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Welcome to Ameranada Youth Arms Training Corp Speech

by Linda Serrano 3 months ago in Short Story
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Spoken by Ms. Marjorie on May 20, 2166

Hello, my name is Ms. Marjorie and I’m… of a special rank for the Ameranadian army. I bet you young boys are wondering why you’re here at the Ameranada Youth Arms Training Corp or AYATC for short. I have the answers for you. You see, you all have been selected before birth to protect the emperor. By who? None other than the emperor himself of course! His majesty has a team of biological specialists look through a series of citizens’ ancestry records going back as far as ancient America.

These specialists went through every single medical records, DNA samples, and tests to select the most healthiest future soldiers to fight for this empire. Once the selection is made, the specialists would compile a list for our recruiters to find the expectant mothers and convince them to give up their parental rights in the name of Ameranada.

Most if not all expectant mothers gave up their sons for the future of this empire and for that we thank them for their contribution. Because of their sacrifice, we have healthy boys like you to protect us from enemies from all over. So how does our education system work you ask?

At this academy, we teach cadets to read, write, problem solve, Ameranadian history as well as combat. We also teach morality, discipline and our three values: loyalty, integrity, and excellence in all we do. We won’t accept less from our cadets and those who don’t measure up will be dishonorably discharge. So believe me when I say you don’t want to be on that end of the spectrum.

Your diet will consist of the typical three square meals a day all portioned out as so: 6-11 servings of grains, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruits, 2-3 servings of dairy and protein, and you can forget about oils and sweets. You will begin your Physical Training on your seventh year. PT will commence every day at six in the morning no sooner, no later. This intense training consists of the basic warm ups such as push ups, sit ups, planks, arm circles, etc. Then we’ll conclude with the mile run. I don’t necessarily know the maximum time you should complete the run so please see the mile run chart in the work out room. Failure to comply with PT will cause a punishment for undisciplined behavior.

After PT, you will shower and get dress in your greens - that’ll be your standard uniform- and then you’ll join the barracks for breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, there will be a uniform inspection so try not to be a sloppy eater. After the inspection, you will correct your uniform should any discrepancies are found and you’ll report to your designated classes. Your group will get a new schedule each week so please remember them. Also please attend ALL your classes as they are necessary to become a certified soldier. Should you fall ill or injured and needed to stay in the infirmary, I suggest you have one of your fellow cadets bring your missing assignments for we don’t have time to wait for you to recover. Failure to attend classes would result in punishment for undisciplined behavior. If you fail your classes consistently, you’ll be dishonorably discharged immediately.

Please be aware that you are sharing a room with nine other cadets and you should be mindful of them. So curfew is at nine on the dot and you’ll know when you hear the taps - a song essentially- that’ll signal the end of the day. Unless you’re going to use the lavatory, there should be no excuse for you to be out of your rooms. If you’re caught out of your room wondering about, you’ll spend the night in confinement until dawn.

More on your fellow cadets, cleanliness is key to keeping the peace between yourselves. Please make sure your space is clean and well organized to our standards. If you want to know how it’s done, please refer to your cadet handbook. Chores will be equally distributed within the cadets and it must be done before the end of the day. We will have our lieutenants check behind you to make sure that it gets done. Failure to comply will result in punishment for undisciplined behavior. Although exchanging chores is frowned upon, it is not forbidden so do what you want with this information.

Unless you and a cadet are sparring during combat lessons, there will be no fighting. Should the cadets fight, both parties WILL be punished for undisciplined behavior. You will be taught to treat ALL cadets with respect for one day they’ll fight beside you on the battlefield. If you see any cadets displaying signs of undisciplined behavior, please do not hesitate to give us an anonymous tip so they can be rightfully punished.

Now I know these rules sound a bit too stressful for you, but it’ll come naturally to you with a little time. I see you still have doubts about our selection system and what happens after arrival. I’m not supposed to tell you, but I don’t see any harm so why not. So you go through this process where we microchip and give y’all a temporary number until we find a suitable name for y’all. It usually takes about a week to come up with a name, but to some it just comes….naturally. For example we just had a new arrival last week. A young lady with a good future ahead of her decided to give up her baby for the sake of the empire just so she can graduate high school with her peers. It’s a win- win actually. We got a future soldier and she got her life back. Let me tell you when I first held him, I looked into his hazel eyes and I’ve already got a name for him. Yes, in less than twenty- four hours I named him and I got a gut wrenching feeling that he’ll be a rock star cadet!

Now that doesn’t mean y’all could stop trying. It just means that if we have a hundred percent faith in a week old baby, then we have faith in you guys as well. So I say you should be thankful that His majesty selected you to protect his empire, keep your head up, and proudly represent the land you love! For without you there won’t be an emperor and without an emperor there won’t be an empire!

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Don’t mind me. I’m just an ambitious writer trying to write stories inspired by films, books, music, and my personal life. I’m currently working on three different novels on Wattpad as I’m typing this profile so stay tuned 😉

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