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unrequited love between human and ghost

The most beautiful love

By Flagler DanzigPublished 6 months ago 7 min read
unrequited love between human and ghost
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Ethan is a cab driver and has been driving at night recently.

That day it was more than midnight, he thought to earn more money to marry and have children, so he continued to wander in the silence of the road. Suddenly he saw a figure waving to him on the roadside, he stopped the car close, and looked, it was a beautiful woman! Ethan, a relatively introverted and shy person, did not dare to look, but from the afterglow probably knew that the girl was young and tall, wearing a pink chameleon, looking elegant and dignified.

The girl sat down in the back seat and said, "Brother, to Gandhi Road." The voice is very gentle and beautiful.

But the car did not drive long, Ethan saw her from the rear-view mirror in a low voice crying, which can be anxious Ethan, he can not see a woman crying, such a good-looking girl is crying so sad, he felt his heart is going to break. But think and people also do not know, so it is not good to ask what. But one thing is for sure, she must have encountered a sad thing.

In this way, a few minutes later arrived at Gandhi Road. She paid the money and left. Ethan glanced back at the seat behind him and his eyes lit up: he saw a bracelet on the seat. The bracelet was sterling silver! Ethan, who has never been one to take advantage of people, decided to return the bracelet without even thinking about it.

So he waited there, hoping she would come back for the bracelet. But after more than two hours, he didn't see her. So he got out of the car again and wandered around the neighborhood to see if he could find anything new.

As the day dawned, Ethan was yawning and his stomach was growling, so he drove back home.

When he got home, he put his wallet, keys, and bracelet on the bedside table and went into the bathroom to wash up. When his brother learned that he had found a bracelet, he came over to him and said, "Why don't you keep this bracelet for yourself and give it to the one you love later?"

Hearing this, Ethan refused, "That's not okay! If a girl loses something, she should be very anxious!" Ethan made fun of himself and scolded him: "What a brain!"

That night, the girl who lost the bracelet appeared in front of him, Ethan was surprised and hurriedly handed her the bracelet. Ethan urged her not to lose such an expensive thing in the future.

But the girl sighed, her feelings were complicated and contradictory.

Ethan also does not know where he got the courage to go up and ask: "Will ...... we still have the chance to meet in the future?"

Ethan the meaning of these words, the girl certainly understand, shook her head: "Yin and Yang two apart, I am no longer the Yang world." With a sad face, she turned around and wanted to leave.

Ethan was anxious and tried to stop her, pulling her hand, but nothing happened. Looking at her distant back, Ethan hurriedly shouted: "Girl, where can I find you?"

"Undertow ......" The woman did not turn around, her voice seemed to fall from the sky.

At this point, Ethan woke up, it turned out to be a dream. A glance saw that the bracelet on the bedside table was gone! He was baffled: did he see a ghost? But he did not feel afraid, on the contrary, he wanted to see the girl more urgently.

The next morning, he bought a ticket on the train, after a day and night journey to the town of Hades. An undertow is a famous place for ghosts, it is said that the town gathered the ghosts of the five lakes and the four seas, once at night out of activity. Ethan found a cheap hotel, and sleep during the day, as soon as it is dark, out to find people. In this way a month to find is, see the body with less and less money, he became very anxious, can not keep looking like this, right?

Another night, he came to a dance hall, there are a lot of men and women dancing and having fun, and the woman on the stage is particularly eye-catching, twisting the body of a man. Ethan took a look, it was the girl he was looking for!

He was just about to run over, only to see the people dancing around suddenly all look back at him, a face then became very hideous and distorted, glowing green eyes fierce glare at him! They were all ghosts! And Ethan was their prey. Ethan's heart was pounding with panic as he faced the slowly approaching ghosts.

Suddenly, the girl on the stage spoke up: "Friends, he is my living friend, please let him go!"

Soon, the horrible ghosts turned back into ordinary people, continue to dance and have fun, although the mouth of delicious again flew, are not very reluctant.

The woman jumped off the stage, grabbed Ethan's hand, and ran out of the cabaret. After running for another unknown period, the woman took him to her home.

"How stupid, you came to me." The woman scolded him, her cheeks flushed. Ethan can no longer restrain, a hold of the woman's slender hand, "girl, come back with me, I will treat you well ......"

The woman's eyes became bleak: "You are a living person, I am a ghost, how can people and ghosts together?"

Ethan asked, "Isn't there any way?"

"There are two ways, either you die and become a ghost, or I come back to life and become a human again. I can't let you become a ghost. And I need to suck the blood of living people for a hundred days."

"That midnight, I took your cab, deliberately left the bracelet in your car, that is exactly my tool to suck the blood of the living. Whoever picked it up and put it on his hand would be sucked out of his blood and die. Who knows that when you meet such a stupid person, you have to return something to someone ......"

Hearing these words, Ethan sucked in a cold breath! In the end, the ghosts are still harmful things ah! But the woman in front of him, it seems that there is no intention to kill. She told Ethan: "When I was alive, I was too young and naive, I was cheated of my feelings, and I couldn't think of anything to do with suicide. I regretted it soon after I died, and realized that there are still many things left in the human world, so I want to resurrect and be human again. And I hold a grudge against men, if you men had not cheated me of my feelings in the first place, I would not have committed suicide! So, to suck the blood of the living, I went after men."

"But after I met, I felt that not all men in the human world are so desperate. I also thought well, not resurrected, just be a peaceful ghost, it's also good."

Ethan was impressed, this female ghost, is also so loving and righteous, he could not leave her. But by now the sky was getting light again, and she was pulling and pushing, telling him to go! Ethan was reluctant to go and said with red eyes, "I want to come back to you tomorrow night."

"No, it's too in here, it will break your life span. You ...... don't come back!" The girl finished, tears like a spring, "If you do not leave the sky will be light, you can never leave, go!" The girl said she pushed hard and pushed Ethan out of the door.

A stumble, Ethan came back to his senses and found himself falling on the wide, silent road, the distant hills to the east, flooded with the red light of the sun ......

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Flagler Danzig

The talent is 1% inspiration adds on 99% sweat, certainly, does not have that 1% inspiration, in the world all sweat to put or bring together also only is the sweat!

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