something that I thought was fun.”

“That is terrible”

“Being a single dad and working kind of takes up my life. When I’m not working or doing something with or for my daughter, Doug and Marcus usually drag me out of the house.”

“And when I do get a moment alone, I just watch tv or sleep.”

“Well, you’ve gotta work on that.” Bria declares

“I will under one condition!” he smirks with that mischievous look on his face

“What’s that, I go dancing with you?” she replies

“That’s even better! I was gonna say if you join me.” He states

Bria sits back, bracing herself for his response to her next question, she says

“I’m not gonna pry. But I do have a personal question”

“Fire away!” he replies without hesitation

“How long has it been since your wife passed?”

After a brief pause, Warren says

“Next month will make it four years.”

“I’m sorry. You just seem…” she hesitates when his expression changes

“You seem like a really great guy! Almost too good to be true.” she whispers

With a slight smile, he says

“Well, I sure think I am!”

When their dinner arrives, Bria asks

“Do you like sports?”

Warrens sits surprised by her question

“I have never held a conversation with a female, and she bring up sports first!”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” she asks with a raised eyebrow

“Let’s just say, that’s always a welcomed conversation”

Shaking his head, he says

“And to answer your question, I watch basketball and football. And what about you?”

“Basketball, not so much. But I love football.”

“You’re from Texas, so I’m guessing you’re a Dallas fan” Warren states

“Nope. I’m a diehard Tampa Bay fan.”

“Ha! I knew you were too good to be true.”

“Don’t even…” Bria laughs

“You sound like a hater. Who is your team, Washington?”

“No, that’s worse than Tampa. I’m a Dallas fan.”

“I don’t root for them to win when we play them. But I don’t hate them”

“So, you’d be willing to go to a game with me?” he asks expectantly

“I’m open to it, at the moment.”

“At the moment?”

“Man, way to kill a man’s confidence.”

Bria giggles then says

“You may get tired of me tomorrow. I’m just being realistic.”

“Preseason doesn’t even start for another month.” She adds

“I guess that’s true.”

After taking another bite of his food warren asks

“Tell me about your longest relationship”

After considering her words carefully Bria says

“Well, my relationship with my mom started a few months before…”

Warren laughs then just sits looking at Bria

Following a brief pause, she glances down at her plate then back at Warren

“I know, that’s not what you mean but can I answer that later?”

“I’d hate to ruin the evening” she adds

“Sure, that’s fair.”

Bria is quiet and distant the rest of dinner, when the waiter brings the check, she whispers

“I’ll meet you outside”

Just as the night air kisses her face, her emotional dam breaks, and tears stream down her cheeks. Walking down to a dimly lit end of the sidewalk, she stands with her back to the door fighting to get her emotions in check. Moments later Warren walks outside, when he gives valet his ticket, he walks up behind her and gently touching her back he whispers

“Hey!” then seeing her face he asks

“Are you ok?”

Taking a deep breath, she says

“Yeah, I’m fine”

Searching her face then taking her hand in his, Warren whispers

“We don’t ever have to talk about anything you’re not comfortable talking about!”

Bria just stands there looking at him for a moment, then he embraces her. Leaning into his arms, Bria relaxes a little and breathes in his cologne. The slick sweetness of bitter peach lulls her emotions into check.

Valet finally arrives with the car and when they get in Warren says

“There’s a concert at the park tonight. You wanna go for a walk?”

“I didn’t bring walking shoes” Bria laughs

“We can walk at my place, after I change shoes. If you want, it’s pretty quiet”


Once Bria changes her shoes, they head back out for a walk. Finally breaking the silence Bria whispers

“I was married for almost four years, after dating for almost three prior to that.”

“So, my last relationship was great, pretty much perfect, until it wasn’t.” she adds

Surprised Warren asks

“Was, so does that mean you’re divorced?”

“No, he’s dead!” she states

Stopping and looking at her he asks

“Wait, you didn’t kill him, did you?”

“No, come on!” She responds pulling him by his hand

“I mean, you don’t sound too broken up about it.” Warren replies

“How long has it been?” he asks

“Tuesday made three years” Bria responds

“Well, that explains that!”

“That Thursday morning, we woke up, he packed and headed to a conference in Tampa for three days and I went to work. Friday morning, two officers came to my office and informed me that he’d been killed. That he was the victim of a double murder suicide, in his hotel room.”

