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Vengeance and Prejudice

Story of a Dress-shop Owner

By Tonia RuckerPublished 5 months ago β€’ 5 min read
Vengeance and Prejudice
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It was the year 1927, a time when the world seemed to be in constant motion, and I found myself at the helm of a small dress shop in the vibrant city of New Orleans. As a man of taste and skill, I prided myself on creating garments that embodied elegance and sophistication. Little did I know that my life was about to take a dark and haunting turn.

One fateful day, a rather remarkable black woman named Josephine entered my shop; her presence was as vivid as the colors I worked with daily. Her ebony skin radiated with grace and poise. "I have heard tales of this shop's exquisite craftsmanship, and I hope you can create the perfect dress for me," She said with the utmost confidence and esteem. How dare she? Does she really think I will work for her?

Although I find her quite interesting to study. She walks with such elegance and grace. She has come from money, but how? How can someone who looks like her come from such wealth? How can someone like her hold so much beauty?

She approached me with this request to create a dress, blissfully unaware of the deep-seated prejudice I harbored within. While I took offense at her audacity to ask me for such a favor, I saw an opportunity to satisfy my own vengeful desires.

Suppressing my anger, I offered to take her measurements, intending to exploit her trust and unleash my pent-up animosity. As I wrapped the measuring tape around her body, a twisted plan formed in my mind. In one swift and merciless motion, I drove a knife into her back, robbing her of breath and life.

What have I done?

As the years passed, the weight of my dark deed began to bear down upon me, consuming my soul with guilt and remorse. I found myself haunted by the memories of that fateful day when my prejudice led me to commit an unspeakable act of cruelty against Josephine.

Regret became a constant companion, a shadow that enveloped my every thought. The vibrant colors of life faded into shades of gray as I grappled with the consequences of my actions. The presence of Josephine, silently haunting me and the corridors of my shop, served as a relentless reminder of the life I had so callously taken.

This must be my mind's eye playing tricks onto me. Right?

For years, the dress shop continued its business, and the weight of my terrible secret lay heavy upon me.

In the solitude of my nights, I often found myself lost in introspection, questioning the person I had become. The burden of guilt became unbearable, and I yearned for a way to atone for my past sins.

Two decades after that fateful day, the ghost of the woman I had wronged emerged from the shadows, returning from the realm of the dead to haunt the very place she had met her demise.

As a ghostly specter, she silently roamed the shop's corridors, disguised as an ordinary worker whenever I was away. Her mere presence sent shivers down my spine, reminding me of the grave injustice I had committed. But it was not just my guilt that she sought to redress; it was a cycle of revenge that she wove into the fabric of my life.

One fateful day, my wife decided to visit the shop to find a dress for a grand gala. At this point in my life, I have employed dozens of employees over the years. She wanted to surprise me, so I didn't go with her.

I began to worry when she didn't return home. It was 6pm, and the dress shop should have been closed with Paula, my closer for the day.

My concern grew to paranoia, mainly because the anniversary of Josephine was here, and my guilt caused me to see and think about her almost everywhere I went. My throat was dry, and my heart was racing. I felt as if something was wrong.

I ran to the shop as fast as I could; there was no time to wait for a streetcar.

I made it, but the dress shop was locked, and I could see a figure through the door as I fumbled with the keys.

As I brust opened the door, my wife fell, lifeless, just like Josephine had all those years ago. The weight of my sins crushed me, knowing that I had caused the loss of two lives. And at this time, little did I know the curse of the dress shop would continue to haunt my family for generations to come.

I watched helplessly as the tragedy unfolded with each passing generation. The weight of my transgressions bore down on me, and I began to realize the magnitude of the hate that had driven me to commit such an atrocious act. The haunting, never-ending cycle of retribution served as a constant reminder of the sins I could never undo.

Over time, I transformed from the proud dress shop owner into a broken and humbled man. The memories of that dreadful day never left me, etched into my conscience as a stark reminder of the horrors of discrimination and the destructive power of hatred.

Driven by a desperate desire for redemption, I turned my efforts toward acts of kindness and charity. I dedicated myself to supporting causes that championed equality and understanding, hoping to make amends for the darkness that had once consumed me.

The ghosts of my past continued to haunt me, their presence a constant reminder of the pain I had inflicted. Yet, in the midst of my remorse, I found solace in the possibility of change. I spent my remaining days striving to be better, working tirelessly to bring light and love into a world that had once known only darkness.

Though I could never undo the terrible act I committed, I held onto the hope that my actions could inspire compassion and empathy in others. In seeking forgiveness from those I had wronged, I discovered a glimmer of redemption, a chance to build a legacy that would transcend the shadows of my past.

As the years have turned into nearly a century, I am left to ponder the consequences of my actions. The dress shop stands as a solemn monument to the pain and suffering I have caused. The ghost of the woman I murdered still lurks within its walls, her mission of revenge and justice unyielding, forever leaving a mark on our souls.

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