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When you know

sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands

By HummingbirdPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 2 min read
When you know
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All he ever wanted was to be happily married. The consolation at this point is his two beautiful children that came from that union. Maybe cheating is part of that happiness, he thought. Maybe he needed a little freedom.

He handed Sara a towel to clean herself up and proceeded to get ready for dinner, alone, at the hotel restaurant upstairs. Sara will leave to go back home to Michael, a good friend of Joe's from way back at John Hopkins University. That's how he met Sara afterall.

It was a double-date, and Anneline didn't like Sara upon meeting her that night because apparently, Sara took an unusual interest in Joe's career. That night, Anneline said that Sara was not a girl's girl and is therefore dangerous. Joe had no idea what she was rambling on about but through experience, he let her express her feelings.

Sara, a nurse, knew there would be a medical conference soon and Joe, being a surgeon was sure to attend. She cunningly devised a plan to cross paths with Joe two weeks after meeting him. Joe was loyal to his wife and felt uncomfortable having drinks with his friends' wife. Sara must have sensed this because she called Michael in his presence, exclaiming, " wouldn't believe I bumped into Joe at the conference!"

Needless to say, a few drinks later, a couple of hours of venting about married life, Jezebel managed to successfully seduce him. It's been 7 months and these meet-ups still did not feel comfortable. The guilt was eating away at Joe. He was bretraying his vows, his wife, his friend and himself.

As Sara exited the building, Joe sat down for dinner, perusing the menu. His phone rang. It was Anneline. With her eyes following the movement of Sara as Sara makes her way to her uber pickup spot along the sidewalk, Anneline asks her husband if he's busy and Joe says that he just sat down for dinner. Anneline decides to join Joe for dinner making sure to warmly greet Sara with a hug on her way in. Inhaling deeply, that familiar smell of sex. Even though she'd been trailing them for 4 months, it never gets easier.

Anneline joins Joe, who was surprised to see her. "Who's with the kids?" he asked. "The babysitter was available for a couple hours" she said. He looked heavy and burdened. This was the look he possessed when she first had the intuition that there's another woman. She said "well, since we have the babysitter, I figured, you know, and you have a room..." and let the suggestion trail off. Joe's thoughts were racing because his room was a mess. He was not expecting her or anyone for that matter. But she will surely know. So he decided to angrily reply "don't be selfish, I had a long day, I'm hungry and I'm tired. Maybe you should head back."

She stood up, feeling rejected and hurt, tears welling up as she left. She couldn't understand why he would cheat at all. She would never deny him intimacy. They loved each other. They had a beautiful life, a beautiful family. She's a size 4, height being 5 ft 10, greyish-blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Maybe it wasn't about her, she thought.


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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Excellent story 🎉🎉 amazing writing style

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