Warren just listens as they continue walking down the sidewalk and Bria continues

“Apparently, his mistress or girlfriend, whatever you want to call her. She was also an adulteress whore. And her husband followed her to the hotel in Tampa and after shooting him a few times, he slit her throat, then killed himself.”


“So, no, I’m not broken up about his death, I’m more upset that I didn’t find out he was cheating on me until after he was dead.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“I mean, I never would have guessed all that”

“Yeah, so, I’m sorry I made it weird earlier. But I really hate talking about it.”

“Why do you hate talking about it? If you don’t mind me asking.” Warren asks after a minute

Bria laughs then says

“It’s not normal, being content your husband is dead. I’m angry and bitter at someone that no longer exists. I’m still mad at the fact that I wasted six years in a relationship that was a complete sham. When I think of his death, all I feel is that it serves him right. And that just makes me feel like a horrible person.”

“Can I tell you a hard truth”

“By all means!” Bria replies rolling her eyes

“That’s not fair. I think you’re cheating yourself. Just because of the way things ended, doesn’t mean that your entire relationship was a lie.”

“And you’re right, but all those answers died with him.”

“That’s just the narrative you’ve chosen to go with…”

“Don’t even say that I have to let go of all this anger and bitterness and just move on!” Bria says cutting him off

“I don’t have to, you just did!”

“I was really starting to like you, until this moment” she replies

“I’m pretty sure I can win you over again!” he smirks

“Alright, so, thank you for answering my question!” Warren states

Stopping then taking both of her hands he says

“Now, tell me, this big secret with you and dancing!”

“I thought for sure you’d forgotten about that!” she smiles

“Come on, I watched you turn down three guys last week at the lounge. Then when I asked, you said sure.”

“You watched me, huh?” Bria smiles

“I did. Anyway, you can dance, like you do it all the time. So, for you to say you hate it, was a complete shock.”

“Dancing is like an audition for what’s to come. I’ve always considered it to be sort of a prelude. So, needless to say I don’t just dance with anyone”

“And not everyone gets to know this information!” she whispers leaning into his ear like she’s sharing a secret

Leaning back intrigued Warren says

“So, when I asked you if I could convince you to go dancing with me after dinner, and you said you’re almost sure I could, what does that mean?”

Turning to walk back towards her place Bria says

“The next time we dance, it won’t be in public!”

Back inside Bria’s house, she turns on some music and pours them two glasses of wine. Walking over to sit next to Warren on the couch, she asks

“It’s late, don’t you have to go get your daughter?”

Taking the glass from her hand, then sitting it on the table Warren replies

“No, she’s at her grandparent’s house for the weekend”

“You still want to dance?” she whispers seductively

“I’ve already auditioned!” he responds finally giving into the alluring look in her eyes

Becoming lost in the intensity of their kiss, they get carried away. After both achieving a euphoric high, they lie in bed wrapped in each other’s arms.

Waking up to the sweet smell of cinnamon and vanilla, Warren walks into Bria’s kitchen the following morning.

“And she cooks!” he states walking up behind her giving her a quick kiss on the cheek

“Good morning beautiful!”

“Good morning!” she replies placing the last of the French toast on a plate

“You hungry?” she asks

“I am, and this looks amazing!” he replies glancing at the plate of French toast topped with powdered sugar, strawberries and blueberries and another with a pile of bacon

Watching as Bria starts moving plates to the table, he states

“You do know, you didn’t have to do all this”

“Well, I thought it was only right I help you refuel after last night”

At the table, while they sit eating breakfast, Warren says

“When I asked you about kids, you said there was a story there.”

Laughing Bria says

“My husband was ten years older than me and neither of us wanted kids. A few months after we got married, he said he was getting a vasectomy. We fought for a few days, then he admitted that he’d already had the procedure done and just didn’t know how to tell me.”

“Wow, I really hate to speak ill of the dead. But I’m finding it hard to see what you saw in this guy.” Warren confesses

“You and me both, which makes me angry with myself.”

“Why did you fight about the procedure, if neither of you wanted kids?” Warren asks

“I was twenty-six at the time, I didn’t want kids then, but I had my whole life to possibly change my mind.”

“I wasn’t even on birth control.” She mutters

“It’s too early for serious conversations!” she laughs shaking off the thought

“I’m sorry, I was only curious. Because I kind of have a kid!”

