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Twelve Days of Fiction- Day 2- Murder He Wrote


By Mattie :)Published 3 months ago 4 min read
Twelve Days of Fiction- Day 2- Murder He Wrote
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Kelly lifted the book off the table. It was book two from the series. Kelly's favorite. She scrolled through a few of its chapters, remembering how excited she was to read it the very first time. Growing up Kelly was a total bookworm. Being shy she spent her time alone in her bedroom, reading from books, until she grew the courage to branch out and eventually finding a career in security as a police officer. She got a scholarship to Boston University where she spent hours in the library at night, studying for each class she took as well as checking out fictional books to take her mind off of things, unlike her roommates who were always on dates with some random guy.

Kelly is gay, yet she'd much rather read about relationships then be a part of one herself.

Alex Dover was one of Kelly's favorite authors. His story of rising to fame as an author at the age of sixteen really inspired her. Breaking point His first crime thriller sold thousands of copies world wide. It even got a film, but honestly it wasn't so great. The story revolved around a charming and wise, elderly detective who happen to be blind. He wasn't ready to hang up his suite just yet, working on a case about a popular tennis star who was murdered on a practice court. The story took its readers on quite the adventure full of many thrills and chills.

Alex's career as an author started out as pure luck. He started dating a girl named Heather. They were thick as thief's in love. So much Heather took one of Alex's notebooks and gave the story to a local publishing house within Boston. Within a year his novel became a best seller. Alex went on a massive book tour, meeting other well known authors much older than he. Two and a half years later he wrote a sequel and like its predecessor it sold like hot cakes.

Several years later Alex preposed to Heather and of course she said yes. They moved to Nashville and had a daughter named Lily. For the next fourteen years Alex postponed his marvelous career, yet returned to the spotlight, posting an image of his new manuscript, revealing to be the third and final book of the series. His fanbase grew wild with anticipation to see what would happen to the famous blind detective. Would he solve the next case or die trying?

But the story was never published. Alarming news broke that Alex Dover actually killed his wife and his now locked up tight behind bars of a mental hospital. The story goes that Alex lost his mind while writing his final installment. He saw shadow figures wandering around his office and also heard chilling voices in his head, spilling lies and fake stories, causing him to completely lose it, leading him to kill his beloved wife.

Here was Kelly now standing in her beloved author's office, searching for clues and other bits of information behind his destruction. To her it felt like she was standing in the Batcave. She discovered a notebook hidden inside of his desk. It revealed information on his daughter Lily who happen to work as a barista at a local coffee shop in town. Kelly got back into her car and ventured to find Lily and seek out answers.

" What happened to your father?" Kelly asked Lily as Lily filled her cup of coffee" they said he really loved his wife. If so why then did he kill her?"

" But he didn't kill her. I know he didn't," Lily said, holding herself back. She turned her face away from Kelly, trying to hold back her emotions.

" Your father was a pretty compelling author. I read both books one and two while in college. Almost inspired me to write my own stories, but I was too scared," said Kelly, trying to lighten the mood.

" My father always spoke so highly of his fans. He always wanted to complete the final book, yet he knew he couldn't cause-"

" Cause why? What's wrong, Lily? Is this maybe what led him to killing your mom? What went wrong?" Kelly felt terrible speaking this way to Lily after what had happen to her, yet she had to find the answers and fast.

" I already told you he didn't kill my mom! It wasn't his fault! Please just go,"

" Alright, I don't want to upset you anymore. But if you ever want to talk to me again, here is my number. You really do make a nice cup of coffee. Good bye." Kelly left her number on the receipt then left. Kelly knew Lily wasn't lying to her. The facts behind the case didn't make much sense. There was something else going o here. Something dark and distubing and Kelly wouldn't stop, until she put the horror show to rest.


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I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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  • Lamar Wiggins2 months ago

    😮 That was pretty suspenseful. Now I'm wondering if he didn't kill his wife, then, was it Lily?

  • Spark to Shine3 months ago

    Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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