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Unethically Dead.

A Very Short Story

By PriyalPublished 21 days ago 1 min read

I did something so unethical, that the Devil must be proud.

I died.

I, formerly called Abigail Partner, erased myself from the world. I erased my footprints. I made everyone believe I vanished off the face of the earth.

How? Well, it's not that hard, if you have enough patience. I started by completely ghosting everyone. Yes, my relatives were worried. But this was essential to the plan. After a few months of removing myself from the online world, I came back again. Everyone was relieved. But I did it again. And again. And again. Again and again, until I had done it enough times for this behaviour to be considered "normal". I paid all my debt, loans, everything. I slowly sold my stuff. Slowly. I took away all subscriptions, all accounts, all bank accounts, everything. I changed my name, my social security number, and all that stuff. I got camping, hunting, and farming gear. I left a note for my family, to confirm I was dead. I went to a village so isolated, it wasn't even on a map. I fended for myself. I worked an under-the-table job. After a few months, I went off to a very small city, somewhere between the valleys. I never got close to anyone. Years later, I moved into a better city. Worked a better job. Rented the tiniest apartment. Took time off sometimes to travel. Changed my entire personality. Made friends.

Now I'm here, after meeting someone so sure they had known someone named Abigail who looked something like me. I'm sure they did. Too bad, I can't afford to have a sibling now. Now, I can only afford to be with people who think I'm Sarah Ambrose. Because Sarah's the one who's alive. Not Abigail. Abigail is dead.


Because Abigail had to die for Sarah to live.

Funny, because Abigail was already dead much before Sarah was born.

It just had to be official.

I had to die for me to live.

In the end, I'll probably go to hell.

But for now, I'm alive.

I may be dead, but I'm alive.

Short Story

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Student. Aggressive debater. Aspiring traveller. Always learning. Book lover(live for reading, wish to have a library one day). Love music, live to eat, and love to learn.

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  • A. J. Schoenfeld21 days ago

    Very intriguing story. It drew me right in from the very start. Great job!

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