“I love kids. I have a little niece that’s your daughters age.” She replies

“I thought you were an only child” he states

“I am, but my best friend’s niece is just like my niece. I’ve known her since she was one. Other than that, I’m not really around any kids.”

“Plus, thankfully, I’m still kind of young. So, we’ll see.”

“Hypothetically speaking, if I were to meet someone Monday, at say the store and they asked me if I was seeing anyone, what do you think my response should be?” Warren states then smiles

“Hypothetically, I couldn’t care less.” She responds then gets up from the table

Following her into the kitchen he asks

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

Bria smirks then says

“Nothing, why?”

“I couldn’t care less” he replies

“Yes, hypothetically I couldn’t care less. You want a real answer, ask me a question”

“Without the hypotheticals!” she adds

“I really like you. I mean, I find you debilitatingly attractive and intriguing and I’ve enjoyed every second that we’ve spent together…”

“But…” Bria states cutting him off

“Because I have a daughter and honestly because some days, I still struggle with losing my wife.”

Bria takes his hand and whispers

“You know I’m still working through some things too, remember Tuesday.”

“Can we just agree to take whatever this is, a day at a time?”

They stand looking into each other’s eyes and Warren says

“Does that mean I can still kiss you?”

With that alluring smile she says

“Debilitatingly attractive!”

With a raised eyebrow, she wraps her arms around his neck then whispers

“I’m glad that doesn’t apply to all of you!”

When they kiss, Warren’s arousal is made evident and unable to withstand the desire for more, they once again become undone.

It’s after two o’clock when Bria finishes showing Warren her backyard. When she walks him out, he says

“You have my number, so use it!” Leaning in giving her a kiss that lingers a second too long

Stepping back Bria smirks then says

“I thought you were leaving”

“Call me, anytime” Warren says

“I will, promise” she replies then turns and walks back inside

It’s Sunday evening when Bria finally calls Warren.

“Hello!” he says answering the phone

“Hey, you sound like you were sleep, did I wake you?” Bria asks

“No, I’m just laying down watching tv. How are you?”

“I’m ok. What are you watching?” She asks

“It’s some cooking show”

“What have you been up to today?”

“Nothing, I just did laundry and watched tv”

“This weekend I’ll be out of town, but I’d love to take you to lunch sometime this week. If you have time.” Warren states

“What day were you thinking?”

“Tomorrow I’ll be in Dothan all day but, Tuesday or Wednesday I’m free.”

“You want to go back to your spot?” Bria asks

“Wherever you want to go is fine”

“Ok, let’s plan for Tuesday at noon” she replies

“Sounds good, I’ll text you tomorrow to confirm” he states

“Night Warren!” Bria responds

“Night!” he says hanging up the phone

Moments after hanging up the phone with Warren, Bria’s phone rings

“Hey Bri!” Susan states

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Good, I guess. I haven’t heard from you all week. Are you still mad at me?” she asks

“No, of course not. Why would you think that?”

“Well, after last Sunday. I thought I’d give you some space, but I never did hear from you.”

“No, I’m not mad at you.”

“Good cause Jay is going to be in Atlanta for a few days. Monica is having surgery.”

“Oh, man. Is she ok?” Bria asks

“Yeah, she’s having a hysterectomy. She should have had it done years ago, but she’s been trying to avoid it.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well.”

“Me too, I wanted to see if I could stay with you Tuesday and Wednesday night?” Susan asks

“Of course, you can!”

Tuesday, around ten, Bria calls Warren. Unable to reach him she leaves a voicemail

“Hey Warren, I’m not going to make it to lunch today. I had a client fly in unexpectedly this morning and I’ll be in meetings all day. I’m sorry.” She states

Then she sends him a quick text in case he doesn’t listen to his voicemails.

Stuck in meetings, can’t make lunch.


Wednesday afternoon, Bria gets a delivery. A glass vase of over two dozen purple tulips, with a note that says

Thinking of you! Hope these make your ordinary day, extraordinary!


When she reads the note, she smiles then picking up her phone, she sends Warren a quick text.

These flowers are beautiful!

Thank you so much!

And yes, they definitely made my day!

That night Bria leaves her flowers at work, as not to alarm Susan. Still unsure what exactly is going on between her and Warren, she decides not to mention him to anyone.


About the author

Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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