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When Love Fails. Part 1

When love breaks Down

By Fred Aloysius WeedorPublished 7 months ago 7 min read
When Love Fails. Part 1
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Young people, Jason (25), and Megan (23), go through a street that is dimly illuminated.

They are laughing together while holding hands and embracing each other tightly.

Jason: I'm in love with you.

MEGAN: I adore you as well.

A car suddenly speeds past them, leaving a watery mess on Megan's clothes.

Oh no, Megan (startled). My outfit is damaged.

I'm very sorry, Meg, Jason says it with regret.

We'll get you cleaned up when I take you home.

Okay, Megan (with a sigh).

The atmosphere has changed as they continue to go along the street. Megan can feel Jason's disappointment, so he makes an effort to lighten the situation.

Hey, at least we have a story to tell, Jason says while attempting to sound upbeat.

I don't want a tale, Jason. Megan says this in frustration. I want to go out on a lovely date with my partner.

JASON (beaten) I am aware. I apologize.

They go in silence until they arrive at Megan's apartment complex.

Would you like to stay a little, Megan?

Jason (smiling): Sure thing.

INT. NIGHT IN MEGAN'S APARTMENT Jason and Megan walk in and Megan goes to the bathroom to take off her damp dress. Why does everything have to go wrong?" Jason asks himself. In sweats and a t-shirt, Megan makes her reappearance.

MEGANE (coughs)

I apologize for being so irritable.

Jason encircles her with his arm.

It's alright. I comprehend.

No, you don't, Megan (crying). We seem to be separating, in my opinion.

What do you mean, Jason (concerned)? We used to be so in love, but now it seems like we're just going through the motions. MEGAN says "tragedy.

Jason says, "I still adore you, Meg." I will always

But love isn't enough, Jason. MEGAN cries. To make this work, we need more than that.

Jason (desperate): I'll do anything to make this work. I don't want to lose you.

MEGAN (resigned): I don't know what to do, Jason. Maybe we need a break.

JASON (shocked) A break? What does that even mean?

MEGAN (explaining) It means we take some time apart to figure out what we really want. Maybe we'll realize that we're meant to be together, or maybe we'll realize that we're better off apart.

JASON (emotional) I don't want to lose you, Meg. Please don't do this.

MEGAN (sadly) I'm sorry, Jason. I need some time to think. Jason leaves Megan's apartment, feeling lost and alone.

FADE OUT. FADE IN: EXT. CITY STREET, DAY Several weeks have passed, and Jason is walking down the same street where he and Megan had their argument. He's lost weight and looks tired.

Jason (to himself) I miss her so much. Suddenly, he sees Megan walking towards him. She looks happy and refreshed.

MEGAN (smiling) Hey, Jason

JASON (surprised) Hey, Meg. How are you?

MEGAN (excitedly) I'm good. Actually, I'm great. JASON (looking at her curiously) what happened?

MEGAN (grinning) I realized that I was holding onto something that wasn't working. I needed to let go and start fresh.

JASON (deflated) so that's it? It's over?

MEGAN (sadly) I think so, Jason. We're just not right for each other.

JASON (heartbroken) But I love you, Meg. I always will.

MEGAN (softly) I know, Jason. And I'll always love you, too. But sometimes love isn't enough.

JASON (nodding) I understand. They stand in silence for a moment, both feeling the weight of their decision.

MEGAN (offering a small smile) I hope we can still be friends.

JASON (nodding) Yeah, me too

MEGAN (starting to walk away) Take care of yourself, Jason.

JASON (watching her go) you too, Meg


Jason is sitting on his couch, staring blankly at the TV. His phone rings, interrupting his thoughts.

JASON (answering the phone) Hello? CALLER (on the other end of the line)

Hey, Jason. It's Megan.

JASON (surprised) Hey, Meg. What's up?

MEGAN (excitedly) I was wondering if you wanted to grab a drink with me tonight? Just as friends, of course.

JASON (thinking) Um, sure. Yeah, that sounds good.

MEGAN (sounding pleased) Great. Meet me at The Bluebird in an hour.

JASON (nodding) Yeah, I'll be there.

MEGAN (smiling) See you soon. Jason hangs up the phone, feeling a glimmer of hope.


Jason and Megan are sitting at a table, sipping on drinks and chatting.

MEGAN (smiling) I'm really glad we can still be friends, Jason.

JASON (nodding) Me too, Meg. I've missed you.

MEGAN (sympathetically) I know it's been hard, but I think we made the right decision.

JASON (sighing) Yeah, I think you're right.

MEGAN (offering a small smile) But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy each other's company.

JASON (grinning) absolutely.

They continue talking and laughing, enjoying each other's company. As the night wears on, they both realize that they're still in love with each other, but they're not sure if they're ready to try again.

MEGAN (pensively) I don't know, Jason. Maybe we're better off as friends. JASON (nodding) yeah, maybe

MEGAN (smiling) But who knows what the future holds? JASON (optimistically) Yeah, who knows?

FADE OUT. FADE IN: EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Jason and Megan are walking down the same street where they had their argument. They're both smiling and laughing, enjoying each other's company.

MEGAN (laughing) Remember when that car splashed water all over my dress? JASON (smiling) how could I forget? That was the moment everything changed.

MEGAN (thoughtfully) But maybe it was for the best. If that hadn't happened, we might not be where we are now.

JASON (nodding) yeah, maybe you're right.

MEGAN (looking at him) I know we've been through a lot, but I still care about you, Jason.

JASON (looking back at her) I care about you too, Meg.

MEGAN (softly) and I still love you.

JASON (emotional) I love you too, Meg.

They stop walking and face each other, both feeling a mix of emotions.

MEGAN (voice trembling) Do you think we could try again? Start fresh?

JASON (thinking) I don't know, Meg. It won't be easy.

MEGAN (nodding) I know, but I think it's worth it.

JASON (sighing) Okay. Let's do it.

MEGAN (smiling) really?

JASON (nodding) yeah I love you, Meg. And I want to try again.

MEGAN (tearfully) I love you too, Jason.

They embrace, both feeling a sense of relief and hope.

FADE OUT. FADE IN: INT. JASON'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Jason and Megan are sitting on the couch, holding hands.

JASON (sighing) I is sorry for all the mistakes I've made, Meg. I'm not perfect.

MEGAN (squeezing his hand) I know that, Jason. But I'm not perfect either. JASON (smiling) but together, we're pretty close.

MEGAN (nodding) yeah, we are. They sit in comfortable silence for a moment, both feeling grateful for this second chance.

JASON (looking at her) I promise to do better, Meg. To be the partner you deserve. MEGAN (smiling) I know you will, Jason. And I promise to do the same. JASON (leaning in) I love you, Meg.

MEGAN (leaning in) I love you too, Jason. They share a kiss, both feeling hopeful for their future together.

In Conclusion

The moral of this short story is Misunderstanding and lack of trust can cause love to fail. Communication is very important. If you and your partner can share every little thing that make each of you happy and sad, there will understanding and trust to breaks all odds. The little things you might overlook in a relationship might be the one to cause the love in that relationship to fail

(When loves Fails, Will Megan and Jason Continue? Who are the other parties with in their love affair? Why did Megan Suddenly brake up with Jason?) Watch out for Part 2



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Fred Aloysius Weedor

Fred Aloysius Weedor is a 35-year-old motivational teacher, life coach & teacher of God's word. He's passionate about empowering people. He's a sought-after speaker, author & mentor, known for his compassionate & empathetic approach.

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  • MOTIVATIONAL BLISS7 months ago

    this is so romantic, the author's style of writing is very refreshing and connects to the heart, continue your good work., I m following always.

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